Rose looked at the dusty old books in the castle library. She tried not to concentrate on all of the cobwebs and supposedly the dead spiders (and the live ones) there. No one had visited the library in weeks, neither had she. She heard someone's boot slide across the distant floor. She looked over one of the shelves. It was only the new guard, Aaron, who had escorted her to the library. She knew he wanted to leave. Not many or the guards or servants in the castle knew how to read. The King was too busy commanding someone to death. She grabbed a small black book that said 'Profiles'. She had never seen that book before. She walked forward to the doors where Aaron was waiting. "Are you done, my lady?" he asked. Rose didn't feel like smiling much, but she slipped a small smiled on and said. "I think so." Aaron looked at her and then quickly smiled and then escorted her back to her chamber. As she held the book in her hands she was thinking about how boring that book would be. Usually all of the books in the library were history and since this book said, 'Profiles' obviously it meant history. "What did you find?" asked Aaron. Rose didn't answer right away. Her smiled had slipped back into a frown. "I'm sorry. I probably should not have asked." Aaron said, putting his head down, in embarrassment and shame. Rose thought it was cute. "I got this—" — Suddenly Rose found herself on the floor. She had tripped over her own clumsy feet. "Gosh! I hate when I do that!" she said, as Aaron helped her up. "You know, sometimes I'm just a retard. I don't know what is wrong with me!" she said. She moved a little hair out of her view. "The book is rather boring anyways. There is my chamber." she said, pointing at the door. "Ah," was all Aaron said and then opened it for her. "Thank you Aaron." she said, walking into the chamber. "Oh, and Aaron, please do not tell anyone about me tripping. Especially Lord Hamal. She said. "Who is Lord Hamal?" Aaron asked, trying not to look too interested. "His the one that is courting me. I do wish women were allowed to witch men. It surprises me how silent he is. Sometimes I think he is mute. Anyways, don't tell father either." Aaron looked down. "Oh, alright as you wish, Princess Rose." "Thanks." she said, and then closed the door.


Rose plopped herself on her bed and sighed. Did her father seriously think she was so stupid? It was surprising enough that he could think about anything else besides sending a person to prison or sentencing someone to death. Did he think she wouldn't notice the Lord that was suppose to be courting her was playing dress up with a guard outfit? She shook her head. She laid there for a couple pleasant moments and then grabbed the book. She had guessed it to be just another a complete history of a hero or heroine of Irrgrande, however when she opened the book and flipped to the first page it said in black print: The Profile of the Elves. The elves? No one had heard from the elves since…well, decades. Why would there be a book about them? She turned to the next page.

The Summery of the Past

The elves were a peaceful nation, until one of their many kings went delirious, and wanted all of the power for himself. He convinced the other kings that the weak, sick, young, and old elves were not useful to them. He recommended that they should dispose of them, either by the sword or banning them to the curse island Egorth. They did both, and for years the healthy perfect elves reigned and were powerful. But soon grief overtook the couples when they had birthed a handicap youngling. They were told that the young were distractions from the goal, the goal to be perfect in any and every way. That King commanded them to either kill their child or take them to Egorth. Most of them sent them to Egorth. It was rough for the elvin parents, but they had to exceed in everything to be claimed as the perfection of the world. And they were.


Rose stopped. She had no idea things like that could happen. She had only heard good heroic stories about the elves. Where those all lies? She didn't know anymore. There was a knock on the door. Rose hid the book under her pillow and stood up and said. "Come in." A maid came in. "Suppa's ready. King Filmer and Lord Hamal are waiting." the maid said. "Thank you." Rose said and then walked passed the maid. She felt like drifting down the big hall, but she didn't because three real guards were behind her. She got to the big dinning hall. A small table was there for her, her father and Lord Hamal. They were already there. She forced on a smile. Ite almost hurt. She looked at Lord Hamal who stood up to moved her chair backwards. "Thank you." she simply said. Lord Hamal sat back down. "So, Rosey dear, how was it to be going to the library?" asked the king. Rose held back a yawn and said. "Oh, well, …it was interesting. I think that the guard was somewhat a pervert and should go to the asylum for help." she wanted to burst out laughing. Lord Hamal was so busted. "Interesting," commended the King, eating. "But since he is Lord" — here it comes! Rose's plan was working. "Hamal's younger brother, I suppose we can't put him in the asylum." rose looked at her father. Lord Hamal's brother? His brother?! She could have sworn it was Lord Hamal himself. "Why was he a guard?" she asked. The King picked at a piece of meat and then said, "Well, he had nothing to do while Lord Hamal was here, so he asked if he could be a guard. Funny though, I never thought him as a pervert. "Why then, why did he pretend not to know who Lord Hamal was?" Rose asked. Lord Hamal leaned towards her and said in a low voice. "He has problems, truthfully he should go to the asylum or that cured island, Egorth." he laughed and so did the king. Rose gasped. Egorth was the island that they put all the young, old and irregular! Why would anyone joke about that?


"That's not funny!" she said. Immediately the King and Lord Hamal stopped. Rose continued. "It's not funny about how the elves put all of the different there and ditched them because they were. I think it is wrong about how those elves thought. Perfection is nearly impossible to be. So why do you cut off from the irregular?" she said. Both men stared at her. "How do you know about this?" asked the king. "I got a book from the library." she said, What was the use of lying? "Never talk about the elves ever again, do you understand me?" the king said, then stuffed his mouth with a large pastry. "I understand, but why are the elves a hard subject to talk about?" It was a question Rose then regretted. "Doesn't she know?" asked Lord Hamal confused looking at the king. Rose's eyes quickly faced him. "Know what? What are you talking about?" she asked. "This is not the time to talk about it. For man's sake, it is dinner time. Both of you eat!" the King commanded. "It's unhealthy to not eat!" he tossed his napkin on the table as he got up, and then he walked away. Once her father was away Rose leaned towards Lord Hamal. "What do I not know?" she asked. Lord Hamal just ate. He completely ignored her. Rose no longer felt hungry and threw her napkin on the floor and stalked away.


As the times grew, the couples that strived for perfection were driven mad by the loss or their children. They tried to rebel again the Kings. Their rebellion went on for years. Then the kings killed them and lived peacefully. But the king that had first started to cut off the old and young felt as if his plan was falling into place. He took over the land and brought back the different ones from Egorth and made them slaves. The other Kings were killed and the King reigns. Today countless different ones are still on the cursed island, Egorth, and are waiting and praying for rescue.

Rose almost was in tears. How could anyone be so evil? The stories she had been told about the elves were always peaceful, calm, and happy. She just didn't get it. Why didn't they all get along? A maid was fluffing the pillows and hanging the curtains down, when Rose finally took her eyes off the page. There was more, of course. She still had, (as she had looked at the Table of Contents) The Old History, (which was really long) and The Heroes and Heroines of the Elves. The maid was humming a joyful song. Rose sighed. She walked over to the door and waited to hear footsteps. A couple minutes later she heard them. She heard a faint knock. She opened the door. A messenger boy looked up at her, then handed her a dark red Rose. From her father. Her father had always given her a rose before she went to bed. "A Rose for a Rose." he would always say. The door shut behind her after she said thank you to the young boy. She was tucked in bed by the maid. Rose wanted the maid to leave the candle burning, but she wasn't quick enough to say anything. The maid blew it out. Rose laid in her bed, she didn't feel tired. She wanted to read more. Wouldn't it be interesting to meet an elf? She thought. She fell asleep to those thoughts.