The world is a nightmare

That you see in the corner of your eye

Moving forward

Ignoring its cry

But all that was done

Will come back to haunt

Its too complicated

Too willful

Its ready to be heard

Ready to be recognized

Shadows linger where sin stained

Where the icy breath of Satan has left its mark

The stars are vanishing with shame

It wants to be let out

It wants to be known

Let it out so the audience can see

So you can see

That lies can not be hidden forever

It wants to be felt

It wants to be understood

Don't let it slip away into nothing-

When it had nothing to begin with.

Give it breath,

Give it life

Let it show you what it knows,

What it needs

The heavens are trembling

Weeping in question

It is fear that makes you

Turn you cheek to the past

Your eyes burn with hatred

While your body pleads

Pleads for answers that you won't give

Secrets will forever taunt your mind