She shoved open the heavy doors, the brilliance of the sun surrounded her reflecting off the tears damping her pale face. As she walked through a steady breeze filled her wedding white gown, her long auburn hair tied back in a white ribbon blew into her face. The sky was a delicate blue; the air was clear like after a soft rain. The white marble pathway was slick under her shoeless feet as she steady walked away from the door. The path is lined with emerald copper statues of kings, queens, and heroes of years past, each standing on an emerald base descriptive with the legend of the ones they support. The women took a left onto a smaller white marble path flanked by young apple trees. She passes many other white marble paths heading off to her left and right. The path suddenly ends in a small circular plaza, with another emerald statue in the middle. To the west of the plaza older trees blocked the view, but to the north and the east a clear view to the horizon. She walks to edge of the plaza and places her hands on a white washed wall waist high. Directly below her sprawls a vast city of many buildings seemly randomly placed, all surrounded by a massive perfect white wall of stone. The sound of many people, horses, and wagons is carried by the breeze to her ears many feet above this city. She looked out; found the great gate, the only entrance into this great city, a road filled with people ran out of the gate traveling in a straight line east for about a mile till it meets a small town surrounded by a quaint wooden wall, in which the road then forks continuing out to the east and also to the north and south. Beyond the small town stretched the endless golden plains to the horizon in all directions, an endless barren region dotted with small towns, hamlets, and farms. She turned away from the edge, and stared towards the statue. It was an emerald statue of a woman, her face was sad. She wore a simple dress that ended just below her knees, she wore no shoes. She looked north, in her outstretched right hand she held a sword pointing it north, and in her left hand she held a single flower and embraced it next to her chest. She had long hair in curls, wrapped in a ribbon drop to her waist. Upon her head sat a simple tiara, incased in it a colorless sapphire the only part of the statue not in emerald copper. On the base inscribed in the copper read…

Here rest the memory of Aray Celcium;

Princess of love, honor, beauty;

Swept away to the North;

Away from her title;

Away from her love;

To death upon the battle fields;

In the sapphire desert of Vallyhrra;

Where she is Eternal Queen;

In the Fields of Astra;

Her Warrior Sprit now rests.

She stared in to her copper eyes, and then looked beyond them. Behind the statue of the princess loomed the marble white tower. Stretching into the sky like a spear as to impale the clouds, many windows dotted the solid white tower with specks of black. She knew she must return there, the weight of her own tiara was a constant reminder of her lineage. She closed her eyes, and there stood Princess Ryia Celcium with the weight of a Kingdom on her shoulders.