One-night stands last long

"Chuck, I love you!!!"

"You looked so hot yesterday!"

"Will you marry me?"

Isn't this what I hear every damned day? I guess Salinger did the right thing locking himself up, where no damned freak can come up to him or even say 'you'resoamazingandholdenissodamnedsexy' since the fans manage to say it so quickly, that it ends up being the longest word. I sighted as I turned around on my heel and stared at the fan girls. They were barely over twelve, like they read my books. Gees. I'll kill Arthur for even making me this popular more than 87% doesn't even know that I write. Seriously, just because I got once invited to some talk show and boom, I'm popular. I'm the adorable blue eyed brunette male.

I mean, girls simply die because of my looks. For the sake of Christ, I'm not even attractive. Ok, so I decided to make puppy eyes for a gag and boom, girls love me. At first I found it rather amazing and neat. I mean, what twenty four aged male would disagree to being 'sexiest guy of the year'? Arthur got his half too, since he's a one-stand fanatic, he has tons of girls.

They get my mobile number through him. Idiot. Because of the easy way to get my phone number, I switch my number once a week.

"Chuck! You are so hot! Can you kiss me like you kissed your book?"

I quickly finished the call and turned off my mob. Bloody fan girl. I wish I had a Death Note, but my books got their awaited attention. Guys cursing me take my books and read them, finding out, that I'm a hell of a writer, but continue to despite my looks. Females? Some read and like my books, but mostly my looks.

Right, about the bloody book. My new book ranked number one and remained there for a quite a while. I was live and confessed my love to it and kissed it. I think Arthur gave me some strong alcohol before the show, so the kiss turned out kind of long and ranked highest rated on youtube. Fan girls, they have to get shot.

The book which got the honor to have a long passionate kiss with me was sold on e-bay by a rather high price, which I don't want to remember. Yesterday I and Arthur simply sat in Starbucks, sipping our cappuccino's while this blonde haired fan girl walks up to us. She stretched out my book and asked me to sign it. Arthur handed me a pen and winked at the fan girl. I barely held myself from punching Arthur. God, the guy is sick.

"What about kissing the book?" Arthur smirked, winking at the girl once more. She gave out a rather long and loud squeal and her eyes shone. I cursed at Arthur and glared at him.

"God, no." I snapped, quickly finished my caffeine drink. I quickly stood up, as she grabbed my sleeve and Arthur looked at me with pleading eyes. Jesus, only now I noticed, that other fan girls were waiting for my reaction. I quickly grabbed a copy of my bestseller and pressed my lips against it. Everyone shouted in victory. Another crowd of fan girls asked me to kiss their notebooks or books (if they had them at the current moment).

I closed my eyes and tried to count to ten slowly, after all, because of them, I gained popularity. I seriously needed to fire Arthur, as I began hating him even more. I mean, yeah, he was my closest friend, but as my agent or whatever, he annoyed me. No, he's a pro at his work, but if he sees a way to raise the number of one-night stands he'll do it.

I never liked one night stands much, but I had them only if I was rather exhausted or felt like one. I was single since high school, because I didn't have time for a proper relationship and I can't say that I even held sympathy for anyone after my last relationship. I wasn't gay. I was still simply searching for the girl of my dreams.

They all began yelling my name that I began counting up to ten eight times, but it didn't work. I was trapped. Why couldn't I simply live in a quiet place and write, without any fan girls, asking some perverted question and stuff like that?

"GET LOST!" I wanted to yell, but instead I calmly said 'excuse me, but I'm going to be late for a meeting'. That's my problem. I can't be rough, no matter how much I say it in my head. Arthur stayed in Starbucks, telling my number and stuff like that.

God, I hate him. Jesus, I hate everyone, actually. I quickly walked on, thanking Arthur somewhere deep in thoughts, after all, they didn't seem to follow me. I took out my nearly finished pack of cigarettes and took one between my lips. Then I released that I couldn't inhale. Right, I forgot to light it. I'm a fool. I sighted, as I began searching my pockets. There was a use for fan girls, since once in a while, when I'd forget my lighter at home, they'd light my cig.

