In this story, the angels will have human-like tendancies, mainly because I haven't figured out how to write it any other way. Also, time won't be set as it is in real life, as I mention in the story, time is just a manifestation of humankind. :)

Azra bent down at the knee to catch her breath. She looked overhead at the angels flying above. They were more ranks of soldier angels sent to fight in the battle, the same battle that Azra herself chose to fight in. The battle against the evil one, the one that had turned against God. He had once had everything, they all had, but he had to go and ruin it by wanting more, wanting to be more than God. He named himself something new....devil. Azra shook herself. She had no more time to breathe - she had to fly. Azra spread her wings and lifted into the air. She was going to help to stop this beast if it was the last thing she ever did. She never did trust him, anyway.

Azra raised higher into the Heavens and prepared herself for flight. She leaned forward and began to fly. Faster and faster Azra flew, towards the looming battle that awaited her. As she got closer, she saw dark clouds forming around those who faught. God was planning something. Azra watched as dark and light angels fell from great heights. She had to fight. Azra flew over to the battle. Immediately, a dark angel approached her with horrific expression on his face. With his mouth and eyes stretched beyond their original limits, the dark angel screamed a high pitched noise that frightened Azra, but she quickly recovered and knocked him from flight. He fell to the golden streets below. Azra whipped around and flew onward. She was flying straight forward when she felt something grasp her hand. She stopped in midair and spun around, only to find her good friend, Sofiel, grabbing her hand. Azra gave her a small smile.

"Didn't mean to startle ya, Azra!", Sofiel shouted above the chaos. Azra gripped Sofiel's hand tighter and they flew on.

"Who's winning the battle so far?", Azra yelled. Sofiel smiled.

"We are, Azra! The word is that God's got something powerful planned," Sofiel said excitedly. She pointed towards the dark clouds that were ever growing, "You see those?"


"Well, God's gonna come from there! He's gonna help us win, Azra!", Sofiel shouted. Azra smiled. She knew those clouds meant something. At the moment, they were turning a purple-black color. Suddenly, a light angel fell in a downward spiral right beside Azra and Sofiel. They looked at each other.

"If God's going to do anything, I hope He helps us out sooner rather than later....", Azra yelled. Sofiel simply nodded. The two angels flew forward through the battle. They pushed and fought with dark angels. Sofiel almost lost a fight, but Azra cracked the dark angel over the head and grabbed Sofiel's hand before she fell. They fought for what would have been hours to humankind, though time is only a human manifestation. Then, when it seemed as if nothing was about to happen, Azra noticed that all the angels were encircled in the purple-black clouds that were forming earlier. They were swirling around Azra's wings and body, seemingly gripping her. She looked over at Sofiel, whom the clouds were not swirling about, and then down around herself. Azra began to ask what was happening, when the clouds tightened around her. She looked around. The clouds were tightening around dark angels and pulling them somewhere....but where. Azra fought against her bonds and flew over to where the dark angels were falling. There was a gaping hole in the golden streets of Heaven. Azra couldn't see where it lead to. Suddenly, she felt a great pulling on her waist. She went flying towards the gaping hole with fear in her eyes.

"SOFIEL!", Azra cried. Sofiel, turned her head to see her best friend being pulled with the dark angelsout of Heaven. But....Azra fought on God's side. Why is she being taken out of Heaven?

"HELP!", Azra cried once more. Sofiel shook her head and flew towards Azra. She flew above the gaping hole and looked around, but where was Azra?

"SOFIEL, DOWN HERE!", Azra yelled. Sofiel looked down to see Azra holding onto the edge of the golden street. She flew down to Azra and grabbed her hands.

"Don't worry, Azra, you're gonna be okay!", Sofiel shouted. Suddenly, the noise quited, and everything seemed to be moving in slow motion for Sofiel and Azra. A cool breeze blew through Azra and Sofiel's hair. A small voice whispered so only the two of them could hear. It was God.

"Let go, Sofiel," God said gently. Sofiel Looked around wildly, but no one was there. She and Azra began to tear up

"I...I can't l-let go!", Sofiel shouted, "She'll fall!"

"Sofiel, you must let go," God replied. Sofiel looked at Azra. She looked so scared. Sofiel nodded her head.

