i am told
love is sure limbed-that
it creates the confidence
through eyes and hands
overriding the soft waves
of smiles and perfume
on her red red
sugar girl, candy mouth,
swirls tattoos in his mouth,
How her mascara jumps at the
world! between the borders
of the world too small for the
dreams she wants to blush into
reality, she finds the milk spill
in the kitchen, the blue dress on
her bed, and her baby photographs
too important. says, i don't want
to forget any detail. every detail
should cling to you like wet
refusing to lean away into the
breeze. creases-she hates how they
tell her she is the weaker sex on sunny
blue afternoons, how night empties into
day and the day weakens into the night,
how monotonous bank jobs sound, and
how small the world seems to her
boyfriend. he sees too little, likes only
the curves in her, and other girls she
may never know of but still sure they
all these worlds percolate in her, sounds of
sober car crashes and her own
sinking into a deep ridge away
from prying eyes.