To all those of you that have been waiting for updates on A Plain Summer, first of all I want to apologize. I've been away in school and between classes, lab work, and field schools I haven't been able to write like I had in the past. Fortunately, I've graduated from college and I now have quite a bit more time on my hands. I've started to write once more and I look forward to your continued support. It means more than you know!

I do have a problem, though. My plans for A Plain Summer just don't seem to fall into place quite like they did two years ago, when I was still working on it. Since then, I've gained quite a bit more insight on anthropology and the Amish culture as a whole. I can't read through the old manuscript without cringing at the inaccuracies and plot holes. So… I'm going to be rewriting this particular story. This version will be discontinued, but I promise to have the first chapter up within the week. I hope that this doesn't discourage you from reading on as all of your opinions have helped shape this story and provided me with praise and constructive criticism that have helped me grow as a writer.

Now, I realize that probably half of you are pissed off that I updated just with an author's note and bad news when you expected a new chapter. Sorry! But I DO have a new novel in the works that I just recently posted on this site as well, called The Buried. It, too, is Amish fiction so perhaps that will tide you over until I update with the first BRAND NEW chapter of A Plain Summer, which will be renamed The Forgotten.

Until then, best regards!