Chapter 2

In New York City, under the streets, was the rebel base a mile underground. It laid in secrecy and all that was against the government lived there. The common people lived at one end of the base and the troops at the other. The people had their own rooms and whatever was found from salvage they used for everyday needs.

The rooms had only the basic needs to get through everyday. A tattered mattress for a bed laying on the floor with ripped and torn blankets, a wash tub that was rusted and chipped, a shabby table, and a small food pantry for dry food. Sometimes if you were lucky you would get a chance to get plates and such from salvage, but would be broken most of the time.

Tevo sat on his ragged bed and flipped through the photos he took at the temple. Studying them for hours and getting lost in their beauty was more than he hoped for. He never thought to find the temple of demons and stand right in front of Deaven to see her for himself. As he focused on Deaven, he noticed some worn glyphs on the statues base. Trying to read them was difficult and to translate the language was harder yet.

After hours of carful translating, he finally figured out the statues message. What he translated was astounding all on its own. His grandfather couldn't be more correct to the legend.

Deaven the demon of fire, soul of total destruction and a child of corruption. She will come forth when the time of calling is true. Flame and ash will rise by the hand of fate. Her reign will bring the end.

His grandfather knew it was the truth of the end and never gave a frown to the thought. Tevo's spirit in finding Deaven was enlightened. He headed out to visit his uncle to show him the photos of proof. He had to make a trip back to the temple and needed his uncle to establish the equipment and transportation to get there. Tevo ran up the cracked stone stairs to his uncle's office building.

Walking into the office door, Tevo quickly saluted his uncle. "Unc…General Mendellium Sir." Tevo stood still until commanded to at ease.

"Tevo my boy please come in and have a seat and for the last time call me Uncle Tod. You know how much I hate you calling my General. Now what can I do for you?" Tod said in a chipper mood.

"It's important Tod that I go back to the temple for demons. There are a few more things I still need to get and a lot more translating to reveal the legend." Tevo said with his best efforts to hold back his excitement.

"It will not be as simple as that Tevo. We are extremely low on fuel and resources to even think about going back other there. Also with the enemy close by, they can shoot you down and you will never get back home. I simply can't allow you to go back and risk your life." Tod said with a mellow tone.

"I really need to find a way back. Deaven is going to end our world." Tevo said with a demanding voice.

Tod was not at all happy with Tevo's actions. He knew his father talked to Tevo about the legend and soon after his passing, Tevo was more interested in something that was childish. Never the less, Tod knew there also had to be some truth behind a legend.

"Well did you even get any photos while you were over there a few weeks ago? If you have anything that would interest me, then I will let you go back." Tod went through some old files as he waited for Tevo to give him some evidence.

Tevo pulled out the photos from his ragged bag and place them on his uncle's desk. Tod picked them up and raised an eyebrow. Each photo he flipped through, he got more and more interested in the statues.

"I'll tell you what Tevo, if you can bring back all of the statues, I will let you go back to the temple." Tod said with sly meanings in his interest.

"You want me to bring the statues back here? Why would you want them here? I thought you never believed in grandfather's stories." Tevo said in question.

"Over the years, watching you put your self in over drive, trying to find this Deaven demon, I got more interested. If we could awaken the demons and have them help us fight against the military, we could possible get our lives back on track and end this ridiculous war." Tod gave a sinister way to his thoughts and made Tevo very uneasy.

"Your crazy to think that a demon would help us humans when all they know is death. They would kill you if you mess with them. They have no desire to be commanded by a human." Tevo said as he took back his photos in anger.

"We shall see little nephew. You are going to help me get to that temple and bring the demons back here to base to awaken them from their long slumber." Tod grinned evilly.

Tevo headed for the door, but was stopped by two troops. "You will never get away with this Tod. You will die trying." Tevo yelled.

"I doubt that." Tod commanded the two troops to take Tevo to the chopper. With that, one of the troops hit Tevo over the head with the stock of his rifle and they drug Tevo away.

Tevo woke up to a bit of a headache. Rubbing the knot at the back of his head, he tried to get his vision back to focus. Slowly he sat up in his seat and looked around to see where he was. He knew his uncle had gone mad with Deaven and he needed to stop him before he would bring about the apocalypse.

"Awake at last I see. Tevo you will be the one to wake Deaven. With her powers, she will kill our enemies and obey my every command. This war will end by my hand." Tod was loading a clip to put in his gun if they were to run into any trouble.

"What makes you that you will end the war with a demon? They obey Satan alone." Tevo said with a bit of grogginess left from the blow to the head.

"I will prove you wrong boy." Tod loaded his gun with the full clip and kept an eye on his nephew.

Soon they arrived in the desert and landed just outside of the temple entrance. The two troops kept Tevo on chains to make sure he wouldn't cause any trouble. Tevo wished he never thought of coming back here to the temple. He also wished Deaven was only a story. Everything turned for the worst. None of this wouldn't of happened. Tevo wished he just would have kept his big mouth shut.