Hiya! This is my first 'manga' story, so I hope it's good. ;)

Everything happens for a reason. Those were Sakura Uta's famous last words. She muttered them to her daughter with her last breath. And now Sakura Mizuki cherished those words, and used them to explain any odd thing that happened to her. Often, when she's scared, she would continue to say those five words, as a comfort blanket almost.

"Mizuki dear! Time to get ready for school!" Mizuki jumped up where she lay, causing her long black hair to blow over her face and wide brown eyes.

"Oh…oh no!" she panicked and jumped off her bed and grabbed her new uniform. She pulled it on quickly and sat at her vanity. She grabbed her brush and began the work with her birds nest she called hair.

"Hey obasan! Can you help me?" she yelled at the open door.

"Hold on…what is it?" Sakura Gina asked as she shuffled into the room. She was still in her silk nightgown and fluffy pink slippers with her long silver hair in a French braid.

"Can you braid my hair obasan?" Mizuki asked. Gina rubbed her brown eyes and squinted to get a better look at her granddaughter, and smiled.

"Of course, darling." She moved over and grabbed hold of Mizuki's hair, and started to work.

"Are you excited about school?"

"I'm not sure. All of my friends are back in Hokkaido." The middle-schooler said somberly, remembering her old life.

"I'm sorry honey; but this new life will be good for the both of us. Me with the loss of Washi, and you with Uta-chan. You, girl, need a proper father figure, and such a shame that you're dead-beat dad ran away when you were three." Mizuki's face sunk.

"Everything happens for a reason." She mumbled. Gina bent forward and hugged her tightly.

"I'm sorry Mizuki! Now, hurry up and eat you're breakfast and head out for school, ok?" Mizuki's face brightened and nodded, returning the hug and running down the hall. She didn't mind living with her grandma, with no father or grandfather. She was perfectly fine. Everyone expects her to be a total wreck, and where often surprised when they saw her laughing and being included in large groups of girls her age.

Mizuki wolfed down her cereal and looked up when there was a knock on the front door. She watched her grandmother shuffle to the door and continued to finish her breakfast.

"Oh hello Yori-san," Gina's voice drifted into the kitchen. Mizuki put her bowl into the sink and looked to the doorway.

"Good morning Gina-san," said a girl's voice. Mizuki made her way to the door, curious as to whom this 'Yori' was.

"Shouldn't you be heading to school by now?"

"Well…yes. But I heard you're granddaughter just moved in with you, and that she will be going to my school…so…"

"You would like to take her to school? How sweet!" Gina had such a warm personality.

"Obasan, who is it?" Mizuki asked as she wandered up behind her.

"Oh dear me! Where did you drift from?" Gina chuckled; she didn't hear her coming. "This is Namida Yori-san. She goes to the same school as you."

Gina moved out of the way and revealed a thin girl with chin length brown hair and narrow gray eyes. She had a shy, yet gentle smile on her face. Yori was wearing the exact same uniform as her, so they were most definitely from the Hanami Academy. Mizuki waved at her and Yori bowed deeply.

"Yoroshiku! I'm Sakura Mizuki." She said with an equally deep bow, trying to be as respectful as Yori.

"Time to get to school girls." Gina said, handing Mizuki her backpack.

"Domo obasan!" she grabbed the backpack and headed out the door.

"Have a good day!" both girls waved as they rushed down the street, realizing how much of a late start they had.

"So why are you here in Tokyo?" Yori asked as they got closer to the school.

"Oh…! My mother died a month ago so my obasan was working really hard to get enough money to send me here to live with her." Mizuki explained.

"I'm sorry to hear that. Is you're father dead too?"

"No. he abandoned us when I was three. I barely remember him."

"That's sad! Oh, hey, we're here." Yori slowed her pace and looked at the academy. "Come with me, I'll show you to you're class."

"Domo Yori-san!" Mizuki said as she followed her neighbor. Their first stop was the office to get Mizuki's class number.

"We have class together!" Yori said happily after looking it over. Both girls smiled and made their way through the hallways. They made it to their classroom, but the door seemed to be locked. Everyone was bunched up outside the door, trying to look through the window on it.

"Hey! Make way, new student coming through!" Yori yelled, dragging the embarrassed Mizuki through the crowed as she elbowed her way through. At school, Yori had a tough side. Who knew?

"Hey, Emiko-chan, what's going on?" Yori asked the girl next to her. She had shoulder length black hair with a dark green ribbon used to tie back some hair. Her big green eyes glanced at Mizuki and back at Yori.

"It's Akira-senpai again." Emiko sighed, her face turning red at the thought. She looked at Mizuki again and said, "Who's the new girl?"

"Oh! Hello, my name is Sakura Mizuki. Yoroshiku!" she said, bowing and straightening up.

"…Keiko Emiko. Likewise." Emiko said, after a quick bow, then turning back to the door.

"What's going on?" Mizuki asked Yori, looking through the window.

"Makoto Akira-senpai. Another lecture, right Emiko-chan?"

"Yep. Uniform one I think. Fifth time this month…" Emiko said.

"Why does he always do this? Does he like getting into trouble?" Yori asked loudly. Some older girl behind her heard the comment and shouted, "Who cares? He sure is hot when he's not in his uniform!"

Several other girls agreed with her statement and Mizuki moved in front of the door and got on her tip-toes so she could see inside better. She put her weight against the door, and when it opened suddenly she couldn't help but fall into the room. When she looked up she found herself at the feet of a tall boy with short, fresh-out-of-bed bleached hair and narrow black eyes. He was scowling at her, yet still took the time to bend down and help her up, like he really didn't have a choice.

She could see why someone would give him a lecture about not following the uniform. He was wearing a black buttoned shirt that looked several times too large on his, which he tucked loosely into his pants, which where tight black leather. He had bands wrapped around his wrists that served the purpose of keeping his sleeves closed, so nothing could get up them. The buttons on his shirt weren't buttoned all the way, either.

"New kid huh?" he asked quietly, his voice low like a soft rumble of thunder.

"o-oh…yes! Yes I am." She said with a bow. He pushed her head even lower in a gruff manner as he walked past. She stood up and watched him leave, even though she was being pushed to the side from the other students trying to get it. He walked even farther down the hall and stopped at one point, looking back for a moment, and then continued down the hall.

"…wait up!" she called, running after him. He stopped and looked back at her. He shoved his hands into his pockets and waited, just like she said.

"What? What is it?" he asked. She ran up to him and gasped for breath.

"I…I'm sorry…but…can I ask you…you're name?" she asked, smiling up at him. He raised one of his eyebrows and stared down at her.

"You pretty much did." Mizuki gasped and turned red out of embarrassment. "But…yes. Makoto Akira. Who are you?" Mizuki was surprised. Despite his appearance he was pretty polite.

"I'm Sakura Mizuki!" she said happily. "Oh…um…where…where are you going? Aren't you in that class?" she asked, pointing to the class he was just in as he started to walk away. He glanced back at her with a calm expression.

"Have to go home and change. They just don't understand my explanation on why I have to dress like this." he said with a grim look, glancing out the window to the courtyard.

"Uh…um…tell me! I'll believe you!" Mizuki said. Akira's eyebrows knit together and he took his hands out of his pockets. He put one hand down the front of his shirt and pulled out a long chain with a strange amulet at the end. He held it out at arms length, almost right in her face.

"You wouldn't understand it! It has nothing to do with you." he said, shaking the strange design in her face. He hid it in his shirt again and walked away, leaving her confused.

"Makoto…Akira-senpai…." She whispered, watching him leave.

So, was it good? I sure hope so.