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As soon as I turned my car around the corner, I could see two large black vans parked outside the semi-detached house. Instantly, I knew my old man was in trouble.

Cautiously but quickly, I stopped my car behind one of the vans and jumped out, not bothering to kill the engine and close the door. As I approached the front door, I saw that it was wide opened. The house dog, Clash, a black Labrador retriever, was frozen as a stone on the porch. When he saw me, he began to whine pitifully. I walked to him and patted his head, not understanding why he was so distressed. His leash was clipped onto his collar and bound around the leg of the bench on the porch. He was trapped and unhappy.

There were voices coming from inside. I put a finger on my lips and Clash quieted immediately, his eyes blinking at me. I nudged the door further apart with my shoe, and caught a movement in the corner of eye. There were people in the living room. I glanced around nervously. Even though it was still broad daylight, crimes still happened, even in the house. And my old man never left the door opened like today. The voices were getting louder, one of which I recognized was his. Taking a deep breath, I entered the house, only to be greeted by a very large, tall man. Too late, my nose bumped into his hard chest, flattening it.

I hissed in pain, and taking advantage of the distraction, the man grabbed my arm and dragged me into the living room, before pushing me down on the sofa, hard. Outside, Clash began to whimper. I fought the urge to join him.

"Leave my son alone!"

I flinched in shock at the voice booming loudly beside me, and turned to see my old man glowering, his entire face beet red. I followed his gaze to another man standing in front of us. He was not much older than my old man, about sixty. It was clear he was the boss here. His face was expressionless, looking at me right in the eye. I stared back.

"You are Jordan, I presume?" the man asked, one eyebrow arching.

I nodded slowly, keeping my eyes fixed on him. In my peripheral vision, I could see more men stationed around the room, two behind the boss, the big man on my right, and another on my old man's left. They were in neatly ironed suits with sunglasses concealing their profile. It wasn't hard to figure out who they were since I had seen people like them before. They were the Mafia. I looked back at my old man, heart sinking. What had he done?

"My name is Ian Wedge. Given a choice, I'll rather not be here, but your father has unsolved business with my boss."

I turned back to the authoritative figure, not wanting to believe what I just heard. "What unsolved business?"

"It's nothing you have to worry about, son," my old man cut in quickly before Wedge could answer.

"Dad, I want to know what unsolved business he is talking about," I shot back, my voice low and calm, belying the fact that my heart was pounding wildly in fear.

My old man obligingly kept quiet under my stare, appearing embarrassed. I focused my attention back to Wedge, whom I presumed to be one of those right-hand men for his boss, and waited. There was a hint of smile on his thin lips.

"Very well then. My boss will like to know when your father is going to pay back the money he owns him. The deadline was last week."

"How much?"

"Jordan…" my old man protested weakly.

"Two hundred grand."

The air whooshed out of my body like I was being kicked in the guts. All strength seemed to have left me, leaving me as weak as Jell-O. I put my head in my hands, massaging it. How on earth was I going to find two hundred grand, and what did my old man need it for?

"Shit! I told you to leave my son out of this!" my old man yelled, his body slightly coming off the couch. I looked up in time to see the man on his left moved toward him, but Wedge put up a hand to stop him. At this, I pulled my old man back down, one arm around him protectively. I glared at Wedge.

"Don't you dare hurt him."

"You don't have to worry. We're here just to talk," Wedge assured.

My old man snorted at him, mumbling curses under his breath. I took a deep breath and tried to calm my nerves, my mind racing to think of a solution. Out of nowhere, an image of my sister popped up in my head. I scanned around the house in panic, listening for sounds that would indicate she was at home. I leaned close into my old man's ear.

"Is Jade at home?" I whispered.

"Hell no! Thank God for that," he muttered back.

"Mr. Skye."

My old man and I both jerked, and looked up to Wedge.

"To be honest, I don't think you have much to worry about. My boss already has a proposition for your problem. As a matter of fact, he is expecting to meet you right at this moment to discuss about it."

I didn't like the sound of that. In agreement, my old man tensed up, his eyes narrowed into slits. Watching his face, it hit me once again that my old man was getting really old. Tired lines creased out in the corner of his eyes and large bags formed under them. He was also becoming thinner; his sunken cheeks appeared even more pronounced. I knew that there was no way he could deal with this problem alone. As to why he had borrowed such a large sum of money, I was sure he had a reason. So I made a decision, and to hell with the consequences.

