Matt flipped off the roof onto the ground as his greatest foe yet followed close behind. A sneaky, shadowy figure was on his tail. He was too powerful to face, and he had Matt's greatest allies under his control. Matt stood no chance of fighting. As he looked back, Matt tripped over a bowl of rice. "Matt," the villain called out. "Matt!" the voice grew closer. "Matt! It's time for you to face your doom! It's time for you to face your doom! It's time for you to get up! Get up!"

Matt opened his eyes to see his impatient mother standing over him with a cup of water. She was just about to pour it on him when he rolled over to avoid getting wet. "Get up Matt," she demanded as she looked down at him. "It's time for sahŭrr."

Sahŭrr is a pre-dawn meal that Muslims eat during the Holy month of Ramadan so that they may fast throughout the day. Ramadan is the ninth month on the Islamic calendar. It is during this month that Muslims abstain from food, and water from the break of dawn until sunset. Each year, over one billion Muslims get up before dawn to eat and drink while they can, so that they can survive through the day.

During this month, they take extra time for family, inner reflection, and spiritual growth. Muslims are called upon to use this month to re-evaluate their lives in light of Islamic guidance. They are to make peace with those who have wronged them , strengthen ties with family and friends, do away with bad habits -- essentially to clean up their lives, their thoughts, and their feelings.

The Arabic word for "fasting" (sawm) literally means "to refrain" - and it means not only refraining from food and drink, but from evil actions, thoughts, and words. During Ramadan, every part of the body must be restrained. The tongue must be restrained from backbiting and gossip. The eyes must restrain themselves from looking at unlawful things. The hand must not touch or take anything that does not belong to it. The ears must refrain from listening to idle talk or obscene words. The feet must refrain from going to sinful places. In such a way, every part of the body observes the fast.

Fasting is regarded as a method of spiritual cleansing. By cutting oneself from worldly comforts, a fasting person gains true sympathy for the less fortunate who cannot afford to eat daily. They also gain growth in their spiritual life. Fasting during Ramadan is the fourth pillar of Islam. So it is obligatory on every Muslim, after they've reached the age of puberty.

Matt recalled standing up the previous night looking for the moon. The new moon meant that the month of Sha'ban ended and it was time for Ramadan. Now Matt was on his way to the kitchen to eat and drink some water so that he could fast. As he passed through the front room he saw his father on the other side making Nuwafils (extra prayers). His sister was sitting at the table eating a bowl of left over red curry. He watched her enjoy the deliciousness of the spicy, saucy meat over the white rice.

He walked into the kitchen and washed his hands and face three times. Then he brushed his teeth with his miswak (a natural toothbrush made from the twigs of the Arak tree). Afterwards he grabbed a plate and got himself a serving of the mouth-watering curry. He took a cup of water with him and sat at the table. He said bismillah (in the name of Allah) and began eating.

He ate quickly because he only had a little bit of time before the break of dawn. His father finished his Nuwafils and joined him at the table with his own plate of food. His mother had already eaten to her fill and went to lie down until the time of Fajr prayer (the first of the five mandatory prayers Muslims make daily.) Meanwhile the others were preparing themselves to fast.

Moments later Matt got up to make Wudu (ablution as preparation for ritual prayers and for handling and reading the Qur'an). He first said bismillah, then washed his hands, and then he washed his face. After that he washed his arms from hands down to his elbows, starting with the right arm first. After he'd washed his arms he wiped his head with the water. Finally he washed his feet, right foot first.

He got dressed in his thobe and turban before returning back to the front room. He stood in the middle of the room as he prepared to call the adhan (the Muslim call to prayer). He put his fingers in his ears to block out any other sound as he began calling in his most beautiful voice: "Allahu-Akbar-Allahu-akbar, Allahu-Akbar-Allahu-akbar, Ash-hadu-Allaah-illaaha-Illallah, Ash-hadu-Allaah-illaaha-Illallah, Ashadu-Ana-Muhammadar-ras-ullallah, Ashadu-Ana-Muhammadar-ras-ullallah, Haiya-'alassalah, Haiya-'alassalah, Haiya-'allalfalah, Haiya-'allalfalah, Allahu-Akbar-Allahu-akbar, Laa- Ilaha-illallah," (Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest, I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, Come to Prayer, Come to Prayer, Come to Success, Come to Success, Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest, There is no god But Allah.)

