You suck

You suck! … Well, DUH, I'm a vamp!

Jared, a vampire of 568 years, walked into a dark alley looking for prey. For his displeasure there was already someone there, sucking on the neck of an innocent by-passer. Thing was- poor human, the vamp's technique sucked!

"God, you suck!" said Jared.

The other vampire looked at him, blood smeared all over his mouth and chin, "Duh I suck! I'm a vampire!"

"No, I mean you suck at it!" Jared insisted.

The other vamp sighed, obviously unnerved, and started talking slowly as if to a 5 year old, "I am a vampire. We suck blood from people's necks, wrists, etc. OF COURSE I FUCKING SUCK! THAT'S HOW I STAY ALIVE!"

"Not that you dumbass! I know that we have to suck to stay alive! It's just that you really suck!" he started getting annoyed by the dumbness of the apparently young vampire.

"GOD DAMNIT!" The newbie roared and chucked the human at Jared.

Jared quickly walked away with his pray, "Khehe works every time." he said with a smirk and started sucking the other side of the human's neck.