He always stole my Halloween ideas. When I came as a piece of ham, he was cheese. When I was a princess, he was supposedly my prince. Then I came as LC, and he said he was Brody Jenner. I wonder what idea of mine he's going to steal this year...

Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. It was probably since during this occassion everyone could be just anyone…or even sometimes, anything. There were a million costumes to choose from but every year, ever since I could remember, my costumes had always been complementary to that of Adam Hewer's. Scratch that. His costumes had always been complementary to mine.

When I was still in kindergarten and was dressed in a ham costume, he came as cheese, and he teased me all night long about how perfect we were since the taste of a ham and cheese sandwich was precisely that – perfect.

Fifth grade came, and I was still in my 'Disney Princesses' stage. I had been dying to go as Sleeping Beauty, complete with a tiara and a rose-pink gown, so I did. When I arrived in our school's gymnasium, Adam had walked up to me. He was dressed as Prince Philip, and he held out a plastic sword for me to drool over.

These 'accidents' continued until we reached High School, and every year he'd just say that the both of us wearing complementary costumes were just coincidences. I knew he was lying because no one would choose a 'cheese' costume over something cool like a Superman or Batman outfit. The more he reasoned out and gave me pathetic excuses, the more I grew irritated with him, and I showed my annoyance. I always used his last name, rolled my eyes at him, cursed him, and embarrassed him in front of his jock and cheerleader friends to show him that I wanted the costume thing to stop, but did he listen? Of course not.

When we were freshmen, I tried something different. I came as an X-Box, and surprise, surprise, he came as the controller. Sophomore year then arrived quickly, and it was my rebellious stage, so I went as a Playboy bunny, leather boots and all. He said he wanted to tone down his costume a bit, so he wore only a gray wig and a tux and said he was Hugh Hefner. During that party, I stuck my middle finger at him before I turned around. I realized how mistaken I was to walk away from him since he kept laughing while my fluffy, bunny tail continuously bounced up and down against my ass. By this time, I was so pissed at him that I labeled him as my 'archenemy'. Stupid a–hole. He had the nerve to tell me he'd give me a nickname as soon as he came up with a good one, and that came during our third year of High School. He started calling me 'Lauren' since I was addicted to 'The Hills'. Apparently, my best friend, Haley, spilled the beans on what my costume was going to be for that year, so I wasn't shocked, but I was still annoyed, when he came as Brody Jenner. Hormone-driven, he had been telling me to give him a kiss, but then I said that Lauren kissed Brody on his birthday, not on Halloween. He went away with a slight frown which he quickly covered up with his signature smirk.

Now I was faced with the same problem. I was to make sure that my costume wouldn't be complementary to that of Hewer's. I had picked three costumes, all of which were quite different and uncommon. To go as Mario, an Oompa Loompa, or the Lego man? Now that was one, tough choice.

"Hey Cambria."

I turned around. I could distinguish that voice anywhere. It was my best friend Haley's familiar raspy voice. Some of the girls found it weird that she always sounded like she was out of breath, but all the guys found it hot, 'so seductive' as they would say.

"Hey Haley," I greeted her before I twirled around to scrutinize her in her Victoria's Secret outfit. "You really don't want to leave anything to the imagination anymore, do you?"

She was wearing hot pink lingerie and a pair of huge magenta wings. To finish off her outfit were three–inch heels, their color matching her whole outfit perfectly. Apparently, she was taking Victoria's Secret's 'PINK' theme a little too seriously. Even her make-up was composed of different hues and shades of the color. I could only laugh.

"You're going to make me blind way sooner than I want," I said teasingly, shielding my eyes from view. "What does Theo think?"

Theo was Haley's boyfriend who was also Adam's best friend. I always had a hunch that it was Theo who spilled the news about my Halloween costumes to Adam, but Haley said that her dearly beloved had nothing to do with my fiasco with Adam. According to the two lovebirds, it was really just coincidence, except during our Junior year. Haley had accidentally told Adam, but I had long forgiven her for that.

"Theo thinks it's perfect since he's going as Will I Am," she said, running a hand through her mocha-tinted tendrils to add more volume to them.

"Are your costumes supposed to match?" I was completely clueless. "Because I don't see it."

"Oh, Cambria! You really are an uneducated loner!" I huff-ed at that. Did she really just say that? "Will I Am was the performer during last year's runway show! Why don't you watch them by the way? They go all out. It's really pretty!"

I only laughed at what she said. Just because I didn't watch their shows didn't mean that I was illiterate when it came to Victoria's Secret. I had my rebellious stage. I enjoyed buying their colorful panties and make-up.

"Maybe I will just to give you some peace of mind, but before that, what should I wear?"

Then, she walked to my side and eyed the three costumes that were laid down on my bed. She was scrutinizing each one, frowning, grinning, smirking, and even pursing her lips.

"Any's fine. Just cut some cloth out, so you can show more skin," she said, a little bit too preoccupied with her gargantuan wings.

"What if I don't want to show more skin?" I asked cheekily. "Unlike you, I go by the quote, 'what you get is more than what you see.'"

