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"Domo again for taking me back to Hokkaido Akira-kun!" Mizuki said with a big smile as they sat in the back of a taxi, back in Tokyo. He nodded with a smile, and looked back out the window. The car started to slow, nearing Mizuki's home, when Akira noticed something outside.

"Uh…hey, Mizuki-san, why is there a car outside your house? I thought your obasan didn't drive." He asked, looking at her quickly.

"What?" she asked, leaning over and looking out. Sure enough, there was a car in the usually empty driveway. The cab stopped and Mizuki got out. She grabbed her bags from the back and thanked Akira once more. She hurried up the lawn and saw that the front door was open. She could hear her grandmother screaming at someone inside. Mizuki hurried in and ran right into the living room. She ducked when a picture frame flew at her suddenly. When she got up she saw Gina throwing whatever she could grab at the man standing in the middle of the room. The man had his hands raised like he was surrendering.

"YOU UNGRATEFUL…" Gina screamed, grabbing the television remote and tossing it at him. "LOWLIFE…" she tossed a second picture. "AWFUL, JERK OF A MAN!!" Gina was crying then.

"Obasan…?" Mizuki's soft voice asked in a moment of silence. Gina lowered her arm that was holding an old newspaper, ready to throw at the man.

"Mizuki…?" Gina whispered happily. The man swung around and stared at the twelve year old. His long black hair blew into his face, so he shook his head to get it out of his narrow brown eyes.

"Mizuki-chan…? Is that really you?" he asked in a light voice.

"Do…I know you? You look a little familiar." She said. The man stepped forward, and before she knew it he was wrapping his arms around her in a close hug, tears rolling down his cheeks. He held her closer.

"Mizuki-chan…Mizuki-chan…" he repeated in a soft, gentle voice. He started stroking her hair. "I am so sorry Mizuki-chan. I missed you…I missed you so much."

"I'm sorry, but who are you?" she asked. Gina stared sadly.

"He really is sorry for what he's done…" she said to herself. "Mizuki, this man here…" Mizuki looked over at her.

"…this man here is Kuri…your father."

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