"Missy, come on! We're gonna miss the plane if we don't leave now!"

I sat in my room with all of my stuff packed in boxes and bags down in the moving van (that hadn't been my fault; Mom and Kate did all the work while I sat and protested). The only thing not packed was a picture frame that I had gotten in a little store last time I visited Boston. In it was a picture of something that had ended months ago… but it felt like a lifetime. Jason Marx, the boy I had been best friends with all through grade school, stood with me in front of the Capitol Building in Boston. We were both soaked. He had been wearing a white T-shirt and a leather jacket, but at that point his jacket was wrapped around my shoulders as I stood next to him in a white and blue dress that made me look like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. He was grinning like crazy, and I stood there with my shoulders hunched. His arm was wrapped around me in a great big hug. If I closed my eyes, I could still feel his big warm body next to mine.

We had been together for a little while when my mother told us we were all moving to Chicago. I didn't want to leave, because I was afraid that leaving Jason would mean forgetting Jason. After my last visit to Boston, I didn't need to worry about forgetting him anymore – he had done that for me. He found another girl to fill the hole I had left in his heart, and she seemed to fit perfectly. When I left, I left him a note that said I was done waiting to come home, and that he could be with her without worry.

Now we were moving back to Boston. I didn't want to go now because I was afraid that seeing Jason would mean remembering Jason.

"I don't want to," I called down. I heard my mother set down her suitcase and march up the stairs. By the time she got to my door, though, her footsteps had quieted and she peeked in cautiously.

"Hun, I know you don't want to see him, but we have to go back. This job offer is what I've been waiting for, and we still have the house in Cambridge." I didn't answer. "You don't have to go see him if you don't want to." I looked up at that one.

"Mom, it doesn't matter if I don't want to see him. He'll want to see me. He'll come find me."

"Well that'll just make it easier to slap him, now won't it?" I smiled. Mom always knew how to make me feel better. "Now come on, grab your picture and get up!" I did as she asked and we walked down staircase together and out to the van that would take up to Boston… and back to the memories I had of good times and good friends.


a/n: I decided that after rereading All That I Can See that I didn't like the ending. So... a while after posting that, I've decided to write a sequel! I'm going to TRY and make this happy, but no promises. ;D. I really do want Missy and Jason to be happy, somewhere in my heart. I mean, who seriously wants their characters to be miserable? Please review, and thanks for reading! Tune in later for chapter 2!