Final update!! It's an epilogue, which I've intended it to be, so it's rather short. There's an author's note after the end of the chapter. Hope you guys enjoy! * hugs*

Final Episode: The End, an Epilogue

Ray lied to me. He certainly did, I was sure. If he was truly broke like he had said he was, we wouldn't be approaching a small but exquisite-looking private jet that was currently wheeling itself into the airport runway. As it was, the noise of the plane's engine was too loud and thus preventing me to demand an explanation from him. He had led me to believe we were boarding a commercial flight.

At the same time, I didn't have the heart to yell at him while Ray's face was smiling so brightly like a kid's on Christmas.

He leaned in to drop a kiss on my lips when he noticed me staring. Sighing, I decided not to be a wet blanket and just enjoyed the fact that we would soon be arriving at our new home in a new country, specifically the city of Oxford, in Oxfordshire, England. My baby sister would soon be starting her journey to become a doctor, and what better way to give our support than by living close to her, or in fact, with her.

While Ray and I were busy making out behind them, Jade cooed at the sight of the jet, practically bursting with joy. My old man, who was still awestruck by all that had happened before and now, just stood rooted on the floor while clutching tightly to his most important and ancient luggage in one hand, the other holding on to the leash preventing Clash – our housedog – from escaping and thereby run over by the jet's wheels. Next to him, Wedge was unmoving as well, still decked out in his usual black suit and surrounded by tons of baggage mostly belonging to me and my family.

Watching them from behind, I couldn't help but laugh at the comical sight.

Ray, with his eyes hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, pulled me close to him again and kissed me for the umpteenth time. "Feeling so happy eh?"

"Oh yeah sure, had no idea we're still so rich enough to take a private plane. Got me all worried about cash problem for nothing." Tried as I may, I couldn't resist a jab at him and a scowl. "Just tell me you're not wasting unnecessary money."

He still had the cheek to look injured. "Baby, you know I want nothing but the best for you and your family."

"Fuck off," I huffed and then marched away before he could try to kiss me again.

While the airport ground crew loaded our belongings, all of us proceeded into the plane. The interior was nothing like the usual. Immediately next to the entrance, there was a partition wall which only allowed us to enter further inside via the door in the center that was held open by an attractive blond stewardess.

Stepping through, we were greeted by a pleasant sight. Instead of rows of seats, right in the middle sat a large circular table in a gorgeous shade of dark red. Surrounding it, there were four seats sealed to the carpeted floor, large and looking as comfortable as an armchair. There were even seatbelts. On either side of the table and next to the windows were two pairs of large reclining seats with plenty of legroom sat facing one another, and waiting for us. At the end was another door, probably leading to the lavatories. This was so much better than actual First Class.

After settling ourselves down – Clash caged up somewhere in the plane, the pilot announced over the speakers that we were ready to depart in five minutes.

As the plane began cruising back along the runway, I looked out the window and felt a pang of sorrow as we left behind the country I had been born and living in all my life till today. I wasn't exactly regretting my decision to be with Ray, on the contrary, if I never did, I knew I would regret that for the rest of my life. No, it was bittersweet, leaving this place which I would cease calling it my home. At least though, I had my whole family with me now, more than I could ask for.

Once we were in the air, everyone got off their own seats at once and began wandering around, exploring, not that there was anything particularly interesting. Jade was feeling around under the red table, and I was about to question her when her hands came up holding a pack of poker cards. Oh, the images that ran through my mind the moment I saw it! Wanting to hide the sudden blush on my cheeks, I approached one window and stared out resolutely at the clouds.

"Anyone up for poker?" my sister asked in general.

"You know how to play?" our father retorted back suspiciously.

"Um, no. Teach me then!"

"Forget it," was the blunt answer.

"Aww! Then what am I supposed to do?"

"I can teach you if you like, Miss Skye," a naïve Wedge offered kindly.

"No fu—…uh, damn way!" my old man cried at once. "She's a girl and about to become a doctor. Her hands should be kept to treating people, not gamble…"

I missed out Jade's response as I felt someone slithered up to me. Smiling, I didn't take off my gaze off the clouds but stuck out an elbow to the back. It hit Ray on his stomach like I hoped, earning a grunt from him.

"Don't talk to me, I'm still pissed."

"Then I should do something about it, shouldn't I? Let's go somewhere then, I have something to show you anyway," Ray answered, tugging at my elbow.

"What is it?"

Giving me a tiny smile in reply, Ray just pulled me along with him and I let him. He opened the door that led to the back of the plane and entered. Sure enough, two lavatories were on either side as we passed by. To my surprise, there was yet another door towards the end. Just how big was this plane?

Holding the door open, Ray nodded for me to go on ahead. It was unexpectedly, a cozy little bedroom in off-white color complete with a round bed to a wall, nightstand and a small closet beside the door. Under the window, there was an equally small bar. All in all, there was still enough space for one without having to walk like a crab.

"Cool," I said, sitting down on the bed. "So you brought me here to have wild, animal sex?" I waggled my eyebrows at Ray teasingly. He laughed.

"Well yes, but it's not first on my to-do list." Ray let loose a rather awkward laughter. "Or maybe it should be, then…"

I gave him a suspicious look. "Then what? Does it have something to do with what you wanna show me?"

He cleared his throat. "Yeah, actually. It's right here…"

Having to bend his head down slightly, Ray opened one drawer of the nightstand and took out something from within. When he turned back, I could see a small black box held in his hands. I felt my heart skip a beat.

Waving it at my face, Ray then sat down next to me and put the box – clad in velvet – in my right palm. For a moment, I just stared down at it, disbelieving and not trusting myself to talk.

"Jordan? Are you alright?"

"…Um, is this…what I think it…is?"

He chuckled at my hesitance. "Why don't you open it and find out?"

Slowly, with slightly trembling hands, I pulled the lid back and then was staring at a sparkling giant green gem as large as my own matching iris fixed onto an equally thick plain silver band. Flabbergasted, I started shaking my head instantly.

"I-I can't accept this! It must cost you a bank—"

"It's an heirloom. My mother passed it to me while your sister was engaged to me. This is something passed down to her from her own mother. My future wife was supposed to have it. But since that's impossible now, it's only natural I give it to you. Besides, the moment I saw it, I was reminded of your eyes, though nothing – not even this – comes close to their beauty. This ring belongs to you, Jordan. So I want you to have it…and also…wear it."


"Do you still remember the first time we met?" he asked with a smile instead, one hand lifting up to caress my cheek affectionately.

"How can I forget?" I snorted, rolling my eyes which were embarrassingly wet. "I practically flashed myself at you in your bathroom."

"True," Ray chuckled, "and then I kissed you in the study, after which you kicked my balls and before I proposed to you."


"And so today, while we are thousands of feet above ground, I'm going to propose to you, again. Properly and officially."

At once, I threw my arms around him, crying out loud, "Oh fuck, yes!"

Ray laughed. "Babe, at least let me ask—"

"My answer's yes," I declared into his ear, kissing it with all my heart, "you don't have to ask me twice. I love you so much, Ray."

"Jordan," he whispered my name back, cradling me tight to him, "I love you too."

At that moment in his arms then, I had never felt so much happier.







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