I have arrived here
Naked save for my purpose
Clutched like a shiv in my trembling hand
Stripped of my delusions
And all the useless trappings of life

Golden cages and jeweled troughs
Promise only poison

The lies before me have been burned away like hair from a corpse
And I can smell the scent of this world clearly now
I am just another lump of flesh here
Ready to be presented to the gaping, relentless maws of the world
Endless hunger shakes the foundations of the world
Humanity is unfamiliar word, just another tattered grey concept
Peddled about by the broken and the needy to fill space

I am ready now
I have seen through this parade of inequity
There is no insulation left to shield me
From the pain of this

Self-validation has become our new God
While old Truth lays bloodied by whips
A crown of mediocrity upon his head
Salt stuffed into wounds opened by lies
He is shackled by weakness and dragged through the streets
Nails of blind hate driven through his hands
Raised up as an example for the mindless masses
His blood is on my hands, and yours
And while our minds can hide, our eyes cannot

This is all that is good in our world being burned down

Solitude has crafted me
Alone with my purpose
Alone with the only thing of value left
In the forges of silence I found Truth

Thunder in my veins
The only path that I have ever known
A hammer to crack the foundations of the world
To shatter the wall of lies that is before me

This separation is all I have ever known
The blistering sting of silence between me and you
Unknowing, empty eyes and unheeding words
Dragging limbs and lifeless stares
Solitude remains the snickering demon on my shoulder
And I fear it will follow me to my grave

But I have found my way here
I have found the only weapon I have ever needed
An unforgiving blade, digging into my palm
Staining my hands with meaning
As I drag it across the veil between us
And reach out to you

My legacy will be destruction
My purpose will be to strip away the infected flesh
From the decaying corpse of mankind
Prolonging its tortured existence

And that must be enough.

If you reach out, my hand will be here
So long as my voice resides
I will be here for you
The truth will linger as a candle in this world
Until all grows dark

This is my duty
This is my call to arms
This is my soldier's song
It is the song of my father
And his father before him

My greatest joy and darkest rage
And my purpose intertwined
And when mankind's season ends
This is all I will take with me when I am called home