1: Whose the Scared-ee-cat Now???

The five sensations I hate, especially at the same time: Alone, Silent, Night, Cold, Scared, and Mad. The feelings rushed in.

1. I was an orphan. Alone.

2. I could not speak. Silent

3. It was almost 2:00. Night.

4. It was freezing. Cold

5. It was storming. Scared.

6. I was angry because I was just adopted. Mad.

I was taken to this new house that is old and scary. I hate it! I appositely HATE it. I also hate farms, and animals, OH AND CHICKENS! I have never seen a chicken before, but I know I am going to hate it. I hear like, eggs are their little babies, AND WE FRY THEM IN A PAN!!!!!! What people do these days.

I heard more thunder so I hid under my blanket. Yeah I know I am a scared-ee-cat, but for a 13 YEAR OLD, I guess you can't blame me. I have more intelligence then normal people my age. I turned on my book light and started to read my book. I love reading, though the orphanage doesn't have a good library, (that's BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE ONE AT ALL!!!!) But once and a while the people there let us go to Barnes & Noble to look at things. I was the only one that got stuff because I had the money.

I guess my parents had something to do with the LOTTERY, right before they died. I used to write fictional stories to the other immature 13 year olds about my parents death.

'Hunters of ancient China wanted the money' I would write. 'They stalked my parents down, but never found the money. My mom was pregnant, and they spared her life; but told her after I was born to meet them at a tea shop. So she left me to the orphanage and went to the tea shop and they took her to the Leader of China and he married her."

I was bored so I got out my laptop and went to instant messaging. My friends in Australia, New York, and Florida weren't on, but the one random dude from California was on.

Shapshiftrqueen: Yo, you there? I wrote.

Dudesdreams178: Uh, yeah.

Shapshiftrqueen: Wanna chat?

Dudesdreams178: Fine, I don't care.

Shapshiftrqueen: what r u doin on so late?

Dudesdreams178: dunno wat bout u? Why does he want to know?

Shapshiftrqueen: storming. Cant go 2 bed.

Dudesdreams178: whats ur name? Why does HE want to know????

Shapshiftrqueen: whats ur's?

Dudesdreams178: I asked u first.

Shapshiftrqueen: my name is

Suddenly the door like opened and the dude, that I am suppose to call my father looked at me. "Hurry! To the shelter! Storms are coming!" So I get out of the bed and we run down stairs and into a shelter. Okay, whatever. We're were there for hours. It was really crappy. When the Storm stopped, I walked slowly up the stairs to my new bedroom. I got back on my laptop and looked at the screen.

Dudesdreams178: Interesting name.

Dudesdreams178: U dere??

Dudesdreams178: Yo??????

Agghh! I am so ticked at the weather! Now he doesn't even what to talk to me. WHY DOES THE WORLD HAVE TO BE SO CRUEL?!?!?!? I glared at my laptop. I clenched my fists, it makes me so angry. Suddenly my laptop's screen turned off. I was in total darkness. I quickly turned on my book-light. Why did my STUPID laptop DO THAT?

I got out my CD-player, and put one of my favorite CDs in, it was Wicked. Yeah I know musicals are crummy, but I really liked the Broadway cast. Not saying I ever watched it live, on stage, just on YouTube. Yeah, pathetic, I know. I mean I have money to go, but these people that are in this house don't like musical stuff. I closed my eyes, and tried to sleep. I had a weird dream.

I was on a bridge looking down at the water and then jumped in, but I never floated back up, then I was at my own funeral, and I was a ghost. I cried for myself and then walked into an alley and laughed evilly, as if the joke was on the people that had came.

I woke up I was totally like: "DUDE! That was an aerial dream!" Then I was totally confused WITH MYSELF. I NEVER use the word aerial. I got up and looked out my window, and saw this dog and cat glaring at each other. The cat was ready to kill the dog if the dog crossed the line, the dog barked once and then ran over. The cat attacked him, with the strength of a bear, but then the dog bit the cat and it ran away.

Scared-ee-cat. Just like me.