Allen ran down the street, he heard people behind, yelling, he might have accidently bumped into them and knocked everything in their hands to the ground. He glanced up at the huge clock; he was going to be late. It was 9:55 and it would take him ten minutes to get home even if he ran the whole way.

Allen spotted an alley, he cut across a group of people and started down the alley. It was dark and it smelled considering how little there was. He jumped over a box and turned a corner, something slipped under him and he fell to the ground. He held out his arms waiting for the impact to the ground, it didn't come.

Something with fur stopped him, taking the blow. The fur then changed into skin and clothes, Allen quickly jumped away, from the thing that wasn't human.

The thing on the ground sat up, Allen could see the creature had golden-yellow eyes and they were directed on him. Only one creature had, golden-yellow eyes, a wolf. Allen saw lights flash on the wall behind the wolf. A flashlight was on him and he could hear yelling, the wolf stood up and Allen flinched. A hand grabbed Allen's arm and pulled him off the ground, the yelling got louder till it was right behind them.

Allen heard a gun click, his eyes went wide, they weren't going to shoot him were they? The hand grabbing Allen's arm went down and grasped his wrist, the person turned sharply and started to drag Allen down the alley. Allen heard the guns go off, he closed his eyes waiting for a bullet to hit him, nothing happened. He opened his eyes; they were running on the roof.

Allen tried to stop and pull his hand away but the wolf only gripped his wrist tighter and jumped off the roof. They both landed on the ground safely and started running again. They ran out of an alley and onto the crowded street. As they ran past people they got strange looks, which Allen could see.

He mostly tried not to look at them, so watched his feet as he ran, being dragged by the horrid wolf in front of him.

They turned a corner and Allen found himself at the edge of the dome. He then heard the sirens for a wolf in the dome go off and he started to panic. Noticing the Humans distress, the wolf pulled him again, this time through a door.

Allen turned around once they were through the door, his eyes went wide. The dome was huge, bigger than he thought it was. It was glowing, a greenish-blue color.

"You humans are lucky you don't have to see this side but wolves see it every day, reminding us how terrible we are not even worthy enough to be besides humans".

Allen turned around to face him; the wolf had his back towards him. "I'm sorry but you put this on yourselves".

The wolf growled. "What's that suppose to mean?"

Allen tensed not really sure what it was going to do. "You wolves were the ones who went killing every human you saw".

The wolf turned around, back as a human and walked over to Allen. He tilted his head, smirking.

"But you don't think we've matured since then its not us killing you off you guys, It's the raccoons, cats and leopards"

Allen's eyes went wide then narrowed "How do I know your telling the truth?" he asked.

The wolf's eyes softened and his smirk turned into a smile. "I haven't killed you yet have I?"

Allen waited, nothing happened. He slowly took a step away from him and placed a hand to his forehead, the raccoons and foxes and the leopards were killing humans, but they're allies of the humans aren't they? No...They wouldn't do that but being the humans allies would be a good cover up.

Allen lowered his hand to his side and gripped his shirt. He felt a hand rustle his hair just like his father used to do.

"Come on we better get going before they check the outer of the dome" He started to walk off, not bothering to wait to see if Allen would follow him or go back and live in hiding.

Allen took a hesitant step forward but froze; humans weren't allowed to befriend wolves. He shook his head and ran to catch up with the wolf.