They Know Not by AndromedaMarine

Do they know what it means to survive? They who lust for humanity – the immortal yet inhuman creatures that leech across the dimensions? Do they know what it means to survive with hope in their eyes? To know that they would have a special gift not all who live can possess? They know not, but they wish to.

Do they know what it means to die? To release that hope for what they know they cannot defeat, that they die for the hope in the eyes of those they love? They know not what it means to sacrifice, or to love for that matter. They know not what it means to sacrifice all they know to save those whom they love, that is, if they knew what the feeling meant.

They lack the knowledge of faith and trust, and even of determination, which is what all sentient beings need to survive. Perhaps they know and understand the processes of logic, or of simply living, but what sort of existence entails an emotionless life?

Nay, they know not of survival of war; or even of death, as they are but immortal spectres; of sacrifice for those they love yet know not how to love; or of faith, trust, and determination.

Their complexity is simple in nature. Unheeding to the rules of our physical universe they seep – formless and empty of all but the spark of life that will never grow to full flame.

But the will to live can outweigh even the immeasurable knowledge of life itself, which would give them the meaning they need to continue their immortal, unguided lives.

They know not their luck, and there, in their ignorance, in lies their wisdom.