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Dee was always told that when you were about to die, your whole life flashed before your very eyes. Every smile, every tear, every laugh, every kiss… Her memories did not awaken within her subconscious. She just got to watch her last moments. Her pink and purple and blue hair swirling up into the wind as she was struck with bone crushing impact. Her red blood staining the solid yellow line separating the two sides of the street. Her t-shirt and pants tearing. A couple of the buckles on her boots rocketing right off into unidentified directions.

She watched her meticulously painted face tear, explode, and concave in places. Her left cheek was contorted strangely, for her jaw had been broken and was now twisted towards her right ear… Dee stared in amazed horror when a jagged piece of the windshield stabbed her spiritless body directly through the left eye. She was harpooned on a fucking Mitsubishi Lancer… She didn't even stop for a second to consider the irony.

And the people were screaming. Some even went as far as to vomit or faint upon seeing the wreckage that was her form. Phone calls were being made, and the shrill shrieks of multiple sirens pervaded the air. Channel four news crews arrived on the scene and went to work right away with live coverage. Everyone was running around like hogs at slaughter time. No one sat still for more than a second. Except for one.

She saw the shock of long orange-red hair across the street. Len. He was sitting on the sidewalk, buried in on himself.

"Len!" She yelled, but her voice was not her own. The words came out slow, and distorted, as if she were talking underwater. He didn't even look up. He couldn't hear her. His body just continued to convulse with sobs. But he had The Sight. He should be the only one that could see her. But he couldn't; as if they were trapped in separate dimensions. She could see and hear all, but no one could return the favour… Curious.

She turned and started to walk away, but came to an abrupt halt. The school was…changing. Everything around her was changing. The colours of the landscape around her were being drained, as if being sucked up by a sponge. All the colours were rushing towards her; as if she herself were said sponge. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and every variation betwixt them was…gone… The world was a mass of varying shades of grey, black, and white. She was a speck of colour on an empty canvas…

Turning and wandering down the now dreary street, Dee ignored the muted chaos behind her. She felt as if she were trapped behind a small waterfall. Everything was quiet beyond where she stood. She reached up to her pulse. She had no heartbeat. She wasn't breathing, but no sense of discomfort made itself known to her… What a curious feeling it was to be dead.

As if…she were still herself; just a different variation of herself. Somebody was suddenly right in front of her. She stumbled back, attempting to get out of the way, but they just shouldered right through her. That was also a curious feeling. Like being pulled backwards by the shoulders, while her feet remained firmly planted on the ground before her. Odd…

Dee didn't really know where she was going, just that she had to get there. Some kind of squirming discomfort low in her abdomen told her so… If only she knew what. She continued meandering down the colourless street and shuddered when something warm touched her back. Like the heat radiating off of an over on broil. It wasn't unpleasant; just unexpected. She turned.

Colours exploded within a sphere suspended in the air. All the colours, and variations, and even ones she didn't know existed swirling in an awe inspiring dance of invitation. The warmth radiated from the globe and caressed her skin gingerly. Her back, on the other hand, suddenly felt cold and damp from the air of the other world behind her.

She took a step towards the colourful heat and sighed contently. Nothing had ever seemed so beautiful to her before… Like a moth to a flame, she was drawn. Something made her stop her absentminded search for what laid beyond the heat. She turned back.

He stood there, staring at her with a fathomless expression.

Her own Adonis…

She turned back as the sphere released a great huff of inviting aroma. Sweet, and spicy, and relaxing, and invigorating all at the same time… She looked back at Tommy.

And she felt as if she were seeing him for the first time. Everything around him was the inky, filthy shades of grey, and black. He stood out easily. She always thought of him as monochromatic, but now she saw him more fully. He was pale, but had a flush of colour to his face. His eyes had always looked black to her, but were now revealed as the deepest shade of blue known to man. His lips were purple-pink. His brows were actually a deep shade of brown, as were his lashes.

And the warmth behind her pushed harder against her back. Her eyes closed at the immense pleasure of it. The smells of the other side were drifting closer and closer; getting stronger. She felt as if she were being wrapped up in a heated blanket. The arms of a gracious lover. Every sense she had was being caressed by this great realm she didn't know.