His call woke everyone up and they all began getting ready for prayer. He grabbed his prayer rug and began making his sunnas a short set of extra prayers before the fard (obligatory) prayer. After he was finished, he decided to begin reading the Qur'an while he waited for everyone else so that they could pray together. He began with the first sura (chapter), Al-Fatiha (The Opening).

A short while later everyone stood to pray as Matt called the iqama [another call to prayer that is said just before the actual start of Salat (prayer)]. The females stood side-by-side, their bodies covered up by their garments and hijabs (head coverings), leaving only their faces out. The males stood side-by-side as well, as Matt called out, "Allahu-Akbar-Allahu-akbar, Ash-hadu-Allaah-illaaha-Illallah, Ashadu-Ana-Muhammadar-ras-ullallah, Haiya-'alassalah, Haiya-'allalfalah, Qada-qamatis-salat, Qada-qamatis-salat, Allahu-Akbar-Allahu-akbar, Laa- Ilaha-illallah," (Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest, I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, Come to Prayer, Come to Success, The Prayer has begun, the Prayer has begun, Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest, There is no god but Allah.) Then they all stood as Matt's father led them in salat (prayer.)

And that was the beginning of Matt's first day of Ramadan. The mornings continued on in a similar way for three days. Until on the eighth day they got up too late for sahŭrr. Matt had to fast that day without any food or drink. That day was full of temptations; they even served his favorite lunch at school. But he knew he needed to stay strong and continue his fast anyways. His mother and sister chose to break their fasts early and make up their one day after Ramadan was over.

Food was proven to not be his only trouble through out the day. During his fasting he had to refrain from fighting as well. And though a few of the days went by without crime, Matt feared that someone would do something to make him have to break his fast and fight. "Oh Allah, please prevent such a thing from happening," he invoked. "At least until sunset." And through Allah's Mercy, Matt did not have to break his fast because no one committed any daytime crimes.

Matt was so glad that he decided to make extra prayers to show his gratitude. While he was praying, Matt's mother came in his room and stood waiting for him to finish. When she did, she told him to get ready to leave. "We're going to the Masjid for Iftar," she told. A Masjid (also called a Mosque) is a Muslim house of worship. Iftar is the breaking of the fast at sunset, just before the Maghrib (sunset) prayer. So Matt got up and put his thobe and kufi (a brimless, short, rounded cap worn by Muslim males) and started wrapping his turban.

They headed out the door and he looked up to the sky; it was almost time for him to break his fast. Once the sunset comes, he thought to himself. I can enjoy the sweet savory taste of dates and drink some of that buttermilk they serve at the Masjid. Plus, if anything goes wrong I'll be able to fight again!

Meanwhile, Adam and Ryan along with their mother were on their way to the very same Masjid. They were excited to see their cousins and also to break their fasts. Even though fasting wasn't compulsory on them, Adam and Ryan chose to fast for the reward they'd get from their Lord, The Most Gracious, Allah.

Matt's other cousins Amatullah and Anisa were also headed to the Masjid with their mother, Aisha. In fact, it was Aisha's idea to go to the Masjid for Iftar in the first place. She thought it would be nice to meet up again and have Iftar together. So they all headed to the Masjid, hoping to beat the sun. They sped through the streets to make it there on time.

They all arrived concurrently, each one barely on time to eat Iftar before the Maghrib prayer began. Matt, Ryan, and Adam rushed inside on the men's side and sat down in a room neat to the prayer room. There were large rolls of paper laid out across the floor. Ten cups of three dates accompanied by cups of buttermilk sat on each side of every roll.

