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Valentine's Day – Part 2

The first thing that registered in my mind was the smell assaulting my nostrils it was a mix of gasoline, soil and fertiliser. The next thing that registered was the throbbing pain that was pulsating through my entire head, so bad it caused me to groan and whimper as I shivered on the cold hard ground beneath me.

"Ahhh someone is finally awake. Took you long enough" Jayden stated, a hint of amusement in his voice.

I jumped at the sound of his voice, I hadn't been dreaming, this was really happening. I tried to focus my eyes on surroundings it was hazy but by the looks of it we were now in the potting shed. I attempted to stand but could seem to move my arms or my feet in any direction causing me to panic and struggle even harder.

Jayden piped up again at this as he knelt beside me, brushing the loose strands of hair out of my face "I wouldn't bother struggling Claire this shed had lots of fun things in it including cable ties. You're not going anywhere."

I recoiled from his touch, "what the hell do you want Jayden"

He smiled down at me, "Well I thought that was obvious? I want you. I want was I should have taken in the beginning of the year. What you seem to be all so willing to give the new kid"

I felt a wave of nausea wash over me, but I knew I couldn't let him see it. I knew I just had to keep him talking and buy time for someone to find me. Hadn't Callie and I added each other to find my friend on our iphones for this reason? Wasn't Jayden's note still on my bed?

"Jayden you don't want to do this" I advised, "all this is going to do is get you in more trouble."

"How will anybody know Claire? If you are thinking someone will find you, think again. Thanks to you installing facial recognition on your phone I managed to unlock it and disable your location settings just in case anyone was able to track you and if your thinking about my note in your room I'm sorry to disappoint you but I've taken care of that too or should I say I've had someone take care of that for me." When he saw my look of disbelief chuckled loudly, "did you really think I did this on my own Claire? That I was able to get passed the security guards, that I was able to deliver that note to your room and get is removed once you left all without anyone seeing me? No Nancy has been very helpful."

"Nancy!" I choke out my voice horse as I struggled to hold back my tears. All my hopes of a rescue were dashed, "she helped you?"

His hand traveled up my leg causing me to struggle again trying to shake him off me, "I think she hates you as much as I do maybe you shouldn't have broken her nose"

I heard a strange buzzing noise coming from the other side of the shed. I tried to tilt my head to see what it was but couldn't find it.

"That will probably be your boyfriend again wondering where you are, he's already called twice so far." He advised "Nancy overheard him saying to someone that he was getting you at five and its passed that so you are officially late for your date. I would turn off your phone but it gives me great satisfaction knowing he's worrying after that beating he gave me. I can picture his face now. Which reminds me I need to move your car so it's harder to spot. I will be back in a moment my love and then we will get started."

Once he left the shed, I finally let my emotions out. I cried, the tears pouring freely as I tried to figure out my next move. I didn't have long until it came back and I needed a plan. The bindings around my wrists we too tight so I couldn't wriggle free and there was no way to break them. I shifted my weight trying to look around the shed for anything I could use to free myself but there was nothing within reach. I was just about to give up when I saw my phone over on chair on the other side of the room. There was no way I could get to it but as Jayden had stated my phone did have all the newest features. But I would need to be quick before he came back.

"Hey Siri" I called out, my voice trembling softly. I couldn't be too loud in case he was close by and heard me.

Unfortunately, my screen stayed blank. I sighed, wriggling and squirming until I was fully facing it.

"Hey Siri" I stated louder this time and firmer. This time I was thrilled to see it spring to life. I took a deep breath, it was now or never, "Call Blake Nolan mobile"

I mentally crossed my fingers and prayed that the voice recognition got the command right. I saw it calling someone but it still calling as Jayden entered the room. My heart raced praying he didn't notice the phone and hang up before it connected. I really needed to keep his attention on me not the chair.

"Now" He enquired menacingly, "where were we?"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the screen on my phone change either the phone had been answered or it had gone to voice mail either way it was now or never."

"Jayden do you honestly think you're going to get away with this? This potting shed is still on school grounds it's only a matter of time before someone finds me" I had to be careful how much I said so I didn't arouse suspicion.

