Chapter Two

The message had only one sentence, one simple sentence.

" I'm watching you Haylee."

And with that stupid sentence, with that stupid e-mail, my life would never be the same.


My eyes widened, and I felt my whole body stiffen over. I don't know how long I sat there, just reading and re-reading the message over and over again.

' I'm watching you Haylee.'

" Haylee?"

I gasped, startled, before snagging up whatever I could grab that was closest to me, which just so happened to be a little blue led pencil; before flinging around, and holding the pencil in front of me like a sword. Yeah, I could so totally defend myself with a pencil.


Don't look at me like that!

" Is there a reason why you're holding that pencil like you're going to stab me?"

I sighed, lowering the pencil. It was just Anna. She must have come in when I was in my own personal version of The Twilight Zone.

" So, should I be scared?" Anna asked, eyeing my measly pencil. " Did I scare you or what? Cause usually when I walk into our dorm, you don't attempt to stab me."

" I didn't attempt to stab you!" I stated defensively, glaring up at her.

She raised one eye brow questioningly, staring at me in disbelief. " Yeah, right. That's why you were holding the pencil like a sword right? I bet if you didn't turn around to see that it was me, you would have stabbed me. Make me bleed and everything."

I pfted at her, laying the pencil back down on the desk, muttering out a ' I wouldn't have stabbed you.'

I mean really? I wouldn't have stabbed her; I just...would've been close to doing it, that's all.


" Seriously though, what's wrong? You don't get startled that easily." Anna asked, placing a hand on my shoulder. " Ooh, new e-mail," She sang over my shoulder. " Who's it from?" She peered down at the computer screen, her head hovering dangerously close to my own. " If it's from Josh again, I swear I'M going to be sending him a long e-mail back, believe it."

" I-it's nothing!" I screeched, closing out of the page quickly. " It's just a dumb chain-letter thing. Nothing special, heheh." I smiled at her sheepishly, slamming my laptop closed, just in case. Anna is just too nosy sometimes, if you know what I'm saying.

Anna stared at me dumbly. " Nothing special, eh? So, you're telling me that, that e-mail was just a chain letter? Is that what you're saying, hmm?" See what I mean? Stupid nosy blonde; just can't let anything go, can she?

I nodded mutely, eyeing my laptop, silently debating on whether or not to turn it off completely. Yeah, I don't think Anna was going to let this one pass.

That's when I decided to change the subject, cause that's what everyone does to get the focus off of something uncomfortable. Oh yeah, go me. Haylee 1, Anna 0.

" So, are we gonna go to StarBucks or what? I want one of those caramel frappuccinos. Yum, frappuccino."

" Stop trying to change the subject." She said, glaring at me.

Drat, she knew where I was going with that. Time to try something else!

" I don't know what you're talking about."


Yeah, I really need some new tactics.

She stared at me blankly. " Sure you don't." Cue the eye roll. " You'll tell me eventually anyways. Ok, since you're just dying to go to StarBucks, lets get going."

Score! She dropped it! But, she was right, I'd end up telling her about it later. Maybe over a frappuccino... yum. Yeah, I'll tell her when we get some crac- I mean, frappuccinos; I totally meant to say frappuccinos...heheh.

" Don't worry about it Anna. It really was just a stupid e-mail. I'll tell you about it once we get to StarBucks, ok?" I don't feel entirely secure talking about it in our dorm room. Now, out in the open where creepy people are easy to spot, well, you see my point.

" Ok... You know that I'm just worried about you, right? Ever since you started having those nightmares, you've been acting a little edgy. And you've been depriving yourself of the library. And, come on, we all know that you love the library. It's like your personal crack. And eventually, you're gonna need to feed the addiction."

I smiled faintly. She was right, I was going to eventually give in and go to the library. Just not yet, that would be too soon.

" You're right Anna," I said sighing. " I have been on edge lately...and it is because of the nightmares...I've been having the same nightmare for almost a week strait. It's frustrating, it ends just before he decides to show himself." I frowned. " Stupid unknown, mysterious, crazy stalker, psychopathic freak."

Anna laughed, patting my back sympathetically. " Your nightmares will stop eventually, just try not to think about it too much. Now," she grinned, looping her arm through mine. " Let's go get us some frappuccinos!"

" Agreed!"

And with that said, Anna and I left our dorm room, and started our decent to StarBucks, aka; Frappuccino heaven.