The boys had a hard time finding somewhere to sit so they just grabbed some dates and broke their fasts. They joyfully munched on the dates and were about to grab second cups but they heard the muezzin (prayer caller) calling the adhan so they had to leave the food. They rushed to make wudu and catch the salat.

After prayer, Matt, Ryan, and Adam decided to go outside the Masjid and play basketball at the courts just outside the parking lot. No one was on the court so they just sat they decided to just do some freerunning. They flipped about the courts, twisting and turning until they noticed someone coming. It was a thirteen-year-old Arab boy named Falaf.

"What's up?" Ryan asked walking over to the boy.

"What were you guys doing?" Falaf asked.

"Nothing, just uh," Adam said coming forward. "We were just playing a stupid game."

"But now we're bored," Matt said trying to cover up his displeasure of Falaf's arrival.

"I got a ball," Falaf excitedly pulling out a basketball. "We could shoot some hoops."

"Nah," Matt replied. "I don't play basketball, I prefer soccer. But how about dodgeball?"

"Yeah dodgeball sounds fun!" Adam replied.

"Alright let's play dodgeball," Falaf replied.

"Alright then," Matt said grabbing Falaf's ball. "You three stand in this circle and I'll go first. But to make it harder, I'll throw with my eyes closed."

"Oh you mean we're playing blind dodgeball?" Adam asked.

"Sure I guess, now let's play!" Matt took ten steps back and closed his eyes tightly. He quietly tried to sense for Adam and Ryan's energy levels to he could aim perfectly. Ryan figured he'd do that and lowered his level to match the low level of Falaf. Adam however hadn't considered this and kept his energy the same. Matt turned towards Adam and launched the ball at him. Adam knew he couldn't use his reflexes to dodge because Falaf might get suspicious. So he tried to catch the ball but Matt had thrown it too hard.

Adam grabbed the ball and it propelled him out of the circle and he crashed into the fence behind him. He nearly tore the fence down trying to stop himself. When he climbed out there wasn't a scratch on his body but there remained a large hole in the wire fence. He stood up and ran back into the circle ready to continue. "You're out," Matt informed him. "You can't leave the circle otherwise you lose. Now it's your turn to throw."

So Adam grabbed the ball, took his steps back and prepared to throw. He closed his eyes and aimed for Ryan. In a quick flash he swung his arm and threw the ball with half his strength. Falaf wasn't even able to see the ball as it sped past him heading for Ryan. But Ryan saw it clearly and reached out to catch it. He grabbed the ball the moment it reached him and he slid back from the force of the impact. When he stopped sliding he looked back and his left foot was out of the circle, which meant he was now declared the thrower.

Adam excitedly rushed back into the circle as Ryan ran past to get ready to throw. As soon as he stopped Ryan closed his eyes and threw the ball as soft as he deemed necessary. This time the ball went at a slow enough speed for Falaf to see, possibly even catch. But he and Adam weren't paying attention to the ball racing towards them.

"Watch out idiots," Matt called out. But it was too late; as Falaf turned around the ball smacked him right in the nose. He was temporarily stunned by the hit, only his eyelids moved. Then he twitched his nose as the pain finally reached him. Without a word he just balled his fists and started walking to Ryan.

Ryan opened his eyes and saw Falaf coming at him ready to attack. "You broke my nose," Falaf said twitching his nose. Ryan tried to apologize but he was overcome by laughter; Falaf's twitching made his ugly face too funny to bear.

Matt however was able to keep a straight face. "Ryan just apologize so we can finish," Matt said from the circle.

"All right, my bad man," Ryan said as he stopped. "It was an accident; I had my eyes closed."

"No, you broke my nose," Falaf said still pursuing a fight.

"It was an accident man," Adam interrupted.

"Yeah, just shake hands and be done with this stupidity," Matt demanded.

"No, he broke my nose," Falaf persisted.

"Man it was just an accident," Ryan said as he sped up to avoid getting hit.

"Stop being a little punk," Falaf said trying to catch Ryan. "Stop running, you shouldn't have broke my nose."

"Just shake hands and be done with this stupidity," Matt repeated.

