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"Kalrie! Have you done your school work yet?" Kalrie's mother called out to her son from the dining table. Kalrie shook his head, lazily slumped on the sofa, watching television. Mrs. McKenzie had her hands on her hips, obviously annoyed at the fact that her son has done nothing useful for the past hour or so.

She walked over to the television set and swiftly switched it off with the flick of her hand. Kalrie stared at her in disbelief as she placed a bowl of rice in front of him.

"Eat." She ordered. Kalrie glared at her, "Why can't you let me watch it? My favourite movie was up next!" He raised his voice at his mother, something Mrs. McKenzie did not like in her household. She snatched the remote controller from his hand and threw it into the dustbin.

"Hey! That was my-"

"No it isn't yours anymore. You're grounded." Before Kalrie could finish his sentence, his mother's angry, harsh voice cut in. Kalrie's sister, Maybelline, sat at the dining table, smirking at her brother. Kalrie gritted his teeth.

"All the women here are sadists." He muttered under his breath. He bit his fingernails, refusing to eat the bowl of rice staring at him. 'If she is not going to let me do what I want, I will go on a hunger strike!' He was determined to get what he wanted- even if he has to give up his favourite Chinese food in the process!

"I'm not eating." Kalrie declared as Mrs. McKenzie's eyes widened. Even his usually unimpressed sister raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean? You are to eat and that's final!" Kalrie's mother demanded as she shoved the rice into the teenager's hand. Kalrie gulped. He was panicking on the inside. He loved food! He could not resist the creamy egg custard and the mouth-watering sweet and sour pork piled on his bowl.

'No! But I must prove to Mother that I am more than a lazy bum!'

'But it is food! How can I say no to it?'

Different sides of Kalrie's mind began debating on what he should do. He clenched his fists, "No. I am not eating, Mother."

"You're so rude, Kalrie. How could you talk back to Mum like that?" Maybelline sniggered as she buried her face into the bowl she was eating from. Kalrie could imagine that smirk of hers plastered on her face as she savoured every bit of her gravy potato.

Mrs. McKenzie just stood there, waiting for her son to eat. Her long, manicured fingernails pointed to the bowl and she looked at Kalrie, "You have to eat."

Kalrie could not decide. He held his head in his hands, closing his eyes. But the only images that appeared in his mind were of succulent chicken drumsticks and pan-seared sirloin steaks.

"Ah! I can't take it anymore!" Kalrie grabbed the food from the table and slammed the door of his room behind him.

Mrs. McKenzie glanced over at Maybelline, who just shrugged and continued to enjoy her dinner.

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