"I'm sorry. Goodbye, Azra," Sofiel whispered. And with that, Sofiel let Azra's hands slip from her own. Azra fell through the gaping hole so quickly it made her dizzy. She saw Sofiel's face looming over the edge of the gaping hole as she fell. Azra watched as Sofiel suddenly backed up and the hole began to close. Azra screamed. She tried to flap her wings and fly back up to Heaven, but it was useless. The thick, swirlng clouds had wrapped itself around her wings. The cloud twisted Azra around so she was facing downward. She looked around and saw dark angels writhing in pain as they were being pulled down from Heaven. Oddly enough, the cloud wasn't causing her pain, only applying pressure. Azra looked down again. She saw their destination, and it didn't look good. More tears began to well in her eyes and fear gathered in her heart. Below she saw nine circles of existance and eight gaping holes between each circle. Azra was pulled through every level, each level getting worse as she progressed. As she was going so fast, it was hard to make it all out, but she saw a mountain at first, then a meadow, and then it went black. Next were big rocks, followed by a black river, and it seemed to go on and on, until finally, Azra came to a painful thud on the ground

Azra sat up and the clouds realesed her, as well as the dark angels, some of whom were dropped off on various levels. Azra looked up in terror as the gaping holes began to close. She and the dark angels flew up to the holes, but it was too late. The holes were closed. The numerous amounts of dark angels pushed Azra aside, and she fell to the ground. There was mass confusion and discussion going on about what had just happened, but suddennly, a booming voice interrupted it all.

"My friends, do not despair!", the voice said. Azra shuttered. She recognized that voice. it was him....devil. The one who had caused all this, the ring leader.

"Apparently God has found fear in us! It is obvious that this prison that He has devised will hold us, but we can still win!", the devil said. The dark angels looked at each other, still confused.

"How will we do that?", one of them asked. The devil smiled.

"I'm so glad you asked. God was planning a new device, a new tool, shall I say. A tool meant for", the devil stoppd to fake a shutter, "good."

The crowd of dark angels booed and hissed loudly. The devil raised his hands in defense.

"I know, I know, it's horrible. That's where WE come in. My friends, my loyal, loyal friends, the tool will be called humanity. Humans. That is the secret to our success. We cannot take them by force, but, we have the power to influence them, to attempt to control them. We whisper little evil nonsenses in their ears, and wait. We can be assured that some of them will obey!", the devil shouted. The crowd of dark angels cheered.

"Oh, and another thing, you are no longer angels! That was when you worked for God! You now work for me, therefore you shall be called....DEMONS!", the devil screamed. The crowd yelled in approval. The flapped their black wings, gnawed and gnashed their fangs. The devil danced around and laughed in a very frightening manor. He pointed at a random demon.

"What are you?!", he shouted.

"A demon!", the demon replied. The devil pointed to another demon.

"What are you?!"

"A demon!"

The devil hopped around giddily and came up to Azra. He pointed at her.

"What are you?", he yelled. Azra took a deep breath.

"I am an angel of the Lord God."

The crowd went silent. The devil made a serious face, but then it melted into a face of amusement.

"God? Oh really? You're on His side?", the devil asked. Azra nodded proudly. The crowd all looked at the devil. He stared at Azra for a moment, and then began to laugh. The crowd laughed with him.

"Did you fight for Him, you little brat?", the devil asked. Azra gulped, and then nodded. The devil spat at her feet. The crowd followed suit.

"Well, if you're on His side, and you fought for Him....then what are you doing here?," the devil asked, seemingly interested. Azra looked around. The crowd of demons had made a circle around the two of them, and they were looming in closer and closer.

"I....I don't know what I'm doing here," Azra replied. The devil laughed again. He laughed a crazy, high pitched laugh.

"You mean to tell me that after the entire battle, you fighting on His side the entire time, He sends you here without you even knowing why, and you still speak of yourself as His angel? You astound me, you stupid, little tramp. What makes you think that He cares about you?After all, He did send you to this...this... hell! Hmm....hell....I rather like that. I think that's what I'll call this place. Hell. Now, as for you, you white winged bitch....", the devil made his way to Azra, but before he could harm her, he stopped, as if his foot was glued to the ground. He tried to move his foot, but then the other one got stuck.

"What is this?!", the devil screamed. He was forcefully bent over, his hands getting stuck to the ground as well. He flapped his black wings. A freezing breeze was sent through the entire level everytime he flapped his wings. He spoke to Azra once more.

"Do not think that this matters, girl. You'll be trapped here forever! In hell!", the devil shouted. He then proceeded to laughed. The crowd laughed, and then various members began to disperse. Azra flew to a corner where she could not be seen. She fell to hew knees. She knew she was trapped. She knew she was in trouble. She knew she was in hell.