"No I'm gonna' kick his butt," Falaf insisted as he tried to grab Ryan's shirt.

"Eeeyikes!" Ryan laughed as he just barely escaped Falaf's grasp.

"Just shake hands and be done with this stupidity," Matt ordered.

"No he shouldn't have broke my nose," Falaf replied still trying to catch Ryan.

"Man it was just a stupid accident!" Adam angrily retorted.

"Yeah just shake hands and be done with this stupidity," Matt reiterated.

"Tell your cousin stop being such a punk!"

"Just shake hands and be done with this stupidity."

"Seriously man you guys are dumb," Adam said as he was about to leave the courts. But out of the corner of his eye he saw Falaf had finally caught Ryan because almost tripped. Falaf tugged his shirt and wrestled him to the ground. He then tried to choke Ryan with one hand as he tried to hold him down with the other.

Ryan tried to refrain from using his super powers at first but his anger soon caught him when he realized that his brand new "Epic brand" t-shirt was torn. He pushed Falaf off as tears of anger ran down his face. He started towards Falaf with his fists balled. "Who you think you mess'n with?" he shouted. He walked up and started punching Falaf in the head until he fell on the floor. Then he began punching Falaf's sides until he gained more sense.

Ryan stood up after deciding that it'd be better not to obliterate Falaf like he knew he could. He even decided not to draw blood from Falaf. He sat on the bench with tears in his eyes and a tear in his shirt. Falaf got of the ground and tried to hold back tears. Ryan looked over and was ready to jump up and attack but decided not to. He knew Falaf was only pretending like he wanted to continue fighting; inside Falaf wanted to run crying to his mom.

"Now that you're done with this stupidity," Matt said breaking the silence. "Shake hands so we can leave."

"Yeah, you're dumb Falaf!" Adam commented. "You're lucky he held back or you'd be dead."

"Adam shut up," Matt said. "You're mom's pulling up."

"Come on guys," Teresa called out. "Matt you're coming with us; everyone's going back to my house for dinner and you're mom left already."

Matt and Adam started walking over to the car but Matt turned back when he noticed Ryan wasn't by their side. "Come on Ryan," he said tapping his shoulder. "Just walk behind me so she doesn't see the tear," he whispered. Ryan followed the advice and snuck into the car. To make certain that his aunt was distracted, Matt asked her a question. "Why are we going to your house for dinner, don't they have food here?"

"Yeah but," Teresa began as she drove off. "They let the kids serve themselves today and they just made a big mess. It's really disgusting; I don't see they'd do that you know?"

"Yeah I guess that is pretty dumb," Matt replied.

"Oh yeah mom," Adam began. Matt signaled for him to shut up but he didn't listen. "Ryan's shirt is ripped."

"Ripped?" she asked. "What the heck were you doing that made you rip your shirt?"

"He-he was fighting," Adam replied.

"Fighting? At the Mosque?"

"Yes mom."

"Was the other guy a Muslim too?"


"Ryan! You know you're not supposed to fight your Muslim brothers, and especially not at the Masjid! And you got your new shirt torn?"

"It wasn't his fault," Matt interceded. "The kid said he broke his nose and just attacked him."

"Broke his nose?" Teresa asked.

"We were playing dodgeball and the ball hit the kid so he got mad and tried to beat Ryan up."

"You should've apologized Ray, you know better than that."

"He did mom," Adam intervened. "Falaf just kept on calling him names and trying to punch him."

"Did you kick his butt?" she asked. Ryan just sat there silently as the others looked at him. "Well regardless, you're not getting a new shirt. I paid too much for you to get here and get into a fight. I told you not to wear your new shirt anyways. I said wear a play shirt because you knew you were going to hang around Matt and you two like to play rough. See what happens when you don't listen? Don't ask me to buy anymore expensive t-shirts. You hear me?"

"Yes," Ryan mumbled. Adam and Matt just sat there quietly as they headed on the road. Matt was in the back seats with the other tow boys because Teresa didn't like anyone to sit in her passenger seat. The ride to Pierre City was long and tedious but the three boys endured.