I began cursing at loud, at Arthur, at the fan girls and well, life itself I guess. I mean, I never wanted to be a sex symbol being chased by fan girls or paparazzi. Weird, haven't seen them today. Seriously, where the bloody are they? Not like I minded. Maybe it's the annual paparazzi day or something and they are getting drunk. I wish all year it would have been paparazzi day then. Oh, and fan girl day too. Jesus, I see a rabid fan girl, she's running up to me.

"Chuck? Oh, my God. I'm so sorry, haven't got a lighter. God, I'd really help you, but it's just that I quit smoking and all that crap. Oh, my freaking God. It's really, really you. I'm not going to poke you and check if you're real or anything. I'll simply pinch myself. Ouch! Oh my God, you are real! Where the hell is my notebook? No, wait, I just bought your book today. Can you sign me please? Yeah, I know that you probably hate all of those fan girls, but I'm not asking you to make out with my book, but not like I'd actually mind. Oh, I think I still have my lighter. Here, I've got a pen. Can you sign? I'm a big fan of yours, even before that talk show, when you first showed yourself."

Huh? What the hell did she say? I'm too tired to even focus, since I had a damned photo shoot for some stupid female magazine, which will get sold in seconds, because I'm there. I continued staring at her, slightly chewing the tip of my cig. I rolled my eyes taking her book.

"Oh my God, thank you! My name is Caroline. I still can't believe that it's you. You're so tall. Well and handsome of course. No, wonder you have so many fan girls dying to get your number or even catch a glimpse of you. I think-" Then I cut her off by nodding and handing her book back, only now it was signed. Caroline stood still not tearing her eyes off my note on the first page.

"Lighter. You said you have one." I said calmly, kind of surprised as her fingers traced the letters I wrote a while ago. Her face was shining brightly and so were her dark green eyes. Caroline nodded, as she already didn't have any words to say. She was a teenager, more likely somewhere around sixteen. I quickly counted the age difference hell knows what for. Ok, I knew my next action.

Caroline lightened my cigarette, as I happily inhaled, finally feeling calm. I thanked her, as she studied me, as I took out my small notebook from my jacket pocket and my pen. The teenager's eyes were focused on the numbers I was writing.

"Call me in the evening, ok, Caroline? I'll tell you the address then." I said and waved walking off. I was expecting she'd hug me or squeal or some other fan girlish action. But she didn't. I shrugged slightly, but I noticed her smile with a light blush across her cheeks. Then I stopped turning around and walked off, so I didn't see how she snapped out of it, trying to understand what happened.


Another thing in my hate list is Arthur's parties. You've simply never been there. Sometimes I get the feelings that we're the only males here. Arthur is a quite a fan of club music, so when you head inside you get deaf in the next second. I can't say I'm a fan, but it kind of relaxes you, to me it's like alcohol. You drink and you get easy. It took quite a while to find Arthur between all of these busty females, trying to dance with you.

"Hey, girls, good ol' Chuck joined us!" Arthur yelled rather drunk making an accent on my name. Bloody pervert. It's like I don't have enough fans already. Arthur winked at me and mouthed 'get a damned hell of a one-night stand here'. I rolled my eyes and pulled him and whispered to him.

"YOU HAVE AN ONE-NIGHT STAND WITH A T-" I quickly pressed my palm against his mouth, but his eyes told me about his only reaction. Deep surprise. Well, I guess even I'd be. I simply shrugged, like it was no big deal. Actually, now if to think of it, it's quite a big deal. I was going to have sleep with a teenager. Maybe it wasn't a good idea, but I didn't feel like regretting it. I really felt… ok with it?

Maybe the world isn't that cruel, that the models or whatever ignored it or they were simply staring at me or Arthur. Arthur excused himself from the girls, which were practically glued to him and we both headed outside. He kept glancing at me with a confused, yet slightly pleased smile. After all, he knew that I rarely had one-night stands or dare say relationships. I never liked discussing why. I guess even my friendship with Paris, wasn't as strong.

I shrugged off the thought, as Arthur waited for my explanation. Arthur even raised his head, since he is well, not much, but he's shorter than me. Arthur's eyes were locked on my face and his lips were pressed tight, as if I was his son and committed a crime. I burst out laughing at his expression.

