Evil: A Chorus of Resistance

I've been plotting away

In my heart every day
To put this plan into action
And though I try to resist
I find the thing is this
Until I get it there's no satisfaction

I want something you have
I want it oh so bad
Don't move, hand it over
I won't stop 'till it's in my hands

Project 86

Rival Fractions

Copyright 2007

Lucifer collapsed onto cold, unbreakable floor in the depths of Hell. Even after thousands of years of exposure, the feeling of unending heat swallowing his torso and legs contrasted with the freezing touch of the stone floor on his feet was enough to cause him to collapse in agony, only to rise up in hopes of escaping the cold, only to fall back down to avoid the unforgiving heat. It was as much as a physical battle as it was a mental one, causing many of the newest residents of Hell to go insane within a matter of hours. The constant burning and freezing of his body had made him more resistant to natural elements in the world, and had increased his already unnatural stamina to levels of immeasurable magnitude. This was the key to his success so far, and how he learned to travel from the world of Hell to the world of the physical. It was here in Hell he had learned about the unique nature of "diving." "Diving" was the term coined by Lucifer to travel across the world in the blink of an eye. It was how all of the demons traveled in and out of Hell, and across the world. It involved ripping apart the very fabric of time and creating in a sense, a wormhole that they could travel across. He had decided to call the subspace region between his destination and wherever he was traveling too "The Void," because it was a place of anti-creation. It was a place of neither substance nor spirit, of light or darkness or even good or evil. It was a place of nothingness, and in times of great need, it was a place of safety.

As his body recovered from its depletion of energy and the shock of arriving back into Hell for the first time in over a decade, he found himself being covered in black cords of energy. It burned as they stretched over his arms, torso, waist, and proceeded all the way down to his ankles. He gritted his teeth as the cords began to grow and pulsate. Gripping a nearby ledge for support, Lucifer grunted as the cords finished their work. He was now wearing a long, black hooded robe, emblazoned with what he knew was a large cross on the back. From far away, the cross could not be seen, as it was embroidered into the cloak in black thread. The only reason Lucifer knew it was there was because he had managed to rip the robe off one day. The wool-like material it seemed to be made of scratched him in his every move to the point where he could barely think some days. He gritted his teeth as he sat down and looked around. Who was he to think he would be able to rule Hell? He was no more a ruler here than any of the other souls who earned a place within its walls. While it was not as Dante had described it in his epic "The Divine Comedy," the thought of multiple levels of Hell had always intrigued Lucifer. He had tried to establish his dominance shortly after arriving with his followers, but many of them had turned their backs on him, almost betrayed him and retreated into Hells depths in search of escape. He never heard from them again, most likely because they had become lost, or met a worse fate.

Lucifer had learned early on that there were things worst than death and damnation. Not only could one die in the physical world, but there were also the select few that had been erased from existence completely. This fate had been met by many of his fellow demons that had tried to possess humans and were successfully exorcised from them. Contrary to human belief, those exorcised by priests and other chosen Christians were not just sent away, but destroyed from the very fabric of existence. He had witnessed one of these erasings tonight when Tyler Brach had driven his sword into Lucifer's servant Baharamel.

Lucifer gritted his teeth. Who was he to be beaten by a child? And a child with no more faith than atheist's spit wad, he thought, clenching his fists in rage.

"HOW DARE YOU MOCK ME, YAHWEH!" he roared. Focusing his rage, he slammed his fist into the wall face he was bracing himself against. "How dare you mock me by sending children against me!" Lucifer continued his rant, spewing every curse imaginable from his mouth, utter blasphemy against God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Mother, the angels and every other follower of God. He cursed the day of the universe's creation. He cursed the day of his fall. He cursed the day of Yeshua's birth, death and resurrection. He cursed the apostles, the cursed the saints, he cursed every creature of God's creation. He cursed until his lips were spilling out his energy like blood pouring from chapped lips. "And how dare you send the weakest of your followers to try and defeat me! I will not be mocked by Your lack of power! You have no more power over me! You know that, so you send a worthless sinner to fight me! I will escape from Hell, and you will wish you had faced me yourself at that camp, Yahweh!"

