Yo... It's Sasunarufan01... or now xXYuuki-TsukiyomiXx... well to make it simple, every story I have now is discontinued, the only one that I might continue is 'Allen's Wolf'... I'm still working on Chapter 15 and still trying to plan and finish it, for myself but I won't post the rest on fiction-press unless I get a few reviews asking to finish and to update it. So 'I thought you were gone', 'New Home', 'Only One', and 'Watcher' are officially gone in the past and probably won't be back unless those get reviews too and if they do get reviews I'll try my hardest to bring them back though I don't make any promises but I'll try.

School is really putting pressure on me right now, I have to do a world history rough draft done and it was due three weeks ago and I have an English minimum requirement coming up fast in just a week and I haven't started, so I can't do anything really right now but if I get more reviews I'll be more encouraged to get my school work done so I can update faster, so please review my stories... Thanks :)

I do have a new story going, already on chapter 6, though still typing Chapter three... for this one I won't be putting it on fiction-press till it's officially done and typed up. I'm doing this story for my friend Nisha so I really have to finish this one for her :) and Yes! It's Slash! though with some straightness because Nisha isn't a big fan of slash. The story is about a boy that gets turned into a demon after being taken from his home, the thing is, the whole time that he's gone, he's only two houses down. 8 years later he's shows back up, on his porch, soaked in rain and blood and it goes from there. I don't have a title for it yet and I don't know when I'll get one, I thought that Disturbia would be a good Idea but that title faded away then I though of demon wonderland but I don't like that one either, so any idea, I'd like to know...

Sorry about leaving those stories in the dust but ther're just not interesting me anymore, but if ya review I'll get interesting in them again and try my hardest to work on them and get them finished :)