"What the hell are you laughing about? You'll get in trouble. Well, ok, maybe we could make out a show like 'dating Chuck' which will make you more popular or such." Arthur said thinking out loud. That caused me to laugh even more. Hate it, but it happens that once you start you simply can't stop laughing. I guess I even felt a bit worried and my laugh was only hiding it.

The thing was that I wanted. Saying that I wanted her would be kind of perverted, but hell, I wanted to keep on. I mean, she could call any minute now and I still haven't booked up a hotel number.

About Arthur his insane ideas were… insane. I mean, yeah, he never failed with his ideas. He was this so-called ideal agent, maybe even too ideal. There was only one small problem: I was getting sick of my popularity.

"You got something booked for tonight?" I asked quickly, already getting paranoid, that my mob would vibrate any minute now. Why was I so nervous all of a sudden? It wasn't like I knew her. I'd forget about her really soon.

"I have one with a giant Jacuzzi, king sized water be-" Knowing Arthur, he could go on forever, so I rolled my eyes. Arthur rolled his grey eyes back at me. Afterwards, he took his black bangs off his eyes. He seriously needed a cut.

"I hate water beds, you idiot. Something less… Arthurish?" I said hinting him, so he'd order something.


I was already waiting in my hell of a number. It's like there were no other less fancy ones. I cursed at Arthur, taking another gulp of my whisky. I don't know why but all of a sudden I got worried. When was the last time I had a one-night stand? I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate. Six… months? Wow.

"A toast to that!" I said loudly and took another gulp. I just started drinking, but I always thought half a bottle was enough, but now it definitely wasn't. I didn't mention the date before, but it was Halloween's eve, another occasion to watch my favourite Tim Burton's creations. I poked the DVDs which I ordered in the hotel. I hoped Caroline wouldn't mind, unless she wanted everything to be quick.

I rubbed my eyes imagining what awaited me. It was another reason for another gulp of my dear beloved drink. Why was I even doing this anyway? Ok, maybe I shouldn't have asked that aloud, since I felt like banging my head against the wall afterwards.

Caroline still hasn't called, it was nine and I wanted to hear 'this is Halloween'. I even had my mobile in my hand. I mean I always had the chance to call Arthur and find me someone rather quick.

"JESUS CHRIST!" I yelled, as my mobile vibrated. I tried to stabilize my breath, as I ran my hand threw my hair, calming myself. I shouldn't have drunk so much. I wasn't drunk, but I simply got more nervous.

"Yeah. Um. Hey, Caroline." I said quickly, searching for the paper, where I had the address written. Instead I stopped hearing a more deep and feminine voice. Jesus, why did my mother just have to call? God, why? Why now?

"Charles! Sweetie, who's Caroline? You finally got over that brunette girl, which Paris stole from you? Oh, sweetie, I'm so happy! She definitely doesn't deserve you, my sweetie!" My eye kept twitching. Yes, I love my parents, but not when I'm about to have a one-night stand with a freaking teenager and reminding me about my first love. "Charlotte wants to talk with you. Good heavens, Ch-"

I totally love my sister. I thank who ever is up there for having the greatest sister in the whole damned world. Also I love her more for taking the phone from mum.

"Hey, Chuck. Arthur told me you're having a one-night stand with some teenager. I think that's cool, who is she? Don't even think about not using protection. Oh, Dave and I are getting married-" Mum gave out a squeal in the background. Mum would have been a perfect rabid fan girl, I'm serious. Actually, she is one. I bet she's still stalking that Spanish signer she's addicted to.

"Wait, wait, I'm happy for Dave and you, but what the hell did Arthur say?" I whispered, cursing at Arthur and imagining 1001 deaths for him. Charlotte sighted, realising, that Arthur's big mouth had told something unwanted.

"Look, relax, Chuck, take it easy. Ok, gotta go, I'll call you later. Mum wants to talk to you, she freaking overheard freaking everything. Love you, Chuck." My sister said quickly and for my sake after muttering a quick 'g'byeloveyou' (turned out one word, as always) I pressed the red button and leaned my head against the back of the armchair. Mum would call me back demanding to know everything. That's what I get for having the greatest sister of all times.

