Chapter 2

I woke up to a loud bang. I tried to get up but my feet and hands were tied to the bed. Someone walked in and I took in his appearance. He was in his early 20's and had this shaggy black hair that fell a little past his ears-to sum it up my kidnapper was hot.

"I see that you are awake." He stated.

"Can you please untie me?" I said a little annoyed.

"If you promise you won't run away."

"Sure I promise I won't run since I don't know where I am." I told him sarcastically.

He untied the strings around my arms and feet. I stretched them hearing my bones crack.

"Mind telling me what I'm doing here?" I must be PMSing cause I never act like that. Wait PMSing. Oh my gosh I on my period and he just raped me.

"You freaking idiot you got me pregnant." I yelled at him I saw him panicked then a concern came over his face.

"Honey you how can you tell." He said in a smooth voice

"Because I was o-on my p-p-period." I said sobbing he can over to me and hugged me. I once believe that you can never love. That there not such thing as love. But all the hatred I felt for him turned into love. I know that he will be with me. Even though he kidnapped me I love. Even though he raped me I love him. Even though I'm pregnant with his child I love him.

I snuggled against his chest and mumbled "I love you." And I feel into a deep sleep

The first thing I saw when I woke up was an arm on my waist. I turned to move but the arm grip me tighter and pulled me to a warm solid body. I tried to gently pick the arm up but only have it pull me tighter against the body.

I have a feeling that the person who holding me is awake. So turned around and saw that it was my kidnapper. His eyes were close pretending that he was asleep. I thought came to my mind to make him move his arm. I slowly bent down and kissed his lip. I felt him kiss me back. He tasted like mint.

Suddenly his eyes popped open and he jumped out of the bed. He started mumbling things and the only thing I heard was "She not even supposes to be here. I shouldn't be doing this."

He kept ranted on and on and I just sat there and watched him. But then he stopped after five minutes of ranting and looked at me. Then he walked out the room. Not like in a hurry but in fast strolled while pulling out his cell phone.

I stared in shock as he walks out of the room. Then I look around the room taking in it appearance. The wall was an ugly shade yellow; I mean who would paint something yellow, who would even wear something yellow. There was basically nothing in the room except a small dresser and the bed that am in.

I got up with sheet wrapped around me, shivering under the then piece of cloth. I quickly walk over to the dresser hopping there were warm clothes in there but the dresser was bare. I look around there room hopping there were warm clothes in the room. I saw a blue Wal-Mart's bag.

I walked over to it and open it, but instead of clothes there were photos. Photos of me of all different ages. I pick up the bag and brought over to the bed. Then pick up the first picture that i saw and it was me when I was a baby. I look at all the the pictures of me in the bag. Me at 1 blowing out my candles for my birthday. There was a picture of me for every year I lived. I started to cry, thinking that this person cared more about me than my parents.

I felt someone wrapped their arms around me kissing my neck. I turned around expecting it to be the guy that kidnapped me but it wasn't. The guy that was holding me was a scary person who had a five' clock shadow and looked like he could pass as my father.

I tried to struggle away from his gripped but it was too tight. He kept kissing me and then I saw him come through the door. I looked at him with pleading eyes hoping that he will get this this yucky person off of me.

He grabbed a hold of the man's collar and pulled him back. "What do you think you are doing? You know Master does not want her harm or touched." I held in a growl how dare he say that about me like I'm not in the room.

"I have you know..." I started to say but was cut off by his glare. I will now referee to call him, him.

"You have no say in this matter so be quiet." He thundered I cowered back in fear at what happen to the man that comforted me last night. After he left still holding tightly to the other man and sat in the corner of the room and cried.

Right at this moment I hated him I hated him with all my might. He took me away from my house then raped me and now he was yelling at me.

I sat in that corner crying for an hour when him came in. Him look for me and and when he saw me he walk over to me and picked me up. I glared at him but was too weak to struggle or yell at him.

He laid me on the bed and tucked me in. He kissed my forehead and was about to leave me.

"Wait!" I called out. "Can you sing me a song?" I asked in a vulnerable voice all he did was nod and look at me with pity in his eyes before he started in the chorus of my country tis of de.

I felt my self drifting into a nightmare.

Thunder clapped and lightning struck as I stared at a reflection in the puddle of me when I was 5 years old.

I saw a dark figure from behind me and I started to run. I look behind me and I saw that the figure was also running too,but the figure was toward me. It was like he was chasing me. I pick up my speed as feeling he is breath on my neck.

I wanted to scream but I could not make a sound. All I could do was run and that was what I did. I ran harder than I ran in my whole life. I didn't dare look behind me afraid that I will be paralyzed with fear.

Then suddenly I was sprawled on the ground with my feet under my legs in a twisted position. I tried to get up but only to fall back down again. I can feel it's breath on my neck and suddenly I screamed. I screamed louder then I ever before. I felt his arms move around my waist and he...

I sat up in the bed panting and sweat dripping down my face. I had been having the same dream every night since I was seven years old till three months ago. The dream seemed so real.

I curled into a ball rocking myself back and forth. Once again he found me crying.

He picked me up and lay on the bed with me on his lap. He stroked my hair and murmured soothing words into my ear till I stopped sobbing. I felt safe in his arms. I soon fell asleep with my warm security blanket around me.

A/N guy this story is werid i have some comment that it is sic. It is strange that she falling in love wiht him but the will always be were she stolen away from a lot of more drama and were she even leaves him so please R&R