"john, I don't believe it's a healthy thing for a young person to spend so much time inside his own head. It's a trap. One I know too well. Now one way out of the trap is to find a magic portal to the outside." —Quote from David Klass's Novel: You Don't Know Me

Part One: the characters

the folders

Ielda walked hastily across the business hall, windows were what was blocking the fresh air. She turned to the left to an blank room. The only thing that was there was a desk, and with four folders. Ielda sat down on a upright chair and looked absorbedly at the folders before she grabbed the first one.

Jaza Mentizz

Genre: Female

Age: 18

Born: 1991, September 21

Occupation: Works for SPIN (Saving Pets In Need)

Lives: Howard Ave, 12205.

Interests in: Saving Animals, Singing, dancing, & clothes

Criminal Records: None

Warning: Do not miss with her. She is not human, but elvin!

Ielda laughed. Sure. She was dangerous. She was contemptible elf in New York. No, Ielda thought, she is not as dangerous as me. Though I do not have elvin blood in me. She slowly smiled to herself. But I soon will. There were more pages on Jaza, but she did not even look through it. She tossed the folder to the other side of the desk and grabbed the next folder and opened it, crossing her legs.

Michael Hoods

Genre: Male

Age: 19

Born: 1990, June 4

Occupation: Works at McDonalds

Lives: Ford Street, 4570

Interests In: Rap, and Break-dancing

Criminal Records: None

Warning: Shapeshifter. He could be anywhere, or anyone.

Ielda raised her lip in a growl. She needed to get different investigators, and fire her old ones. Was that all they could gather. She tossed that folder right next to the other one, and grabbed the next one, shifting in her chair.

Echoo Rules

Genre: Male

Age: Whatever age you are

Born: I don't remember. I was a baby

Occupation: Dating

Lives: In an apartment

Interests In: Women, karaoke, wizards and pickles

Criminal Records: I ate a burger, and went to prison because I wanted extra pickles on my plate.

Warning: I'm going to fart…

Ielda clinched the papers and through them to the ground. She yelled into the air. A person in a suit ran in. "Is everything right?" he asked. Ielda turned to him. "No!" she yelled, throwing the other folder at the at a white wall. "He is here!" she said. "Sent out a search party. He may still be in the building!" "Yes! Right away, Mrs. Ielda!" said the man in the suit and then ran away closing the door. Ielda screamed one more time. Her plan was falling to pieces. No, she told herself not falling into pieces, falling into place. She didn't even look at the last folder. I already know about Alex. She thought.