As his strength returned to him, he began to walk in a leftwards direction. Lucifer had no idea which direction was which in Hell. There was no celestial or otherwise notable marking to determine any of the direction from each other. In fact, Lucifer was convinced that the surroundings were ever changing, making it impossible for anyone to find anything or anyone in Hell period. There had been nights were he had collapsed in exhaustion on an outcropping and woken up in the middle of a lake of lava. With each step, he gained back part of his strength he had lost in the battle against Tyler Brach. As he trudged along, Lucifer could not imagine how the boy had beaten him. While Tyler did have powers of the Holy Spirit, he barely knew how to use them. To have that kind of power, but no knowledge of its possibilities was almost as insulting to Lucifer as his defeat had been. He spat on the ground and whipped his mouth. His energy was now converting from a gas-like to a solid-like state, similar to the consistency of mud. This was a sign he was becoming more and more human by the minute. As he reached his destination, he summoned a fellow demon to his side.

"What is it, my lord?" he said, as if chewing on a large piece of raw meat with every word.

"Bring me my suit, Ebnaught. I am going back to the physical world."

"But my lord, you are in no condition to go through the Void," he said.

"I am not going there for business, I am going there for a meeting. I will be going the long way back to the physical world."

Ebnaught's eyes widened in shock, but bowed all the same and went to fetch his clothes. Ebnaught's word had been true, in his almost physical state, traveling back to the physical world would be difficult through means of the Void would be insane, but he was not going through the void. He was going to be going through the easiest way to escape from Hell for evil spirits. He would bring his latest screw up, a demon that was formally know as the giant Goliath, and have them pulled through the Void by means of Ouija board, occult ritual or otherwise satanic practice and then leave Goliath to fend for himself after things got nasty. It was the easiest way to travel from Hell to the surface, but getting away was not always easy when it was you against a room filled with people. His plan would be to be pulled in through a satanic gate, then leave Goliath to fend for himself and head off towards the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota. If he was going to ask for help against the Warriors of the Spirit, he would need to confront them on their home turf and hit them sooner, rather than later.

Using a fraction of his power, Lucifer summoned a stone throne in front the lake of lava that dominated the center of this section of Hell. It's going to take much more than brute force to break the Warriors team, he thought. First, I will go after Tyler. He is seen as the group's leader, that's no question. If I can break their trust in him, they will collapse and cease to exist as a unit. Then we can go in and finish them off. He smiled. And the first thing I will take from that little brat will be his precious sword, Nursha.

It was true. Not only had Tyler acquired a heavenly sword from God, but he had also inherited the former sword of Saint Michael himself. Wait! That explains everything. That's how the boy was able to defend himself. He is Michael's pupil. But that mean…

A chuckle grew in Lucifer's throat. It grew to a snicker, then laugh, then erupted into a mad cackle. It was true. Finally, the evidence he needed to break his last bond over the heavenly had been smacked him across the face and he had not even realized it. Michael has no more power over me. The people of Earth have broken my final chain to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is time to start the End. It looks like this will not be a plea for help as I thought it would be.

Ebnaught returned to Lucifer's side and knelt to present the clothes Lucifer had requested. He got to his feet and ripped off his wool like robe with ease. As he dawned the black, three-button suit, he felt a rush of sick pleasure run up his body. The time had finally come. The moment he had been preparing for almost ten thousand years was finally upon him. It was time to begin the End Days. It would start with the defeat of the Warriors of the Spirit, and then the real fun would begin.

But I must not get ahead of myself. First I will need some help in dealing with little hiccup in our plan. As he walked over to one of Hell's many crevices, he summoned Goliath with a mental shout. Within seconds, the giant was at his side.

"What is it, my Lord?"

"Come Goliath, we are going on a little errand in the physical world. I need more energy immediately, or I will revert to a completely physical state, and those who oppose our rule here will try to overthrow us. So we are going to perform a little scare session for some youngsters. You can even possess one if you please."

"Really, my Lord?"

"Yes. After all, you will need to make up for letting the Cullen boy escape with his powers." Goliath straightened himself immediately and looked sternly into Lucifer's eyes.

"I will not fail you again, my Lord."

"I know you won't," said Lucifer. They counted down with three head nods and then leaped in to the crevice. As they both plummeted into the darkness, Lucifer smiled. Sure, Goliath was a powerful ally, but he would need more than brawn to overthrow the Warriors of the Spirit. He would need seven powerful allies in fact. Seven extremely power demons, who were only known by the traits the embodied. Seven demons that lived for nothing more than the corruption of humans through sin. Seven demons who Lucifer had selected himself to be generals in his damned army. Seven demons that would turn the tide in the battle for heaven. They were the seven deadliest demons he knew. He was going to bring them into the battle bow. He was going to call upon the Seven Deadly Sins themselves.

* * *

This book is dedicated to Kaitlyn Elaine Marie Paden,

My Beautiful Rescue.