Time didn't save me.
It may have showed me a thing or two,
but it never grabbed my soul and told me how it's done.
Never touched me and caressed my mind.
All it did was shove me into a body
filled with youth and a naiive mind.
All it did was tell me that I was no different
than that kid next to me in the hallway.
Within "time"... everything would change,
all that told me was that I was going to do
every single thing I said I wouldn't.
Time was never there to rescue me.
Only broke me.

Time never loved me.
Never tugged at my heart and told me he wanted me.
I never asked for the world, just one soul
out of the billions of souls out there.
Most are jaded but some are golden, I hear,
but the golden ones are so limited.
It's all Time's fault... I suppose I wasn't the only one he'd broken.
Everyone is just falling into the same category,
I just want something more than this.
I need something to shake me... not tear me.

Time was never on my side.
I'm always fighting against the odds,
1 player against 12.
I never wanted that... why can't we just be friends?
Time had to take everything away from me
for me to "learn".
Experiences don't need to be ten heartbroken events
eventually leading to an accumulation of common thoughts
thus... learning something.
Let's do this all once, get it over with, and move on.
Never revisit those parts of my broken choices,
never looking back to the past.
In the end, I must rely on Time to "heal" me...
but Time cannot be trusted.

Time was never there for me.
Although I never wanted to stick with it
because I knew we'd never get along...
I did want to make some sort of truce.
I didn't like the fact that I had to constantly give in
to the superior notion that controlled me.
I didn't like the fact that my wounds were always
on an unkown clock as to when the blood would clot.
I never did like the fact that my feelings wouldn't be as sharp
only after years and years of waiting for them to dull.

Time has all of the control.
It's in front of the steering wheel,
leading me toward cities I never wanted to see
and dropping me off at streets unknown.
Time has never done much for me,
but somewhere deep in my mind I believe
that somehow, Time truely loves me
because he's the only one that sticks around
to walk with me, to lead me.
Time may be the only one I've ever truely hated,
but the only one I'm ever left to run to.