"Mum, leave me alone-" I muttered, taking another gulp from my bottle. But then I got cut off by a familiar hello and quickly put my bottle on the table, so it wouldn't brake. Then I felt as I had drunk a wagon of Red Bull instead of whisky.

"Um, Hey, Chuck. Umm, it's not your mum. It's um, me? Caroline, 'member?" Caroline said rather unsure, as if slightly regretting that she even called. 'No, no, don't regret it, please' echoed in my head. Ok, so maybe the whisky was finally doing something to me.

"Yeah, 'course I remember." I said, thinking what to add. 'Say something like I could never forget about you'. Ew, how corny my thought sounded. Thankfully, I wasn't as drunk to say that aloud. "Um, yeah, the address." I said, reading the address, from the piece of paper which was waiting for me patiently on the floor, near my armchair.

"Oh, thanks. I'll be there in… half an hour." Caroline said. All of a sudden I wondered what she would wear. I don't know why, but I began thinking what would suit her best. Because of my light drunkness, only know my brain told me, that there was regretting my offer.

"Look, Carrie, can I call you that?" I heard a 'mhm' as an answer, which caused me to smile slightly. "We don't have to… umm, y'know, sleep together this time. We can just, y'know…" I paused. 'Right, right, what the hell can a twenty-four year old celebrity do with a teenager at ten p.m.? Tons of harmless stuff.' I thought with sarcasm.

"…Like celebrate Halloween!"

I am such an idiot.

"Um, yeah. I thought that too. I mean, um, God…" Caroline paused. I could hear that she was nervous as hell and I bet she looked cute like that. Ok that makes me gulp my drink. I'm immune to alcohol today or something? I was about to say something, so she'd relax, but she cut me off. "Sorry to cut you off. You like 'Corpse Bride' or anything by Tim Burton?" Carrie said quickly and slightly embarrassed. That caused me to smile.

"I love Tim Burton, his movies I mean. He's a freaking hell of a genius." I said finally relaxing. Ok, I wouldn't be fully relaxed anyway, but this was better than nothing.

"Ok, I'll be there in half an hour. See-you…" I felt like she would add something, so I waited and silence simply stood between us. Maybe I was the one who should have added something, but nothing besides echoing her 'see-you' came to my mind. I pressed the red button, staring at my phone, praying, that mum wouldn't call back. I mean I could have said something like 'love you' or something cheesy, but I've just met her.

"SHE'S A FREAKING TEENAGE GIRL WHO'S GOING TO HAVE A ONE-NIGHT STAND WITH ME!" I yelled out loud, so my brain would get it. Sadly, I only felt more idiotic after that. I waited for a call from the lobby, that I should be quieter otherwise I'll be a distraction to the other couples, who have one-night stands as well.

Jesus, what's going on with me? Ok, my dear pack of cigs, you'll help me. I grabbed my pack of cigs and headed towards the balcony. I hated the rule which said no smoking in the room, even if you are a damned celebrity. I walked outside already with my lightened cigarette. Hell, it was chilly. Ok, it was no surprise for 30th October, actually. As I inhaled I rubbed my arms, trying not to earn a cold. What it was minus already?

I knew what I needed for total happiness, so I had to leave my cig in the balcony, to get my other friend. I kissed the bottle, ok, maybe I was drunk.

"My dear friend, have I lost my mind? Oh, I know that we are ideal for each other. Let's kiss my beloved!" I said breathing out the smoke and kissing my bottle of whisky. I should really take something otherwise I'm gonna get drunk. Ok, I am drunk, slightly. It's just that when I'm nervous I act like I'm drunk, so it's hard to understand I'm I drunk or nervous.

After that I put my bottle aside, in case I'd really get drunk. I mean, I am drunk, I guess, but I didn't want to risk. I kept smoking, well I got interrupted by the cold, so I pulled on my jacket and put my hood on. Did I mention that I look amazingly ridiculous with my hood on? Soon I got relaxed and a bit bored so I began chewing the fur on my hood, between my brakes of smoking.

I guess chewing that damned fur relaxes me too. I mean I love this jacket since it's kind of warm and cosy, not to mention, that I can chew the fur on it. They made the fur kind of longer, that it's s'posed to be, which let out my boy self, which is now chewing the fur.