Jayden approached me, kneeling down next to me his eyes racking across my entire body, "By the time anyone finds you Claire I will be long gone. My father has arranged for me to leave the country tonight, fake passport the works. Guess he couldn't stand the thought of his reputation being shattered if this goes to trial at least this way I will never be declared guilty. I hear Morocco is lovely this time of year, the best thing about it…. No extradition treaty with the States. They won't be able to touch me. Unlike you….you I plan to touch everywhere."

He leaned forward his hands moving towards my breasts gripping them hard enough that I cried out in pain.

This only seemed to make him squeeze tighter before he ripped the front of my dress open, eying of the bra beneath, "I'm going to enjoy this. It's a shame you're not a virgin anymore Claire but I promise you I will leave my mark on you and you'll never forget me."

He leaned down to kiss me, I couldn't allow this to happen I knew I needed to by time but I couldn't let him do what he wanted to get it. As soon as his lips touched mine I did the only thing I could think of I sunk my teeth into his lower lip as hard as I could.

I heard his scream and tasted the metallic taste of his blood in my mouth as he pulled away from me.

"You stupid bitch" He exclaimed before he pulled his hand back and slapped me across the face.

I smirked up at him, turning my head to spit out the blood from my mouth, which I am sure was now a combination of his and mine. "Go to hell Jayden."

He stood up and before I knew it his foot connected with my side as he kicked me knocking the breath out of me. I barely had time to catch my breath before I felt it sink into me again and again.

I took the beating again and again. It seemed like an eternity had passed. Had Blake's phone gone to voicemail? Was he not coming? Is this where I was going to die?

My mind started to go fuzzy, I knew I was close to blacking out. In the background I heard a noise and then Jayden crying out. His assault stopped. I tried to focus my eyes and saw to shapes on the ground struggling with each other. The one on top was throwing a fist into the others face over and over again.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder that caused me to scream.

The hand moved to my cheek softly, "Claire it's ok you're safe"

My body relax a bit as I recognized the voice, "Callie?" I mumbled, gasping to catch my breath.

She ran her hand through my hair as gently as she could but even gently caused immense pain. "You're ok, we are here" She soothed as I cried out, "Mick stop him before he goes too far. She's hurt we need to get an ambulance.

I struggled to stay awake. Mick was here? Stop who? But then I realised if they were here it must mean that my call worked, that he was here too. "B….Blake?"

There was a small scuffle in the background before two more shapes were by my side. That was all I could make out now.

A hand squeezed mine, "I'm here beautiful, I'm here."

I held onto his hand for dear life. "You came"

Something warm covered my upper body, something that smelled like him, I guessed his jacket. "Of course I came Claire. We all came."

"We need to call an ambulance but it's going to take forever to get her. She doesn't look too good." Mick's voice explained.

I knew from the pain coursing through every inch of my body that I must have been a mess. There was a clatter of metal from the bench next to me and I felt the pressure being release from the cable ties around my legs and wrists. Someone must have must have found something to cut them.

"We have to get her out of here" Blake commanded, his hand snaking its way under my back. I cried out loudly as he started to lift me up. The pain was unbearable.

"Are you sure we should move her?" Callie queried, her voice filled with concern.

I felt Blake start to walk, I'm assuming to the door. "We've got no choice. Let's get her to the car. We can meet the ambulance on the way."

Every step he took caused further pain and discomfort, "I…. walk" I mumbled, knowing full well that if I was put down I would crumple in a mess on the floor. But I needed Blake to now I was still me.

"Why walk when you don't have to babe" I managed a weak smile as he placed a kiss on my forehead, "I've got you."

It was that point that I let myself finally believe I was safe and succumbed to the pain inside until I passed out.

The faint beeping in my head grew louder and louder rousing me awake. I forced my eyes to open inch by inch but only one would co-operate. At first the bright light blinded me but slowly but slowly I grew accustom to it. Everywhere I looked was white, white ceiling, white wall, white sheets. My brain was still a little hazy but from the looks of the IV in my hand and the monitors beeping around me I was in hospital. What I couldn't understand was why?

I tried to move my legs but there was a weight on them I couldn't budge. As I tried to sit up a wave of pain engulf my body and that's when I remember. Jayden, the potting shed, the beating he gave me. My heart started racing as I started to panic, grabbing at my face and pulling the oxygen tubes from my nose. I was in the process of attempting to rip the IV from my hand when the weight shifted from my legs and before I knew it my mum revealed face appeared, she must have fell asleep on my leg.

