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He felt unbearingly hot.

His whole body trembled.

He ached to feel her.

She was so, so close……… yet so far. Her body lied but a few inches from his, yet it felt as if miles painfully tore them apart. He wished to take her in his arms and ravish the earthbound angel, but he held fast and kept his distance.

A whirlwind of emotions inhabited his mind.

Hate, envy, desire, all invaded his senses. He hated how she could drag a smile out of him when he was in the foulest of moods. He envied her sparkling personality. He envied the effects of her warm russet eyes and dazzling smile. Though most of all, he envied her state of untarnished innocence. She was not innocent, not by far; he had made sure of that. He grinned wolfishly. He had had her more times than he could count in many different ways, though she still remained innocent. She still held an "untouched" air about her. That, in an ironic sense, made her ever the more attractive to the senses.

His desire for her was no secret. He knew it. She knew it. Perhaps that was the only reason she thought she was of value to him.

Either way he wanted her.

He discreetly shifted closer to her. He wanted to admire her a little more before she awoke. He had worn her out but a few hours ago, but just seeing her face educed a fresh spark of energy. She ignited yet another fire in him, and he needed her to quench it.

It was quite odd really….only she seemed to be able to satisfy him.

Carefully, he ran a hand through her golden brown locks and pushed an offending tendril away from her face. Soft and silky, just like her delicious skin. He needed only to move an inch closer, and his nose was clouded over with the delectable aroma that could only be described as her.

Faint and musky, with a tint of some exotic fruit he couldn't quite place was how he described her scent. He always knew when it was her when she attempted to sneak up on him and he secretly hoped never to forget the irresistible aroma.

He brought his body flush to hers and a tremor of excitement racked his body as her warm skin came in contact with his. He could already feel the awakening of his desire against her- another thing he hated about her. She was able to arouse him quicker than any other woman he had met. It seemed so since her allure seemed to arouse him even as she herself slept.

She lied on her back peacefully as he shifted himself to reach her face. Gently he stroked the side of her face and her felt her stir slightly.


He unknowingly grinned as she shut her eyes tighter and willed herself back to sleep. He continued to caress her face until she uttered a small groggy moan. Sleepy or not his body responded to the sensuous sound. He turned his eyes back to her face and he saw long dark lashes arise to reveal dark mischievous russet eyes.

He was about to speak when she pulled his mouth roughly to hers. She was such a brilliant kisser. He faintly wondered if that was another reason as to why he desired her. Despite her outward guise of innocence, she held on to him and kissed him so thoroughly with a confidence that sometimes surpassed his own.

Vanessa smirked triumphantly against his lips. She had never been quite asleep, but bided her time before she approached him. He was well worth the careful planning and strategy. However, she was naked just as he and when she felt his arousal against the side of her body she couldn't contain herself any longer. She had to have him, and just as he had taught her, it was alright to take what you wanted if the desire to have it is strong enough.

She kissed him hard and thoroughly, biting his bottom lip roughly to gain entrance to his mouth. There was no attachment, no affection and certainly no love between them, so the need to be gentle was unnecessary, or rather unwanted. To be gentle meant to care, and she knew he didn't care about her, but the sensations he evoked were beyond anything she had ever experienced.

He plundered her mouth with wild abandon, leaving no inch untouched. She made a small noise in the back of her throat and he grew even more excited. He felt her breasts rise to meet his chest, inevitably peaking, as her breathing became deep and erratic.

He slowly left her lips, kissing the corner of her mouth playfully, before placing a kiss to the side of her neck, where he knew she was the most sensitive. He watched as her eyes closed and she willed herself not to make a sound. She knew he liked to hear her sounds of passion, but kept them at bay, to tease and motivate him.

Damn vixen.

He bit her hard and heard her cry out. Out of pain or pleasure, he was not sure. Either a way a victorious smirk rose to his lips. Satisfied he kissed the mark he had left and set a kiss atop the flesh above her heart. He was about to move towards her breasts, until a warm hand circled around his arousal. Small and smooth, her hand stroked him with feather light touches that she knew drove him mad.

His breath got caught in his throat as his head fell into the crook of her neck. Caressing and fondling, she was able to render him to a helpless mess. Another thing he hated- she made him feel weak. She squeezed him firmly and his groan reverberated from his body to hers. Suddenly she stopped and he looked to her face.

A sultry grin twisted her lips.

"I want you now. No more games."

He smirked and obeyed his temptress.

He towered over her body, trapping her underneath him. She connected her hands around his neck and his rich jade eyes, with lust, darkened to a hazy emerald. He brought his lips but a centimeter to hers and she offered a small smile. Unbeknownst to him, he smiled back before fusing their lips together heatedly, and with a swift thrust entered her.

Tearing her lips from his, her head fell back and a strangled version of his name passed her lips. No matter how many times they had been together, the sensations never seized to be mundane. She felt just as hot and tight as the first time he had had her. He focused on pleasing her and heard every sound made from his efforts.


He wordlessly complied and watched as her eyes slid shut in pleasure.


He obediently drove deeper, deeper and deeper until he filled her to the hilt.

He was close, he could feel it, but resisted to crumble away until she did. Despite his usual impatient demeanor he was patient when it came to her. There wasn't a sight in the world that surpassed her face when she fell apart under him. He loved it and craved it more than anything.

Desperate to feel her lips he sought her mouth and pressed his lips to hers. His tongue matched his thrusts. Within seconds she was matching his rhythm. His body molded easily to hers and he felt her in every crook and dip of his body. Each thrust brought a new gasp. Each angry movement wrenched a moan as she writhed below his body. Her arms tightened around his neck and he pressed himself even closer to her. He closed the distance between their lips once more and increased his speed. He in turn felt her pulse around him.

And with loud cry they both found their release within each other. He moved away from her, as to not crush her, but rolled her over to rest atop his chest. Her breathing was still uneven, and he felt her shaking. Her eyes were heavy but remained focused on his. They twinkled impishly and he wondered if she were tempting him to another go.

He thought so until he saw her let out a small yawn, place a sweet kiss atop his lips and curl up beside him to sleep.

"Goodnight, Derek," she yawned.

He had never liked his name, but couldn't help but smile when she said it.

"Night, Vanessa."

He didn't love her.

She didn't love her.

But he needed to feel her, everyday it seemed.

He wasn't exactly sure what they had going on, but he liked it, and didn't want it to change. He wrapped an arm around her possessively and yawned before sleep consumed him. Things were perfect as they were.

The dull grey light of the early morning sun crept through the window hours later and he cradled her body close to hide her from the light and away from change.

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