Voila! My NaNoWriMo 2008 story!

So it's almost 2 in the morning here in Icebox, USA- I've been writing like mad since midnight. This is all I can manage for now.

For John Hanson and the men and women who lived through World War Two.

Never forget.


The Wonderful World of Imminent Doom


Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.- Dale Carnegie



The Interplanetary War

I was twelve years old when the War started. It was like no other war the Tsu-Min Galaxy had ever seen. The death toll was high, but not nearly as high as those brave soldiers who went missing, were captured, or were hurt. Everybody I knew was affected. Great cities became ruins. The galaxy was changed forever.

It was 23 Martius 4519 when Amra was invaded by Sorn, Derkaz, and Malitia. I didn't understand why that happened at the time; all I knew was that something awful was happening. None of the other planets knew what to do; Amra had never been of any help whatsoever in previous wars, not even the horrible war between Helios and Pukkon nearly two hundred years before (that was before they became allies). The attitude changed when they went after Eos.

Eos was a pacifist planet, but you could never say that they didn't help, because that's where most of the alliances were made, where treaties were signed, where every war came to an end.

So on 4 Libet 4519 (the day after the invasion of Eos' capital, Aêlys, and a major city, Oé) the galaxy erupted into war.

I remember coming home from school and my parents would suddenly stop talking, which I knew meant that they were talking about the war. My older brother, Jesse, was a soldier on the Starship Jhemën- a private at the time. Not a day went by that I didn't worry about him, especially when the flag was at half-mast. When it was, I would immediately check the recent deaths on my portable. It was never him.

It went on for months, and it seemed that both sides were losing. People were dying left and right. Images of our boys and girls fighting were broadcasted daily from the Starship Neo, our one source of news.

Suddenly, the enemy disappeared. I was so deliriously happy that first day because I thought the war was over, so Jesse was safe. But after then, I started to get that uneasy feeling, like it was the calm before the storm.

30 Juvenis 4519. Eos was attacked again.

It was like a domino effect from there and with every loss, the Starship Neo lost a signal. 30 Juvenis- Eos. 7 Quinque- Amra. 17 Quinque- Anemos. 1 Veneris-Morpheus. 21 Veneris- Pukkon. 16 Seofon- Aietos. 1 Eahta- Helios. My planet of Sapiens fell on 21 Ennea.

I will never forget my mother waking me up in the middle of the night, whispering, "Angel, come with me!" She offered no explanation and I didn't dare ask her, not with the way she looked so scared and how she said my name so strangely.

I was rushed out to the underground bunker near our house where my dad was looking nervously into the distance. I could see flames shooting up in the city and realized that this was it. We were going to die- everybody.

We stayed down there for two days. Nobody hardly spoke; we just existed and prayed that if there was any mercy left in the universe, that it would be shown. When we dared to go back up, we found our house in shambles and our crops ruined.

So we prayed.

Every day, we saw people being tortured and carried off to prison. Very often, we would never see them again.

So we prayed.

We were put in prison when my dad rejected an offer to be recruited into their army. He felt awful afterwards because we were nearly starved and constantly sick, but my mom and I reassured him that he had done the right thing.

Still we prayed.

I prayed so often that I was sure God was getting annoyed with me. But I guess that wasn't the case because within two months, we struck back.

That domino effect reversed on Sorn and Derkaz and Malitia and planet by planet, we drove them from our lands. Another day I will never forget- 18 Deka 4519. I heard screaming coming from outside the prison, but it wasn't screams of those being tortured. It was different and it made me feel light again.

I heard talk about "Universal Starships." It made me smile how the abbreviation was US. Five were sent out- first Pyr, Mhin, and Halloyd. People were saying that they could crush entire cities. There were 100,000 soldiers on each, minimum. They were sent out to defend our planets.

While we were on the defensive, Eos was constructing the two greatest Starships we'd ever seen- Alpha and Omega. Makes sense, doesn't it? The beginning and the end.

We were saved.

At least most of us.

When the enemy planets realized that they were defeated, they retaliated one last time, like a warning. It was the most horrible event of the entire war and nobody knew anything about it.

On 17 Purus, Amra was wiped out.

They were attacked with atom bombs, missiles, massive lasers- the works. After the war finally ended, Anemos flew several starships to Amra to survey the damage. Everything was gone. There was nobody left; only smoldering ruins and dead bodies. There were no traces of any kind of life- even the plants and animals.

I prayed that there would be no other war like that again.

But it didn't come true.