Under the Umbrella

I averted my gaze from the two friends leading the way. The first one had her hand perched lightly on the second's arm, grinning openly. Him, on the other hand, had his fingers around the pink umbrella's handle--seeing to it that she wouldn't get wet. His right hand gingerly placed itself on the girl's shoulder, resting.

The rain pitter-pattered a hurried rhythm against the rusted roof.

I skipped lightly, barely avoiding a puddle of murky rainwater, enjoying the thought of them being something slightly more than friends. And at the same time I knew that I was feeling bitter.

She always knew I liked him, so why?

I let out a sigh. I longed to experience that same scene too, with him, nonetheless. But I know I won't.

And it's just too bad.

"Cher?" I blinked at the girl's voice, failing to notice that her male companion stopped in his tracks as well. "Come on, you'll get wet if you keep on doing that."

I smiled cheekily and laid a hand above my head, trying to shield myself from the ruddy raindrops that kept on falling.

"I already am."