After having fallen asleep one-by-one, they all awoke to see the apartment standing tall in front of them. They all climbed out of the car and walked to the stairs. After they got inside, the boys all went to the back while everyone else stayed in the front talking and laughing. "Finally, some action," Matt said quietly shutting the door. "I've been waiting for this forever. Now that we're out of boring old Badlands, there might be something to do."

"What?" Adam asked. "There's actually been no crime in Badlands at all recently?"

"Not even a robbery. I guess I should be happy but now I'm bored; there's no challenge for me."

"Well at least you can focus on school," Adam replied. "I'm sick of getting in trouble because some dumb punk is trying to rob some lady or some dummy can't fix a wall without almost falling. I wish we could three days without having to fight or anything."

"Adam shut up, we don't care about that boring stuff," Ryan cut in. "Sure, we want to graduate but we want to have fun too."

"You think it's fun having to get yelled at because Mom thinks you were outside playing instead of doing homework because you can't tell her you had to go beat up some gangsters who tried to steal a stupid box of candy?"

"Adam, nobody does that! Gangsters don't steal boxes of chocolate, they steal guns and other stuff," Ryan replied.

"You should learn how to deal with them faster," Matt answered. "Go Hyper Warrior and just let loose on them."

"I can't or I'll end up killing them! We're heroes not killers."

"Well as soon as Eid comes I'm going out to kick some major butt, and I won't rest until I do."

"Yeah!" Ryan agreed. "Hey let's just go do a little search right now, if we find anybody, we'll beat the tar out of them!" The boys agreed (Adam reluctantly of course) and went outside to go search for crime. They had to take the trash out as their excuse for leaving the house at that time of night. But as soon as they stepped out the door they sat the trashcan down and flipped into the sky.

They weren't even in their costumes, although they had taken off their thobes and turbans. They just wore t-shirts and their pants as they flew about the night sky. As they spiraled through the clouds they all felt a sense of happiness about the day they got their "abilities." They were all grateful to their Lord for bestowing such great things upon them and the fact that he made them Muslims. They remembered to thank Him for everything He gave them and that He didn't make them have to fight during their fasting.

As they flew on they noticed a young woman walking down the street in a hurriedly fashion. Close behind was a man of about 34 years of age. From the looks of it he was chasing her. Though there was no call for help Matt, Ryan, and Adam flew into action. They landed in the shadows of an alley ahead of the woman who was now running from the man.

"This is gonna' be so fun," Ryan whispered as he waited for the woman to run by.

"Shut up," Matt replied. He peeped around the corner to look for the woman. He spun back into hiding as she zoomed right past. The boys prepared to leap out on the unsuspecting man who was chasing the woman. They listened for his heavy footsteps and prepared to attack. Their wait was soon ended as he came running past.

Using super speed so that the man could not make out a good image of his face, Ryan jumped out and knocked him to the floor. Ryan pushed his face into the ground so he couldn't look back and see him. "Stop you idiot!" the man shouted in anger. "She's gonna' get away!"

"I wouldn't be worried about her!" Thunder said.

"Get the hell off me you imbecile!"

"Yell as much as you want punk," Adam said. "We don't let criminals get away!"

"Then why are you letting her get away?"

"What?" Ryan asked as he stood up off the man. "What're you talking about?"

"I'm Officer Reynolds of the P.P.D, she's a wanted criminal you mindless punks!"

"Ooooh," Ryan said backing into the shadows. "Well uh, we gotta go," he said as he started climbing up the wall. The other two boys flipped up onto the roof and left the officer awestruck. He couldn't even move to call for backup.

Up above on the rooftops the boys followed the trail of the woman. They jumped and flipped across the roofs getting themselves "pumped up." The clouds uncovered the moon and the light was shone on the running woman. Matt flipped to a stop at the edge of one of the buildings. He climbed over the edge and chased the woman down.

She tried to run but Matt was too fast. He jumped and tackled her to the ground. "Alright creep, games over!" he said restraining her.