I stared at her, my eyes wide with fear, "I can't… I need to not be here….. Jayden…I can't breathe…"

I watched as she pressed the call button next to me, "Shhhh baby" she soothed "you are at the hospital, you are safe"

Normally the sound of her voice would be enough to settle me but in the state I was in I didn't think anything would. I finally got the IV out of my hand.

"No" I shook my head, "I don't want to be here….. I want to leave…"

Before she could respond a whole bunch of people rushed into the room, which made me panic even more. They were all trying to hold me down as I screamed more. I felt a sharp pain in my arm and the world went black again.

The next time I woke, my brain seemed even more fuzzy, but the first thing I noticed was two sets of eyes staring down that me. My parents were both here now, both of them looked exhausted. My dad's eyes had massive dark circles below them and his normally cleanly shaven face was now covered in a short beard.

"What's going on?" I queried, my voice barely above a horse croak.

It was like those words caused them to breathe again although I'm not sure why.

"Just rest baby" he responded, chocking back a few tears, "you've been through a lot"

That was all the reassurance I needed before I closed my eyes.

It fell like this went on for days, dozing in and out of consciousness but every time my eyes opened my parents' were by my side.

The most recent time my brain finally felt like it was clear and I could focus for more than a few minutes.

Their appearances looked worse than the last time, I wasted sure how many days had passed but it was like they had aged ten years each.

I attempted to sit up but the pain was too much. They looked down at me, eyes filled with concerned.

"I'm ok guys." I assured them, "You on the hand could both do with a shower, change of clothes and a decent sleep"

My attempt to lighten the mood seemed to have work as the looks of concern turned to relief and smiles spread across.

My mother reached out and gripped my hand, "You gave us quite a scare sweetheart."

I squeezed her hand reassuring "how long have I been out?"

"You've been in and out for about a week Claire Bear" He explained

From what they told me I could understand why I had been out so long. My injuries were severe and numerous. I was suffering from a concussion, a cracked eye socket, three broken ribs, a collapsed lung which had been repaired along with a lacerated liver and a large amount of cuts, scrapes and bruises over the majority of my body. At this moment I was glad I didn't have access to a mirror because I doubt the site would have been pretty.

"And Jayden?" I queried, even saying his name made my stomach turn.

"Unfortunately he's here too" My father answered, his voice dripping with distain, "He's being treated for his injuries too, that boyfriend of yours did a real number on him. Which I have yet to thank him for"

My dad's comments brought thoughts of Blake to the forefront of my mind. "Where is he?" I asked, "why isn't he here or Mick or Callie."

"Sweetheart" My mother's voice soothed, "You're in the ICU they aren't allowed in, not that that hasn't stopped them trying. I think that boy of yours has tried to sneak in more than a dozen times and refuses to leave the waiting room."

"But I need to see them mum, they are family too." I explained my heartbeat starting to race again.

My father leant forward and kissed my forehead, "Calm down Claire, I'll take care of it."

I don't know how much time had passed but the next thing I knew the door was opening and the three people I wanted to see most in this world were coming through the door and each and everyone of them looked worse than my parents.

Callie gasped as she saw me, her eyes welling up with tears, "Claire!' she exclaimed rushing to my side.

Studying her appearance, I was shocked I had never seen her like this. Her hair hung limply on her shoulders, all the vibrance and bounce completely gone, no make up and she was wearing sweatpants, she never wore sweatpants even in gym class.

"You've really let yourself go Callie. Since when do you wear sweatpants?" I joked trying to lighten the mood.

She forced a small smile on her face, "thought I would give it a try but don't get used to it."

Mick was next but he just stood silent his eyes not blinking as he took in my appearance.

"How bad is it Mick? Am I going to need a paper bag over my head?"

He grumbled something under his breath, guess I needed better material than that for him. "Don't you ever do something like that to us again Claire I mean it" he demanded taking his place at my side.

This just left the one person left in the doorway the most important person that I wanted to see. He looked the worst out of all of them. There was a yellowing bruise around his left eye so Jayden got at least one swing in. He too had a bit of stubble growing on his face however unlike my father, it looked sexy on.

