On Monday, you are assigned an essay; on Friday, you remember the essay you were assigned on Monday; maybe you'll remember it Thursday- around midnight; open your laptop; open your document, write your name; stare at the screen as you silently wish with all your heart that you'll think of something to write- you can't; take out sticky notes- the blue or purple ones; since you're looking for the blue and purple ones, you might as well look for the pink and green ones, too; have your roommate yell at least one to turn off the lights and chastise you for not starting earlier; turn off the lights, turn on desk lamp; stare at laptop, hoping that it will go haywire again, this time typing out your essay for you as it does; nothing happens; take out the sticky notes again; write out pathetic outline; little box pops up in the bottom of your screen telling you that you have mail- have to check it- junk; brain feels fried, so you know it's time to sleep; no, it's time to wake; convince yourself to straighten your hair today or type out at least a paragraph before class; sleep another thirty minutes instead; wake up late and rush to class, instead of taking notes, organize sticky notes, trying to make sense of the stupid, random crap you wrote last night, half-asleep; when finished with morning classes, tell yourself to work on essay; roommate mentions she's hungry; go get something to eat; tell yourself to work on essay; check to see if you can sneak your clothes into the washer before anyone else; no, some bitch got there first; she gives you a timid, slightly contemptuous smile; smile or ignore her, it's your choice; tell yourself that it was for the better, you have an essay to do anyway; get yelled at by roomie for not having essay done; argue that not everybody starts theirs two weeks in advance; ashamed, do essay; print out five minutes before class, complete with errors; run to class and pretend you did it on Monday.