Years ago, pirates were the terrors of the seas. Men, and women alike, fought against the Royal Navy and East India Company. But what drove them? For most, it was their insatiable greed. Some wanted the freedom. Others were from the Navy – willing and unwilling. Me? Well, I wanted adventure. I wanted to do something unique, something that would set me apart. And for a woman, piracy was all that.

I had always been an unruly child: Disobeying my mum's orders, sneaking away during the day to wander the Bristol streets, and once on the streets, taking things from shop owners. It was never that I was poor; I was simply captivated by the thrill of thievery.

So, at the age of fifteen, I dressed in my older brother's clothes and snuck away for my life on the account under the alias Dread Pirate Flint.

A/N Yes, readers, I know it's an incredibly short prologue. But the following chapters are much better. ^^

Summary: Captain Dread Pirate Flint is world known. The name is known, and feared, by pirates and those on land. Merely mentioning the brave captain sends a shiver down their spines.

Remarkably, though, Flint is a woman. She's been sailing the seas for thirteen years, and she's the Pirate Empress.

After she and her ship, The Pride of Atlantis, are damaged in a destructive hurricane, Flint and her crew temporarily board with Jocard Bowlen. Flint astonishingly survived after a mast collided with her, though that's probably because she has the Devil's own luck. But luck is like a double-edged sword . . . While on the island, Jocard tells her that James Teldman, Flint's idol and former Pirate Emperor has been murdered by Commodore Nathaniel Bonnet. She seeks revenge for the late Teldman, but old friends and enemies make things difficult.