"Oh no honey," she replied. It's only beginning!" She struggled but managed to pull out a gun. She pointed it behind her and started shooting. Matt rolled over and flipped up. He ran into an alley to avoid getting hit. Adam and Ryan watched from the roof as the crook followed Matt.

They decided it was time to join in so Ryan did a double back flip off the roof and landed right in front of the lady. She tried to shoot him but he grabbed her gun and crushed it. "W-what the hell are you?" she asked. The gun fell to the ground in a ball.

Ryan turned Hyper Warrior and looked into her eyes. "Your worst nightmare," he said as he punched her into a streetlight. Adam jumped to the ground and landed beside Ryan. Next Matt came running out of the alley. He joined the others who were looking at the unconscious woman.

"Aw man you idiot," Matt said stopping beside Ryan. "I wanted her to come into the alley!"

"You finished her too fast!" Adam added.

"Shut up, you guys just move too slow," Ryan replied. "You know I'm-"

"About to die punk!" a shout cut Ryan off. The boys looked around and saw nothing but darkness as the clouds once more blocked the light of the moon. Suddenly gunshots came from every direction! The boys dodged and flipped into the air. Matt and Adam turned Hyper Warrior. Now they all had their own source of light as they floated about looking for the attackers.

Adam noticed a man hiding in a tree aiming a rifle at him. Adam blasted the tree and the man fell out. Ryan looked around and shot out a series of sound waves to help him locate the enemies. When the waves came back and he learned the hiding places of some of the thugs, he flew down to attack. He punched one through a wall and kicked another back into his car. He grabbed two and slammed them together. Another one jumped off the roof onto his back. Ryan did a back flip into the air and the man fell off.

Matt had found his own bunch of criminals to beat on. One swung a metal pole at him but he ducked and kicked the man into a fence. Then a woman drove around and tried to run him over but he grabbed the front of the truck and stopped her dead in her tracks. She pulled out two small guns and began firing at Matt who charged his hands and created an energy field to repel the bullets. When the crook stopped firing, Matt flipped through the window and grabbed her. He punched her face continuously until a man charged at him with another metal pole.

Matt back flipped out of the car and behind the charging man. He blasted the man in the back and the he went crashing through the car. Another six men came running with their weapons ready to attack. Matt was ready to beat every one of them. But when they came up Adam flipped to the ground and began pulverizing all of them. He slammed his knee into one of their faces; flipped over and grabbed a man's head with his feet then slammed him into the ground with his legs; kicked another so hard he went up four feet; grabbed one of the attacker's fists and swung him into a wall; and bashed two of their heads together.

And still, there were plenty more thugs to clobber. A woman flew past Matt and Adam and they both knew it was Ryan who'd thrown her. He dashed over beside the other two heroes and looked around. "This would be a lot better if we didn't have to hold back," he said as he punched an oncoming attacker.

Another man attacked Matt and he punched the man into the wall. The man was knocked out but Matt continued to attack him. He grabbed his face and swung him around and hit the other oncoming attackers. Adam flipped into the circle of men that surrounded Matt. He punched one and spun around to kick another in the face. He flipped over onto one's head and stomped him to the ground. Then he flipped down and crescent kicked another to the ground.

Matt was too busy pummeling other thugs to watch Adam. He punched one and elbowed another. He slammed two together and threw them into two other thugs. He slammed his knees into ones stomach and kicked one into the wall. He swept one of her feet and punched her face into the ground. Another woman tried to attack him but he flipped over and roundhouse kicked her in the back of her neck.

Adam had moved on and was dodging the many fists and weapons that were being thrown at him. He leaned to the left and came up with a powerful uppercut that sent the attacker crashing into a tree branch. Another man tried to swing a metal pole at him but he grabbed the pole and swung the man into the air. As the man went up, Matt flashed right above him and axe-kicked him into the ground. Matt landed back to back with Adam and the two continued their fighting.

