13: Whose this?

Des left me. SO I was left alone. Even though I don't like people, I don't like being alone. My cell-phone rang. I answered it. "Yo." I said. "It's me." Like I know who that is. "Whose this?" "Who the HECK do you think it IS?!" I heard Wex say. "What do you want? I asked. "Nothing," —I heard him chuckle. It made me shiver. "Just checking if it worked." He hanged up on me.

I grunted my teeth, and got on my laptop. I had no messages. Suddenly my eye started to twitch. It didn't stop. What am I suppose to do when my eyes is twitching?!

I heard the door open. "Cop? Des?" it was Zech. I turned around. Zech was there and so was another person. "What is going on?" I asked, standing up. "Cop, help me. Get bandages, and clean water, and if you can find some rags." I swallowed and then ran to get the stuff. I got them and then ran to the living room.

The other girl that was with Zech sat down. She was shaking like CRAZY. Literally. I can't EVEN describe how shaky she was. Zech grabbed the water bottle and the rags, that I offered, then she poured it on the girl's scraped elbows, knees, and her hands. "What happened?" I asked. "Shut up." said Zech, bandaging put the girl. "Whose this?" "I was going down a hill, and she …walked in front of me. I tried to stop but it was too late, I ran into her and then I flew on my face."

Her story seemed so real, scars and scrapes were all over her face, with road rash. "I bandage you up." I said. "Heck no." she said. "I'm fine. I'm not going to have bandages on my face, I'll look like a freak." she said. "Whose this?" I asked, "I'm Andrea." said the girl. "Hi. I'm Cop." I said. She looked at me. "That's your NAME?" "Yeah." I said, rolling my eyes as I walked away.

"Where is Des?" Zech asked. "He ditch me, and left for a shopping spree." I said. "You want some water, coffee, a coke?" I asked Andy. That's what I'm going to call her. "No thanks." she said, still shaking.

"Why would Des ditch you? For shopping? Does he know—"

"I think his not on this mission." I said.

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