The faint melancholy left in the air

A horrid memory that we all share

Funeral bells ring in sweet unison

To the hearts of the broken young.


Cling to the hope

That life lives on

That love is real

That they're not gone.


March alone,

One foot at a time

Look down,

No reason, no rhyme

Just life.


Smell of smoke in the air

Reminders of forgotten justice

Burning all that's right and fair

Authorities chant "trust us trust us"


But it all falls apart anyway.

Would've died in any case.

Ticking clocks, alarm bells ring

Expect to hear more bells sing


The infinite song of death sings

Blaming life for all it brings

The playlist is always on repeat

Refusing to admit its defeat


Death brings life.

Thrives off strife.

Vice versa too,

Even if I love you.


Death will live forever more.