So, before I continue this story, I feel I should tell you guys that even though I'm pretty much using Dante's version of hell, I'm working in little ideas of my own to get the main characters out of there. So just work with me, mkay? Mkay. :]

Azra curled up into a ball in the corner and wept. She cried for hours on end. Had God really forsaken her? What other explanation was there? Why else would she be in this horrid place? Every now and then the devil would flap his black wings and a freezing breeze would flood the entire realm of this existence. Azra peeked out from behind her corner. The devil had changed since the last time she had looked. He had become more....animal-like. No longer did he have the face of an angel, but instead he had three faces, one red, one pale yellow, and one black. The freezing wind from his beating wings has formed an ice prison around his dragon-like body; he could not move.

Since Azra had been stuck in hell, humanity had flourished. Regularly, someone falls into this hell. There are different punishments for different humans, but there are three that Azra feels the worst for. Then again, they must have done something pretty bad to deserve what they now receive. Azra looked at the devil chewing on the three sinners, their tears mixing with their blood. She remembers perfectly how frightenend they looked when they arrived and what they said when they discovered their fates. 'I only did what I thought was right'. Of course the devil and dark angels laughed in their faces. Brutus, Cassius, and Judas. Those were their names. Two who had betrayed Caesar, one who had betrayed Jesus, the Savior. Judas. Azra probably felt worse for him than the others, although she didn't know why. She should be angry at him, she should hate him, he caused the death of God's son....but didn't she recall something about God's son needing to die?

Azra's thoughts were interrupted by a soft whispering. She wiped any remining tears from her face and pushed her brown hair from her face. Azra turned her head to follow the sound of the whispering. It was a quiet 'psssst'. Was it directed at her?

"You, girl. Yes, you, with the white wings," Came a female voice. Azra turned to find a crack in the rocks. She peered through and saw a blue eye. There was someone there!

"Um, hello?", Azra said. She wasn't quite sure what the proper etiquette was while one was in hell.

"Why are your wings white?", The voice asked quickly but quietly. Azra raised an eyebrow.

"Well, because they are?", She answered. The blue eye rolled.

"What I mean is, haven't you noticed that all the angels-I mean, demons' wings down here are black? And yet, yours are white. Why?", The voice asked.

"I suppose it's because I'm not a demon," Azra whispered, looking over her shoulder. The blue eye widened for a moment, and then glazed over.

"Back up.", The voice said.

"What?", Azra replied.

"I said back up!", The voice yelled. Azra obliged. Suddenly, there was a loud banging and breaking of rock. There was a large swell of dust, and then there was a hole. Granted, it wasn't a very large hole, but it was a hole. Azra was astounded. What had just happened?

"Hurry up, get through before they all see it!", The voice said. Azra wasted no time. She climbed through the hole. As she fell through the other side, She looked through and saw dark angels flying towards the hole, which had begun to close itself. Luckily, the hole closed completely just before any dark angels could reach it.

Azra turned around to find another angel just about her height. She had medium length blonde hair that conrasted Azra's light brown. Her blue eyes were heavy, but her smile was light. However, the oddest thing was the color of her wings. They were grey. Azra was about to comment on her wings when she noticed something in the angel's hand. It looked like a tool of some sort. Was that...a....

"Ice pick. Yep", The angel said, reading Azra's mind. Azra raised both eyebrows this time. The angel sighed.

"Look, when you're stuck in a hell like this, surrounded by rocks, no less, you get some ideas," The angel answered.

"You fashioned an ice pick out of hell's own stones to break out of hell itself?," Azra confirmed. The angel nodded. The corners of Azra's mouth twitched. It was the closest thing to a smile that she had known in a very long time.

"Anyway, I'm Sariel, Angel of Guidance. You are?", Sariel asked. Azra straightened up.

"Oh, I'm Azra. Just Azra", She replied. Sariel looked from Azra to her white wings, then back to Azra.

"Well, 'Just Azra', I suppose we should be on our way", Sariel stated. Azra was confused.

"Where are we going?", She asked. Sariel smiled and pointed up.