As I locked eyes on his, even from a distance I could tell he was distresses, "Hey handsome, I'm sorry I missed our date will you accept an IOU"

His eyes softened almost instantly a single tear escaping from his eye which he wiped away quickly, "It's me who should be apologizing beautiful, I'm sorry I didn't protect you."

"Are you kidding me" I replied forcefully, "you saved me, you are the only reason I am here and not lying in a ditch somewhere. Speaking of which I know what happened on my end someone care to fill me in on what happened on yours?"

My mum stood up at this stage, "I'm going to go and find your father, give you guys space. Not too much guys, she still needs some rest."

Blake waited until my mum left the room before he filled me in on what had happened. He told me that he panicked when he got to the room when I wasn't there especially when I didn't answer my phone. He told me that he tracked down Callie and Mick and did exactly what Jayden thought they might which was to attempt to track my phone. This of course didn't work as Jayden had switched off my gps and they about to contact campus security when my phone call came through. He said he had put me on speaker and that it had taken them a few minutes to realise I couldn't hear them.

"How did you make that call Claire that has still got me stumped?" Mick enquired

I managed a small smile, "I will never get mad at Siri again when it pops up at random times."

Mick knew how much I hated Siri, I could be talking so someone and say sorry and Siri would pipe up on my phone as if I had summoned it.

"I didn't know if the call even got through, but it was the only thing I could think of."

Blake continued his story of events, "once we figured out you couldn't hear us I listened to the conversation and heard you talking to that prick about the potting shed near the lake. We all got into the car and got there as quick as possible. I didn't hang up the phone but partially wish I had because I felt sick to my stomach hearing your screams as he beat you. I was so afraid we were not going to make it. When we finally got there, I got the door open and saw him kicking you and lost it. I tackled him and punched him over and over again. If Mick hadn't pulled me off him I don't think I would have stopped. By the time we got you into the car and to the front gate the ambulance was already there trying to get through the gate. I think we scared security as we barreled up to the gate to meet them. The ambos wouldn't let any of us go with you we had to had to wait for the police."

I heard the word police and freaked out, "you're not in any trouble are you for what you did to Jayden."

Mick piped in at this stage, "No Claire he's not, I think if they could have the police would have given him a medal after they heard what happened. Once Jayden is given the all clear they will take him into custody and the charge of kidnapping and assault will be added to his list of charges. They still can't figure out how he got on campus let alone get you out of your room to the shed."

I took a deep breath, "It was Nancy, she snuck him on campus and left me a rose and a note outside my room tell me to meet you there. I thought it was part of the surprise. Once I left he snuck back in and took the note before you got there so you wouldn't know where to look."

"That stupid bitch" Callie muttered, "I hope the police get to her before I do because I will give her more than a broken nose."

"Jeez Cal" I exclaimed "since when did you get a violent streak you've been around these two for too long"

There was a quiet knock on the door and my dad poked his head in "Sorry guys I've held off the doctor as long as I can. He wants to check on Claire."

I started panicking again at the thought of them going, "will they able to come back in?"

Blake leaned forward placing a light kiss on my lips, "nothing will stop me." He whispered before leaving the room.

The doctor came in to give me a once over apparently this wasn't the first time I had seen him but was too drugged up to remember him. He seemed pleased enough with my healing and said that I was stable enough to move out of the ICU but he did warn me I had a long road to recovery ahead, both mentally and physically.

Not long after they moved me into a normal room the police came in to get my statement. I sent my parents back to their hotel room which they had booked into but not used, for a shower and a nap as they hadn't left my side since I had been admitted. I said this was because I could smell them from across the room but it was mainly because I didn't want them to have to sit through and hear what had happened to me. Blake however was not as easy to convince and he stayed with me and listed to every detail of the attack. Every hit, every kick, every word Jayden had said to me.

Only one the police left to go pick up Nancy for questioning in her part in this, did I finally allow myself to take everything in that had happened and the flood gates opened letting loose every tear I had held in. Blake sat on the bed next to me and whilst it hurt, the pain of not being in his arms would hurt more. I buried my head into his chest and cried for what felt like hours. Once all my tears were expelled a wave of exhaustion rushed over me.

Blake took my hand in his and held me close, "Sleep Claire, you're safe now"

I closed my eyes knowing that this was true, I was safe in his arms.