a/n: HEY! Guess what! After a year, I'm finally back and capable of writing again… let's just say there was a period where all I could do was stare at the page and will words that wouldn't come into existence. Either way. Without further ado, I now present to you chapter 3 of I Still See Only You!

I kicked an empty box toward the door and fell backwards onto my bed.

I still have't unpacked the sheets… I thought to myself. That'll have to be the next box. The mattress I was laying on was old and scratchy and lumpy. I rolled to the side and stood back up with a groan.

"Mom! Have you see my foam mattress pads?" I shouted out the door. There was a moment's pause and the sound of some boxes being rifled through before a roll of padding came sailing up the staircase from the living room below. I snagged it in midair by the velcro strap around the middle with a well-practiced ease.

"Thank you!" I called back down to whoever had tossed up my mattress roll.

"You're welcome!" Ahh. My sister.

"Missy!" I heard my mom shout from her bedroom down the hall. "Go help your sister clear out the kitchen! The Chinese food should be here any minute and we need to have somewhere to eat!"

I sighed and heaved the bedroll onto the old mattress, then jumped skillfully over the empty box I'd kicked into the doorway before.

As I landed on the bottom step and swung around the railing post into the hall, the doorbell rang. I turned back around to the front door.

"I got it, Katie!" I shouted over my shoulder. Kate grunted an acknowledgement as she lifted a box full of winter clothes off the table.

I opened the door, expecting to be greeted by hot Chinese food and a chilly delivery boy. Instead, I came face to face with the last person I ever wanted to see.

"Hi Missy," Jason said quietly, hugging his leather coat closer around himself to shield his body from the cold Cambridge wind.

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