the two lines in italics are from Brand New's "Play Crack the Sky". they just got stuck in my head while i was writing this and wouldn't get out. weird, convoluted and metaphorically abstruse.

down with this ship

i am the ship and you are my captain,
steering us toward that iceberg,
where nothing's as it seems -
(objects are closer than they appear)
- and there aren't enough lifeboats in the world
to get us out of this mess.
you ignored the warning flares,
and now the hull has been breached.
we are going down with this ship
and we are dying, inch by inch by inch.

you pen one last love letter to me
that you will never let me see and
pin it to your breast.
you go peacefully,
but i'm stilll sinking.

need you like water in my lungs.
this is the end.