A thug swung for Matt's head with a metal chain and another swung for his feet with a pole. But Matt evaded both attacks with a swift horizontal flip. He kicked one of the men in the chin and sent him crashing into a wall. The other man tried to hit him again but Matt grabbed the chain and yanked it. The man went flying into the air and Ryan flashed above him with a smile on his face. He punched him down and flashed right under the man just before he hit the ground. He kicked the man in the back and dashed back over him and elbowed him down. Then Ryan appeared below him and grabbed his hair. He flipped the man over and slammed him into the ground.

Adam flipped off of a thug's face and landed beside Matt again. The two punched and kicked and slammed their enemies all around the streets. Matt even picked up a few of the already knocked out thugs and used them as weapons. Adam was too busy juggling the thugs with his electricity to use a weapon. He slammed them all about the streets and into buildings until they were completely unconscious. Contrary to what he'd said earlier about beating thugs up, he was actually having fun pummeling the thugs.

Ryan, however, grew bored with fighting the weak thugs who posed no threat so he decided to finish them all at once. "Shocker, let's finish this! Rock'n shockquake!" He charged his fists and punched the ground. Adam created an electric field that surrounded the area where the thugs were hiding. The ground in that area shook violently and the thugs all fell to the ground. Then bolts of electricity came from the field and struck the criminals. They were all out cold, and that was the end of the fight.

"You idiots," Matt said landing back on the ground after he'd flew up. "Now how are we supposed to question them?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot," Ryan said as he flew over.

"Well, maybe that officer will help us," Adam added.

"First of all dummy," Ryan replied. "He probably wouldn't help us. Second of all, we don't know where the heck he is!"

"Yeah we do," Adam answered. "He's right over there." Adam pointed to a tree that the man was hiding in. "He's been there the whole time. I just left him though."

The boys all flew over to the man who was scared stiff. "Please don't hurt me!" he begged.

"Don't worry, we just need your help," Ryan reassured.

"How could you possibly need my help?"

"These idiots took them out cold, so we need any info you have on all these clowns."

"Well," Reynolds began as he was climbing out of the tree. "I know this is one of the largest gangs in South fDakota. This isn't even 1/3 of their manpower. That woman was a negotiator from another gang. I'd guess they were about to make a deal until you three intervened."

"What kind of deal?" Adam asked.

"Pay him no attention," Matt said urging Reynolds to continue.

"Anyways, these are all basically like little mice. If you want the head honcho, you gotta do something big. You need to take out some of his men for reals."

"For reals?" Adam asked.

"You need to kill somebody, a lot of some bodies."

"No way, we don't have to hold back next time?" Ryan asked.

"Well then," Matt said looking at the moon. "We've got ourselves a new job."

"Yeah, we need to force the big boss out. His name is D-Man. But he'd be more likely to send his protégé Lil Snipedog after us instead. Let me tell you, he's nothing to mess around with. If we have to deal with Snipedog, he is first to die. With all the weapons he's got he could blow up the entire city!"

"So why haven't you guys busted him yet if you know all this?" Ryan asked.

"Only I know this. And that's because I was once a part of his gang. I left because I didn't want to die and leave behind two kids all by themselves. When I decided to become a police officer, the gang put a warrant out for my head. I know that if I tell the other police, my name will be put out and no matter what I'll end up dead. So I'm doing this on my own instead."

"Not anymore you're not," Ryan proudly said as he stood up.

"Now you've got the Storm Team on your side," Adam added, standing up as well.

"Unless of course I catch these crooks on my own," Matt remarked. "If that happens, they'll be out before you know it. I can't afford to wait around for you guys to catch up."

"Damn it, I guess I can't refuse seeing as you could tear my head off if you wanted to," Reynolds continued. "Oh well, you guys might turn out helpful in the end, so thanks in advance for your help. But we'll need to keep in touch somehow."

"We have cell phones," Adam informed. Adam gave Officer Reynolds his cell phone number and in return he received his.

"Now then, it's a bit late," Reynolds said looking at his watch. "I'd assume your parents must be worried sick about you."