"Alright. We'll meet him."

"Jordan!" my old man gasped in disbelief. I squeezed his shoulder, indicating that I knew what I was doing.

Wedge bowed slightly, and indicated toward the front door with a hand, his palm up. There was now a smile on his lips. It reminded me of an evil clown.

"Follow me, then."

Ray Donovan looked up from the file he was reading, his mouth gaped open in shock.

"Get married? To her?" he questioned, pointing at a photograph in the file. "She's a fucking kid!"

"Ray! Watch your tongue," Gloria Donovan, his mother, chided him. He rolled his eyes at her, and looked back to the man sitting beside her on the too-large sofa. Nathan "Black Snake" Donovan shot his son a dark look, taking a long drag from his huge contraband Cuban cigar. He blew out the blue smoke slowly before speaking.

"And you're fucking unmarried," he said in a low, raspy voice.

His wife gasped, but said nothing, with her hand remained tightly clasped in her lap. It seemed that no matter what, she would never get accustomed to the foul languages often used at home. It was probably due to the fact that she had studied in a very conservative school when she was young, and such words were an abomination. Ray sometimes wished his mother had the backbone to stand against his father. She had totally let the man walked all over her without complain throughout the dozens of years they were married. As of now, he was definitely not getting any help from her. Whatever Black Snake demands, she complies.

His father continued talking. "You're thirty-five fucking years old. If I don't do anything about it, I'll be fucking rolling in my grave by the time you did. And the fuck you mean she a kid? Nineteen is fucking old enough."

"RRRight, of course. You're not the one they'll be calling a fucking pedophile anyway," Ray retorted. He waved his hand at his mother who was about to speak up again. Maybe he shouldn't have done that. He was an asshole just like the man who spawned him. Still, this situation was no time for good language. He felt annoyed and angry that they didn't have the courtesy to discuss the matter with him, planning the marriage on their own and behind his back. It was his life and happiness they were talking about.

"Anyone who says that, they'll lose their fucking tongue," the Black Snake said in a bored tone.

Ray believed his father. He was always a man of words, even though it was the only thing he was good at. Frustrated, he looked down at the photo again as he mulled over the idea of marriage, not that he had any say in it anyway. Once his father decided on something, he would never change his mind. In the photo, it was a full-length shot of a very gorgeous woman. Despite her age, it was clear that she was well-endowed. Her luscious long wavy hair was jet black, and even in a distance, one could see her green eyes were as bright as the stars. Her face was small, and every feature was distinctive in a beautiful way. She was laughing in the picture, clutching books tightly in her arms. All in all, any man would fall head over heels in love or lust with her, except that Ray was not interested in women.

For an insane moment, he considered outing himself to his parents right there and then. Yeah, like they would like that. He still wanted to live a little longer. In truth, getting married and having kids were something he could live with. Even though most of his conquests were male, he still took women to bed. Sometimes, they are just better than cock, depending on his mood. So marrying this girl would not be such a pain in the ass. In fact, he would be happy to marry someone looking like her, as would his parents since image was important in their line of work. And at least, he wouldn't dread bedding her.

He pulled out another photo from the file, this time a family shoot. Immediately, the air left his lungs as he stared at perhaps the most gorgeous man he had ever laid eyes on. Christ, he got hard just by looking at the picture. His hand trembled slightly as he brought the photo closer to his face, salivating over the man who was obviously the girl's brother, given their similar features and all.

"I take it from that look of yours you like her," his father stated, sounding smug. "Fucking pedophile."

Ray didn't register a word. He just nodded dumbly. Fuck, he felt like a stupid kid. He's thirty-five for God's sake! His mind started imagining the things he would do to that man. Oh yeah.

"Alright. Then it's settled. Now all that's left is her fucking lousy excuse of a father."

Ray's naughty thoughts disappeared in a flash. He frowned at his father.

"What do you mean? Are you saying he doesn't know 'bout this?" he asked suspiciously.

Before he could get an answer, the telephone on the stand beside his father rang sharply. The Black Snake grunted in annoyance and yanked the handset off its cradle. He listened for a few seconds, and then smiled broadly. True to his nickname, his father looked like that of a slimy snake with that smile.

"Good," his father said, the single word sounded rather ominous coming from him, and then he hung up. Ray arched an eyebrow toward him in question. The smirk never left the Black Snake's face.

"Your father-in-law is coming."

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