After I started my second pack of cigs I noticed a figure head up to the hotel door. I stopped chewing on my fur and deeply inhaled, trying to keep calm. I breathed out the smoke, as I saw her disappear inside the building.

I heard the bell ring, but I still had one quarter of my cig left. I guess I'm quite a smoker so I simply couldn't throw it away and also damn rules. I quickly threw my finished cig in the bin with a giant cigarette drawn on it. I grabbed a couple mints, since I smelled like a walking cigarette. I hope I didn't smell like alcohol too. I threw my jacket on the hanger, yelling 'coming'.

Who said only girls look at themselves in the mirror? I quickly fixed my hair and taking a deep breath, putting a smile on my face I opened the door. I LEFT MY DEAR IN THE BALCONY! I remembered with a moan, before I opened the door. Once I opened it, I forgot about it. Ew that sounded too corny, like it those stupid soap operas. But isn't love a soap opera? I mean all those relationships; dare I say friends stealing first loves, lovers, and addictions?

"Hey." Caroline said putting a steak of her shoulder length black hair behind her ear. Not all of her steaks were one length, but most of them were. Some reached her chin, while others were shorter or simply longer (max shoulder length).

"Um, hey." I said regretting my greeting, well saying something like 'hey, babe' would be even cornier actually. Damn, think, think. I think my brain shut down from all that whisky I drank. "Um, agh, just head inside." I said quickly, realising, that it sounded kind of rude. I slapped myself, as I headed inside the living room. I heard Caroline smirk slightly, so I cursed at myself silently.

"Hey, I suck at greetings too. It's like I lost the ability to saw something… unique? Hell with unique, but I can't say anything normal or something. I mean sometimes I simply stand staring like an idiot." Carrie smirked, as she took off her scarf and jacket. I watched her taking off her docs, thinking of a topic.

"Yeah, no kidding. So… what do you want to watch?" I said wishing, that I could inhale now or at least chew the fur on my hood or have an appointment with . "You mind if I'll have a smoke?" I said quickly, waiting for her reaction. Caroline simply shrugged.

"Sure, I wouldn't mind a cig too." She smiled. How old is she anyway? Ok, I could ask her, but she could lie. I smiled back, as we both headed towards the balcony. I should have brought my jacket. I took a cig and stretched out one for Caroline. I lightened our cigarettes and wondered if I could ask her about her age. It seemed comical, but we breathed out at the same time, which caused us both to laugh. After that, I kind of felt relaxed. More likely the alcohol finally made me feel easy. Ok, too easy, that my brain is jelly.

"I think, that 'Nightmare before Christmas' is better than 'Corpse Bride'. I dunno, I guess it's a semi-classic and I need to get used to it, before I start loving a movie." Carrie said bringing out the topic herself. Gees, how much did I drink, that my brain can't even work normally? I glanced at which was leaned against the wall. Ok, so I nearly drank a whole bottle.

"I like 'Edward Scissorhands' most of all I guess. I guess it's even one of my favourite all-time characters and I'm no Depp fan." I said inhaling one last time before throwing my cig in the fancy and rather shiny bin.

"Ok, it's a tie then. But I can't say I'm much of a fan, since the end is kind of sad. I mean Edward and Kim don't end up together. As for Sally and Jack they have their happy ending, same goes for Victor and Victoria in 'Corpse Bride'." Now it was Caroline's turn to throw her cig into the fancy bin.

"Ok, tie. 'Corpse Bride', then 'Nightmare before Christmas' then Ed?" I asked nodding for her to inside first. The teenager nodded, as she walked inside and jumped on the sofa. I smirked, as she streached her arms and gave a light yawn. That was kind of cute actually. I couldn't help but give out a smile, as she blushed lightly.

"Want anything? Whine? Or you're still illeagal?" I asked carefully taking a bottle of whine. I've had enough help from today and I was damned curious to know her age.

"Gess, no one believes the fact, that I'm nineteen. I even have a driver license." She smirked, only know I looked at her carefully. I mistaked her because she had no make-up on and her clothes looked a bit childish, but she looked old enough alright. I guess her pumpking scarf lied to me.