"True," Adam said standing up. "So let's leave these creeps here and go home guys." After Reynolds convinced Matt to go, he too left the scene. The gangster all awakened several hours later, all safely at their hideout. They informed their superiors of their encounter with the heroes. He, of course, wasn't too happy upon receiving the info. He swore revenge, and in that, he was certain to keep his word.

Over the next few weeks Shocker and Thunder along with officer Reynolds-who swore not to tell because it may cause him his job- tried to track down any member from the gang. But they had no luck at all. Black Lightn' would fly down every other night to try to help them. But they were still unable to find anyone. Matt kept on complaining about how they should've just killed the thugs when they had them in their sight the first time. But Reynolds constantly repeated how that wouldn't have been a wise move.

Day twenty-six of Ramadan, Matt was still agitated by that night. His secret was made known to a police officer due to carelessness. On top of that the criminals were allowed to go free because Reynolds had thought it would be odd if they suddenly "disappeared" from society. Reynolds stated that they'd need to wait for something big to happen to be able to kill one of the gangsters. Otherwise there'd be great suspicion in the police department. Suspicion that may have led to great problems for the boys as well as officer Reynolds. So reluctantly Matt and the others had went home that night without completing their task.

Matt was sitting in his Spanish 2 class thinking about how he'd catch the criminals on his own. He knew that there hadn't been any crime recently in Badlands so he might be able to find the time to go down to Pierre City. But still, his appearance wouldn't create a miracle and have the thugs come out in the open. Especially now that they knew they were being searched for by three of the Legendary Warriors. No one would be so bold as to reveal themselves without hoping for death or some other bad thing to happen to them.

The bell rang and Matt was free to go home. He got up and put his backpack on. "Don't forget to do your homework tonight, Matt!" his teacher Mrs. Rivera called. "I hope you had a dream about the notes while you were sleeping there," she joked. Normally Matt would have made a smart remark seeing as this teacher was cool enough to appreciate a sense of humor, but today he was too distracted. That thought was just too deep in his mind.

On the way home Matt thought more about how he'd find the big boss. He was considering paying them to face him when he remembered, he needed to pay Zakat. Zakat is another one of the five pillars of Islam. Zakat, or alms giving, is the practice of charitable giving by Muslims based on accumulated wealth, and is obligatory for all who are able to do so. It is considered to be a personal responsibility for Muslims to ease economic hardship for others and eliminate inequality Zakat consists of spending a fixed portion of one's wealth for the benefit of the poor or needy, including slaves, debtors and travelers. A Muslim may also donate more as an act of voluntary charity (sadaqah), in order to achieve additional divine reward.

Matt decided to run to the store to get some food to pay his Zakat with. Meanwhile in Pierre city Ryan and Adam were in no way concerned with the gang. They didn't care much anymore. They were just sitting at school hanging out with their friend Maleek while they waited for their mom to arrive. "Hey you guys want some chips?" Maleek offered.

"We're fasting," Ryan reminded.

"Still? You guys have been fasting forever."

"We only have a few more days left," Adam replied. And that's when it hit him. They only had a few days left! It wouldn't be long before it was Eid. They still hadn't found the criminals they were looking for. No one wanted to have to worry about fighting on a holiday.

But that night, there could be no worrying about fighting. It was the twenty-seventh night and that meant another chance for Lail-atul-Qadr. Lail-atul-Qadr means the Night Of Decree. Lail-atul- Qadr is considered the most holy night of the year because it is the night in which the Qur'an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Muslims believe it to have occurred on an odd-numbered night during the last 10 days of Ramadan, either the night of the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th.

The boys were all at the Masjid praying, leaving out all their worries of fighting. They were at peace for the moment. Worshipping their Lord, reading His Words, they all stayed the night in the Masjid. They had no concern other than praying and reading.

But after their praying was done they remembered the thugs. They knew it was only a matter of time before they'd have to fight. They couldn't wait to pummel those thugs, to really show them something. Just not on Eid. But it appeared that that may very well be the case for Black Lightn' and The Storm Team…

For the exciting conclusion to this team up of Legendary Heroes turn your attention to the Storm Team Eid Special.