your voice is my addiction

the only real guilty pleasure i have

the vice i never want to lose

when i feel like this, i take a hit.


by midnight i will fly

no matter how i have to do it

it's the least i can do for you.

for those eyes.

lashes splayed out like my fingers on this keyboard.

trying to work out the lyrics to a song i'll never write.


if everyday of my pain brought you just a second of joy,

i'd cry forever.

i'd live my life just on the edge of drowning.

i'm just too shallow to end it.


but tonight things change.

i'll drop off the face of this earth.

or at least off the edge of my personal hell.

oxygen is too big of a reminder.

so i hold my breathe instead of holding you.

waiting until those church bells chime.

just another wreck waiting in line.


i know you don't understand, but that's okay.

my goodbye will make you free.

my end will let you begin.

the flight has been delayed, but maybe i don't want it to land.

it can fly forever

just as i hope to do soon.