Soft flakes of snow fell from the dark sky, creating a white, thin blanket on the dry ground. The starless heavens made the moon shine brighter illuminating the dim streets of the sleeping town. Shadows vanished because of its brilliance, even those cast by the tall roofs of the cathedral. It would have been a glorious sight for outsiders who knew nothing of its history, people who were unaware of the evil that lurked in the midst of all its beauty.

Rising above the ground at a great height, the majestic cathedral was at the center of the town. Its marble walls and tinted windows glittered under the moon's light. Inside the church—where the light could not enter and where darkness reigned—stood two ghostly figures; they were motionless as they stared at the altar.

"I see you've been restless," a voice neither man's nor woman's said without a hint of concern. The voice came from a creature in a black hooded cloak.

"Why would I be?" a young brunette replied coldly as she looked into the empty shadows of the hood.

The cloaked creature voiced out a hoarse laugh and greeted her with red glowing eyes.

"Come now, Carolina, you know that when the clock strikes a minute past midnight you would not be among the living anymore."

To this, the girl answered in monotone, "I know. I just hoped it would come sooner." She didn't seem at all troubled by its terrifying luminous eyes or its statement.

"Why so, my dear?" the voice asked with horrid interest.

"I'm tired," she whispered and waited anxiously for death to arrive and take her away.

She was tired. Tired of seeing and causing death in all the nineteen years of her life—at least she would be nineteen at one past twelve.

A rumble was heard outside the church; half a dozen soldiers were trying to force an entry. They came for the witch. She had to disappear for the slaying to stop.

"I've been expecting them," the cloak said, not taking his eyes off the girl. "Would you care for a birthday gift? Or should I say a farewell present?"

"I don't want anyone else to die," she said weakly. It sounded like she was begging.

The voice said nothing as it disappeared. Carolina watched the door open in a thunderous crash. The men entered but did not move a single step toward her, their swords shaking in their hands.


They waited for something to happen. But everything would happen so quickly that they didn't have to wait.

Carolina had thrust her sword into the last body, silencing his anguished scream by slitting his throat. She let him fall to the floor, watched the pool of blood spread, dropped her sword and listened to it clatter.

At that point, her whole body went numb; she felt submerged in cold and cruel waters that put a stop to her breathing. She did not bother to gasp for air as she realized it was time. Her pain would be over soon. A low, harsh laugh resonated through the cathedral. The sound came from far away, slowly fading. Silence reigned and her vision blurred. Soon, all her brown eyes could see was a bloody crimson which made her nauseous.

Then everything faded to a lifeless black.


Hi everyone! Are you confused? I'm sorry, I know that the girl in the prologue is named Carolina not Abyss or well stuff like that. But you'll get it as the story continues. I promise! So, well, this is the first story I've posted ever. So please review :)