You see me here, crying.

You ask me why…

I say, "Because how I describe passion."

Passion is what drives you to the edge

and it takes you over it.

It opens your wings at the last moment

and lets you soar above the universe.

Passion is what makes you sit for hours


It is what makes you stand up

and lift your voice in a silent crowd.

It is what makes you heard above the others.

It is what sings you to sleep at night.

Passion keeps you going when the rest of you

runs out.

It is what sets you free when you are

being held back.

It is what has you screaming into your pillow,

begging whoever hears you to listen.

It dances you across a stage.

It guides a pen in your hand.

It leads you down a path.

It rips tears from your eyes

and it pulls laughter from your soul.

Passion, is what keeps you alive.