awkward afternoon

Adam went down stairs. "Hi, Adam." said his uncle. Adam said, "Uh," in a response and then opened the refrigerator. He hadn't ate anything that day, and he was starving. It was almost four o'clock. He grabbed some pizza and chips and ate them. "I want to go to the movie tonight." he said. Uncle Cull looked at him. "Really? Which one is it?" he asked. Adam looked at him. "You wouldn't like it." and then shoved a chip in his mouth. Uncle Cull sat down on the stool right next to Adam. "Look," he said, a coffee cup was in his hands. "I know it's hard, with your mother and father away a lot. But that doesn't mean you have to shut everyone out of your life." he said.

"What are you saying? That I'm throwing everyone out of my life? Is that what you think?" he asked. Uncle Cull looked down at his coffee. "My parents were never there for me. Did you know that I lived alone almost every week? It's tough. I know. But that doesn't mean that you have to be depressed about it." Uncle Cull said. Adam almost screamed at him. Why was he attacking him like this. "You know. Just get out of my life." he said and then walked back into his room.

He felt like he could die there. He told himself that he would lock himself in his room and never come out. If he needed food he would eat the lemon drops that he hid under his bed. When he ran out he would eat one of his stuffed animals. Not that he had a lot…his mother had bought one for him a long time about and he just kept it there. He had a bathroom attached to his room so that wasn't a problem. He could live without anyone for a long time. He looked out at the window. A taxi parked at the driveway. Was mother there? Would she make Uncle Cull go away? He felt the urge to run down the stairs and run out of the house, but he held himself back.

A young women stepped out. She wasn't his mother. She had dark short brown hair, and she had ginger colored skin. She wore a loose dark purple sleeveless shirt and a mini jean shirt.

Another person with the same kind of skin walked out. He wore baggy jeans and a long black shirt. He wore a white hat backwards.

Another person walked out. She had long strait brown hair. She wore a light teal color, and sweat pants.

They all walked towards the door. Adam wanted to know what they where doing there. They looked like an awkward group. Only he felt as if he had seen them before. But he couldn't put the two pieces together. It made him mad. He saw Uncle Cull answer the door and he let them in. He refused to go down stairs. He wanted Uncle Cull to know that he was still made at him. He waited in his room. He turned on the radio and sat there.

Uncle Cull finally knocked on the door to Adam's room. "What?" he asked. Uncle Cull opened the door. "Ad… Adam, I… we need to tell you something important." he said. We? Adam wanted to growl. It was probably some of Uncle Cull's coffee friends. But they were all …well, young. Adam didn't say anything. Adam got up from his bed. "why are they here?" he asked. "You will see soon." then Uncle Cull walked off. Adam walked out of his room, and down the stairs following his uncle. He saw the group sitting on his furniture. "Who the hell are you people? "he asked, putting his hands in his hoodie's pockets.

"Let's just be calm about all of this." said Uncle Cull.

Adam raised an eyebrow. "Is my question going to be answered?" he asked.

The girl in the dark purple sleeveless shirt and mini jean skirt stood up suddenly and walked over to Adam. Adam had to look up at her because she was tall. "Hi." she smiled. "I am Jaza."


The book he was writing had that name. She was an elf.

The man stood up and then also walked over too, and the smiled and said. "I am Michael."


The book he was writing had that name. He was a shapeshifter.

The last girl came up to Adam.

"Hi, I am Alex."


The book he was writing—

He's first clear thought was: HOLY CRAP!