What's the greatest gift of all?

What can make anyone smile?

What fills a family's heart with love?

What's a gift sent from above?

What fills a house with joy?

A little girl or little boy

A child is a gift sent from Heaven

It's the best gift God can give

A little child to raise and love

As long as you live


Mommy said "How would you like

A very special gift?"

We're gonna have a little tyke

To spend the rest of our lives with

Thank you, God, for this gift

It's the best thing I can ask for

Now my life's complete

I can't wait 'til the baby's born

'Cause a child is the greatest gift of all


It sounded too good to be true

And down inside me, I knew

At 10:30 on Sunday morn'

My world came crashing down

My heart was filled with pain

And tears flooded my eyes

The baby was taken back to Heaven

The first thing I thought was "why?"

Why did God take him away?

I just wanted to cry


Daddy said "God decided

To take the baby now"

We were gonna have a little tyke

But God took him home

Why'd he take this gift away?

It was the best thing I could ask for

Now my heart's in two

I can't believe he's really gone

'Cause that child was the greatest gift of all


Why did he have to go?

Why did he have to die?

I don't understand

I guess I have to look on the bright side

There's a little angel up there

Looking down on me

He's in a better place now

Living happily

He was my brother

But now he's my angel


A child is the greatest gift of all

Angel, precious angel

I'll never forget you