Chapter 3

Old man, Edward Awrö is a queer subject. He delights in being a hypercritical elf, so there for …he's not an old man, he is an old elf. Though no one thinks he is an elf, (that is where the hypercritical part jumps in.) Edward lived in a house that more looked like a shed.

Let's get straight to the point, he had been declared crazy by the citizens.

Rumors were spread that he had killed a magical creature and it's power came into him, and Edward wasn't strong enough and then he went crazy.

But he truly was as normal as a hypercritical elf that invents inventions that are amazing, and lives alone, and he is mental crazy in the head.

Normal, right?

Edward looked out his window of his shed, and saw David walking near the deck. "Huh." grunted Edward, "Wonder what that boy is up to." so he decided to find out. Edward made a slow walk, almost a stumble to get a bag, and in it, he brought tools, and his latest invention. He opened the door and looked down at the brick road, and grunted slowly.

He took a step.

And then another.

Outside didn't seem so bad, as he had thought. Then he saw the children playing, and then he remembered why he didn't like the outside. He turned around, and then he saw himself frowning at his other self. "What do you think you are doing?" his other self said crossly.

"Going back, I don't care what the boy is put to now. I don't like it out here." he responded to himself.

"You are not going to do that. Davy...uh, David needs you. Turn around NOW!"

Edward obeyed himself and walked towards the docks afraid to turn around and see the image of himself glaring at the back of himself.

He walked into the ship that was suppose to take sail. He went by and no one noticed him at all, he crawled into were the storage.

He froze as he stared at a little nerd. "Oh nibbles, do I have just a nerd for company?" he asked, for he was used to talking to himself.

"Back away!" the nerd said, freaking out.

"Woah, woah. I am a friend, okay? I just want to peacefully spy on the crew, okay?"

The nerd sort of calmed down. "Alright."

Edward then crawled to sit next to the young nerd. "So what is your name?" he asked.

"I am Horton."

"I once had an uncle named Horton he was a drunkard and a jerk, are you that way too?" Edward said.

"No. I can't drink." Horton responded.

"Oh. Okay. I'm Edward Awrö."

"Oh, okay."