"You just made that up." She stuck her tongue out childishly at me. "But seriously, why not?"

"Because that's what Adam will expect…" I began. "A high school senior, a Halloween party…you know the drill. I don't want my last year to be a repeat of all the other years. It's just so annoying. He is just so annoying."

"I say you're just thinking about him too much," she said mischievously, eyes sparkling in a way that it made my insides tense up both in nervousness and growing fury.

"No." I was stubborn. "He's just been copying me for too long."

"Well, you can't really call it copying since your costumes have always been complementary, not exactly the same."

I hated how reasonable she could be sometimes.

"Well, let's just hope tonight will be different," I then said, picking up the costume I had decided on wearing.

"What's this?" I started, my temper rising when I saw him walking towards me.

Beneath his Lego head, he answered, "A costume?"

I rolled my eyes although he wasn't able to see that since my face was covered with my own Lego head. Haley and I arrived at Theo's Halloween house party about an hour after it started, and from what I saw, I was the only girl who was courageous and humble enough to not show any skin. I donned black jogging pants and a matching long-sleeved shirt with a pair of rented Lego hands and a matching Lego head. I really thought I had finally escaped from Hewer's artistic incapability, but I was so, so wrong.

"You copied me again!" I blamed, pressing a finger against his chest. "When will you ever stop?"

"I never copied you, Cambria."

His voice was muffled because of the head gear, and I was in the process of giving him some smartass quip, but Haley interrupted me even before I was able to start talking. I turned to face her and saw Theo's arm around her waist. He was probably having a good time feeling up her up since she was only wearing lingerie. Daring girl my best friend was.

"Adam's right," she began, smirking at the two of us. "Your costumes are exactly alike now, not anymore matching."

I couldn't help but turn my sarcasm button 'on'.

"Oh, jolly!" I clapped my hands for added effect. "So am I supposed to begin my victory dance now?"

"Hah-hah, Cambria," Haley replied, rolling her eyes. "Just hear what Adam's got to say first."

Then she left, just like that. Haley turned on her heel and made her way to the kitchen with her boyfriend right at her side, so I was left all alone with Adam which, I must say, was a complete recipe for disaster. Amidst the blaring music and unwanted sensual moans and groans, I stayed in my place and waited for Hewer to say something worth my time. It took him a second or two to grow some balls and say the first word.

"Theo told me what you were going to be," he said, grinning sheepishly. "He called right after Haley and you left your house."

I pursed my lips at that, so my theory has always been right...

"So everything hasn't been coincidence after all?"

He began rubbing the back of his neck, clearly nervous because of my scrutiny. I had my arms crossed over my chest and was tapping my foot. I might have looked silly doing it in a Lego costume, but Adam Hewer had known me for too long to not know that he should quickly come up with something good before I became completely impatient.

"The ones during High School weren't, thanks to Haley and Theo," he answered, looking away from me, and because of the revelation, I made last-minute plans to grill my so-called best friend. "But the ones before were. I really wanted to come as cheese and Prince Philip. I love sandwiches. I'm healthy like that, and I thought that how he slew the dragon was freaking fantastic. He's one cool dude."

"Of course," I replied proudly, reminiscing on my younger days. "He got the most beautiful Disney princess."

"Yeah, I got you."

It took me a while before the line registered in my head, and I couldn't help but laugh a little awkwardly.

"Although I must say that Sleeping Beauty was pretty bitchy…letting him go through all the danger while she was having her beauty sleep."

"You know…" He started uncertainly. "That movie reminds me a lot about 'us'."

I almost choked on my drink, Sprite mixed with vodka. Yum. I looked at him with wide eyes, as I held onto my glass tighter, afraid it would slip off my hand.

"'Us?'" I was grinning at him. "There's no 'us', Adam."

Oh, shit.

"That wasn't what I meant, Cambria," he then said, emphasizing my name since it was the first time I ever called him 'Adam' without being forced by our parents or teachers. "What I was trying to say was that you're a lot like Sleeping Beauty...you let me go through all kinds of shit just to make you like me."

"Ahem, ahem…" I faked a series of coughs. "You chose to get on my bad side by copying me. And please…!" I waved my hand at his face. "We don't live in a fairy tale."

"Who says we couldn't?" he asked, his eyes having a certain glint to them, and before he could make a move, I interrupted him.

"Wait-! What did you just say a while ago?" My tapping foot tapped even more. "You were trying to make me like you?"

Gotcha. The sight of his burning cheeks was a total Kodak moment.

"Cambria..." His tone was one of warning. "Let me explain first."

Slowly, he was closing the few inches that were separating us, and before I knew it, my Lego forehead was pressed upon his own. His Lego hands attempted to circle mine, but they were just too big, so sighing, he pulled his hand gear off and after, he did mine.

"Fairy tales don't exist," I began, and I suddenly felt a swell in my heart because of our close proximity. "What's there to explain?"

Damn. He really needed to let go of my hands. I was quickly losing the irritation I felt for him and only him, and that sucked. He was supposed to be my nemesis, but apparently, Halloween had other plans for the both of us. This stupid event, the reason why I hated him, was going to cause me the end of my fury. I was slowly giving in to temptation. I was gradually beginning to enjoy the tension he pressed on me by being so close to me.

