I had seen you before

I had seen you before

Yes, you were gorgeous

But that was all

Just another handsome face

Just one more person on the earth

I didn't even really like you

I looked at you

I won't deny it

But that was all

Then i saw you there

I was upset actually

I thought you would ruin the trip

But you were different

You had put away your insecurities

You acted like a different person

So nice

So funny

So gorgeous

I couldn't help it

I didn't even try to stop

I figured I was safe

And oh how wrong I was

Who would not be prey to that?

The shadows on your face at night

The rippling of your muscles

The grace

The way you carried yourself

Your funny jokes

The way you laugh

What woman would stand a chance?

So there I went


Head over heals like they say

I really haven't felt this

Not in a long, long time

Every love song reminds me of you

Looking around

I compare people to you

Every joke I hear

I think of you

I wish and wish

That you would see

That you would notice me

That you would like me

You're driving me insane


I keep wondering

Do you see me?

Do you think of me as a child?

One moment I can see us together

The next I think I am reaching for the stars

I wish I could just tell you

But what good would that do?

Would you laugh?

Why does your opinion suddenly mean everything to me?

I wish it didn't

I wish I didn't care

That I could go back to my life

Not be attacked by thoughts of you

Waking or Sleeping

You seem to always be near

Waiting to tease me

Will you see me?

Have you already noticed me?

What do you think of me?

What should I do to get you to notice me?

I know, I know

I shouldn't change for you

That would be betraying myself

But part of me doesn't care

That part of me just wants you

And will do anything to get you

That bothers me

It scares me

I do not want to be a slave you

I will not spend my time trying to change myself

So that I can win your love

...even if it is tempting

But still that gets me nowhere

I am still here

Slowly losing my mind

Going crazy

Just the thought of seeing you gives me chills

I am almost afraid to see you

I want to live in my dreams

Not face the reality

The reality that you don't even see me

The reality that would tear me apart

I might not be good enough for you

But I would try my best to make you happy

I would do all I could

Would that be enough?????