Skating through the sun chased skies
Beating wings, the dragons fly
Dreams the shape of roses fall to fire.

Dense grey smoke asphyxiates
Magick changing wretched fates
Children in their dream states do inquire.

A thousand colours in an arc
Swallowed by engrossing dark
Still the angel's requiem resounds.

The cynicism rains away
As innocence is killed each day
Our world is coming on in leaps and bounds!

Still a light shines on in me
There for all who care to see
We find our own unique ways to cope.

We must begin to dream again
Remember how it was back then
When shooting stars meant happiness and hope.

Unicorns were still alive
And faerie tales began to thrive
The waters glimmered like our silver eyes.

But modern worlds allow no dreams
There is no time for childish themes
We perish as this precious time does fly.

Rainclouds may soon dissipate
Forgotten freedom comes too late
As aspirations left us long ago.

Sunshine beams on futile minds
And all the broken hearts it finds
Floating through the dirtied air below.

And for a moment someone sings
Of all the sweet and naive things
That once upon a time we all believed.

Then legal bounds lock up our suns
Forgetting all the good they've done
Imaginations once again deceived.

Normality returns once more
As mundane as it was before
And angels walk the silent secret line.

A dragon sneaks by overhead
Hanging, in its shame, its head
Waiting for the sun once more to shine.

A/N: I owe this poem to xGekkeiju who let me use her awesome rhyming structure. You should all read her poem 'The Dreamer', it's incredible.

Please review me, let me know what you think, bearing in mind I wrote this during a 7 hour car journey :3