I then realized that I needed to change the topic and quick, but not even my own body and mind would let me. They were doing the complete opposite. I knew leaving me with him was a recipe for chaos! Now I was really going to skewer Haley. His closeness was making me question my own thoughts, my own beliefs...

Why hadn't I fell this way around him before? I asked myself. My beating heart, my weakening legs, my swirling emotions...this was the first time those things happened when I was with Adam…

Then the answer came to me quickly. Unfortunately.

Because I'd never let him get this close to me until now.

"They do exist…I think…fairy tales..." He was holding his mask, slowly lifting it up. "Life just doesn't end with them."

I didn't know what was happening, but a few people around us stopped what they were doing to turn and face us. At first, I couldn't comprehend why they would pause to stare, but I soon figured out why. They were looking at Adam. That was how gorgeous he was. He could stop a party if he wanted to all thanks to his extremely white blonde hair, china blue eyes, and angelic yet hoarse voice. He was everything and more, and I felt like such a bitch because I never saw all his good qualities until now. I only focused on how annoying and unoriginal he was.

"What do you really want to say, Hewer?"

He cradled the edges of my Lego head, bringing it up, so that I could finally feel the coldness of the air-conditioned room. My hair was a tangled mess, but he straightened my unkempt strands by running a hand through them. He looked away and told the crowd to 'scatter' before he rested his head against the side of my face and whispered.

"Just wake up from your wrong perception of me."

I smiled instinctively at that. He was truly a living cliché. Had he been watching too many Disney movies? God. Sleeping Beauty was going to be the death of me. Really. I was grinning at him when I was supposed to gag, and worse, I wasn't letting go of him when that was what I was supposed to do. Instead, I basked in his warmth. I liked the feeling. I really liked it. I liked him.

"You know what you have to do to wake me up from my slumber, Adam."

I used his name again, and he grinned at that although that wasn't what was making me cringe. I was using mushy, corny lines when before, I'd never be caught saying those things.

"I thought you didn't believe in fairytales?"

I sighed. Until now, he wanted to compete with me.

"Hurry up before I start reprimanding you about our costume mishap." I tugged at his shoulders. "You wouldn't want me to go back to hating you."

"I'm glad you finally came to your senses," he answered, smirking, and before I could answer, he brought his head closer to mine and brushed his lips softly against my own.

"I think I just lost all my senses by wanting to kiss you back."

And carefully, Adam placed both his hands on each of my hips and pulled me closer to him. He was leaning on a wall while I rested myself comfortably against his toned physique, my hands on his chest. Amidst the crowd of party-goers, we succumbed to temptation. Finally. I brought down the walls that had been blocking him from getting to me and answered back his eager kisses. He swiped his tongue against my bottom lip and I gave him the entrance he wanted. Soon after, he pulled away and trailed slow and soft kisses down my jaw line. A cough brought us back to reality.

"I see that you two aren't wasting any valuable time," Haley said, walking to us with Theo by her side.

"You have no idea how long he's been wanting to kiss you," Theodore then quipped, laughing at his friend's embarrassed state.

To cover his flushing cheeks, Adam set me in front of him and wound his arms around my waist. I leaned my back closer to his chest and then smirked.

"Oh yeah?" I looked up at him before turning back to the two lovers standing in front of us. "How long exactly?"

Embarrassed, Adam answered before either Haley or Theo could get a word out.

"You don't want to know."

And did Haley and Theo listen? Of course not.

"Since his favorite sandwich became ham and cheese."

I laughed at that before I kissed him once more and told him that he'd better take me to the bistro close to my house tomorrow for breakfast.

"Their sandwiches are the best!"

"My point exactly," I then said, pulling him with me as we slowly made our way to the dance floor. "Happy Halloween by the way, Adam."

He greeted me back and so did Haley and Theodore.

"Oh Adam!" That was my best friend, who, I debated with my own self, deserved to live. "Have you given her your Halloween present?"

"Halloween present?"

"Just come with me," Adam said, gripping me tighter, as he led the way to the front of the house.

I noticed that we were getting closer to his car - a pick-up truck - and he was reaching for something at the trunk. When he revealed my present, I couldn't help but laugh like there was no tomorrow. When I finally turned sober and settled down, which took at least half a minute, I planted a soft kiss on his lips before I got the gift from him.

"I must say..." I was holding tightly to his present. "I prefer this sword made out of lego over the one you had before."

"Aren't you proud of me?" He was smirking now. "That took real effort to make. Really."

I could only laugh and pull him closer to me.

"For once, you're being original, you know."

And it took us a while before we went back inside the house. If you guys get my drift...

Author's Note:

Hey everyone! Here's a little Halloween Fic for you all! I really had a fun time writing this oneshot because Cambria's character was so much fun! Haha! Anyway, I hppe you guys like this new work of mine, and please feel free to leave a review! I would love to hear what you guys have to say about Cambria, Adam, Haley, and Theo! Hehe! Kisses and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! ;;p