"Sorry, you just look younger." I said apologizing, as I grabbed the remolts along with whine glasses. I opened the bottle of whine rather easilly, as the first notes of 'Corpse Bride' were heard.


"So you ended up being alone? Omg, I never thought that you of all people could be dumped." Carrie said, taking another gulp of whine. I didn't even want to count how much we've drunk while watching three films. I simply nodded and took a big gulp, I hated to raise the topic, but I was drunk enough to continue it.

"That pretty boy Paris stole her from me. She understood, well, thought that I'd dump her sooner or later, since I was the school's 'hottie'. Jesus, everyone said that I'd steal from Paris some girl. Hell, some even called me Romeo for the hell of it. Well, the girl chose Paris instead of Romeo. Hell, maybe it'd be rotting now in some bloody cemetery." I smirked, opening another bottle.

"Wait… You mean Paris ended up with… God, I forgot the name, it was damn all over school. She had her hair dyed red and had a tattoo somewhere. Back of her neck, some butterfly or some other crap, like that, no? Waait, I get it. You were in the same school I was; only I was five grades younger. Remember you knocked me while I was carrying those bloody history books. Caroline Miles? I wore high pigtails." She smirked, sipping her whine. Jesus, I remembered. I got detention for swearing at a kid. I could never forget my first and last detention.

"Jesus, it was you. Hell, I'm sorry. You found out a lot of swears after that right?" I couldn't stop laughing and her nodding only caused me to laugh more. "What about you? Weren't you dating the dude, which one some chemistry contest and went to USA? Patrick something, no?"

"Yeah, he was this total nerd and he said I'm too stupid for him and found some nerdy girl in USA. So romantic, isn't it? Then I dated the skater dude, he was your friend. Ugh, Miguel, I think. Yeah, Miguel. Remember? He ended up with Jane, y'know the one which ended up being prom Queen in your year." Carrie laughed, not even putting her glass down, only for a re-fill from while to while. We both stopped and stared at eachother with drunk smiles on our faces.

"Jesus, they kissed!" Caroline gave out a squeal, after she pointed on the TV when Ed was kissing Kim. Ok, there as no point to hold out any longer. I mean if Ed and Kim would be chatting about the loss of Kim's ex, it would have happened anyway. As soon as Caroline turned her head back I leaned close enough to capture her lips.


Maybe I was drunk or maybe my lightness only helped me here.

I simply couldn't deny it any longer.


I woke up in the middle of the night with her arms around me. I guess it's obvious to realise what happened, actually. Well, it turned out she was nineteen, so I won't go to jail and Arthur won't have to cover it up.

Well, I thought I'd think that, but I didn't. I didn't even go for a smoke to relax, as I usually do. It's a habit that I wake up at four am and have a smoke. This time I didn't. Sounds corny, but I guess I actually feel the l word, only not like, but the stronger one.

I simply pulled her closer to me and closed my eyes.


My eyes quickly opened, as I heard my mobile vibrate near my bed table. Damned Arthur. I will never stop hating him. I quickly pressed the red button and gently put Carrie on her back. Of course I wanted to see her wake-up and poke her with toast and marmalade, but my job is my job.

I dressed silently, afraid to wake her up. I couldn't stop glancing at her from while to while. My thoughts that morning, well as the rest of my life were connected with her. No matter how corny that sounded, all was true. As soon as I got dressed, she was still sleeping.

"Love you." I whispered as quietly as possible, but I guess I needed to say it. I mean, I say what I feel after all. She said that nothing wakes her up unless she wakes up, but I still did everything quietly. I kissed Caroline on the forehead, after writing a note.

Hey, once you wake up give me a call. If you don't have any classes can we meet at lunch? I'll die if I won't see you sooner! :)

Love, Chuck.

I went outside, scanning what I wrote in my head, which I left to Carrie. I couldn't stop smiling, remembering everything.

Who said one-night stands don't last long?


Claudia: Hey! This is the longest one-shot I've ever written. But I don't see it as a muti-chaptered, so it's a long one-shot. :D I was obsessed with writing with it (I wrote it in three days w) and I never was this addicted to anything and the plot is different from what I usually write. Hopefully I'll have the multi-chapter about Paris up soon. :) So, there'll be more of Chuck. xD Love you!