"…Delilah…" He said softly, as if only to himself.

The sphere shattered, and the cold air swarmed her. Tommy stumbled towards her slowly, his hands outstretched. "Dee?" He whispered. His hands touched her cheeks. The skin that had always felt lukewarm and otherworldly to her now felt so perfectly natural… She threw her arms around him and buried her face into his neck.

And she was surrounded by immense warmth.


"Will you go, then?" He asked tracing his fingertip over her exposed back.

"Go where?"

"Your funeral."

"Oh," She muttered. "I don't know… Should I? Is that what you're supposed to do?" She quirked a permanently hot pink brow. It was bizarre to think that her makeup would never come off, or change. Like a tattoo… He chuckled.

"There's no curriculum to being dead, you know? If you want to go: go. If you don't: don't. That's all there is to it."

"I'm not sure…" She muttered. "Will I see myself?"

"No way." He mumbled snuggling into her side. "You were torn to pieces when that car hit you. No one in their right mind would make an open-casket funeral for an accident victim. Your coffin will be nailed shut."

"It's weird to think that my body is on some slab in a freezer right now, when I feel like it's right here…"

"It won't be around for much longer."

"Where's it going?" She asked, startled.

"It's decomposing as we speak, remember?"

"…Oh, yeah…" She hummed softly. "How weird is that?" She muttered. "My body is gone…"

"It was a good body." He grinned. "But let's say our goodbyes, and focus on what we have."

"Sounds good to me." There was a short pause between the two. "…Are you disappointed?"


"Me…being different…"

"You're the same as I am, love."

"I'm different than when we met though…" She grumbled.

"In what way?" He demanded lightly. "You're still smart, and kind, and lovely, and beautiful. You're still everything you ever were. Now…you're just living life on pause."

"Funny," She snorted. "When I was living in Hollywood I was living my life on fast forward…"

"Me too, love." He grinned. "I think that was the problem."


"Well, at least you look mostly the same." Len sighed.

"I look exactly the same!"

"No you don't." He sighed. "Your skin is grey, and your fingertips are purple."

"…Maybe I was cold when I kicked the bucket. Ever think of that?"

"Nope." He grinned. "Fine. Want a sweater?"

"No thanks. It's weird. I can't feel temperature at all… It's like…gone."

"You have no blood, Dee." Len snorted, rolling his eyes.

"So, still friends? Even though I'm a big ghoul now?"

"I don't know." He teased, stretching out the vowels. "I guess I can live with that."

"So, I have a question for you. Maybe a few."


"Why can your mom see dead people?" She wondered.

"Same reason you can. She just doesn't know about it. Next?"

"Now that I'm part of the whole undead, legion of terror thing…can I know where you vanished to?" Dee noted the way he blanched instantly.

"I would rather not say…" He grumbled.

"Oh, come on! I'm one of the nasties now! I want to be part of the gossip. You can't just climb up into your 'not part of the other realm' tree house anymore." His white face turned pink.

"I was…visiting someone."

"Yeah, a big bad. Who?"

"No one you know…" He mumbled.

"No, but I still want to know."

"…A warlock." Len grumbled after a long silent moment.

"Oh, cool! Warlocks! What were you meeting him for?" She pressed a hand to her lips when his face flushed scarlet. Giggling she pinched his arm. "Len has a boyfriend."

"He's not my boyfriend…" He groaned.

"Do you love him?" She grinned.

"Fuck. Shut up, Dee."

"See you tomorrow?" She smiled, getting up off of the floor and wandering towards the door.

"Tomorrow." He nodded. "Bye."

"See yah." She meandered down the hallway and opened the front door. She stepped out into the grey world awaiting her. Three figures stood at the end of the driveway. Two tall men, and one massive canine.

"We were waiting for you." A deep southern voice called.

Delilah Jameson threw her head back and laughed, launching herself off the step, and towards the three. "Here I am!" She laughed as she was pulled into one of the men's solid sides.

"Yes," Adonis whispered softly. "Here you are."