I don't know the words to say,

I'm starting to think of you every day.

Is it real? I think I'm crushing on you,

But I can't be sure of what to do.

I just don't want to make this wrong.

I sing that last song every night,

And I've moved on from him tonight.

I'll give you my heart, if you'll really take it,

Hold on tight and never break it.

Just don't ever hurt me like he did.

The words to say just don't come out,

I try so hard, but they won't leave my mouth.

I'm starting to like you, and I don't know why,

But somehow, someway, you make my heart fly.

Just never let it fly too far.


a/n: my ex-boyfriend's nerdy best friend. who knew? i guess i like him more than i realized, because i didn't even hesitate when he asked me to dance friday night at the school dance. huh. it's worth a shot... and i think he likes me too much right now to ever want to hurt me.