Chapter 1

"Michael, no, I don't want to go in there," Coen whined, pulling his boyfriend back, "Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I want to look at half naked mannequins with shitty smelling clothes!!"

"Pshh, fine," Michael pouted, "I'll go in myself then."

Coen grinned, leaning forward, "Call me when you're done," he kissed Michael softly, "I won't be too far away."

Michael smiled, letting go of his boyfriend's hand and walking into the store.

The other wandered around, finding everything extremely uninteresting. I should've just gone in that store with Michael…

He finally stopped at a store he liked and wanted to look around even though he had no money to buy anything with. He stopped and fingered a soft, blue shirt, turning the price tag over in his fingers, his eyes widening at the amount. Forty fucking dollars for a shirt? He turned to walk away and flushed when he collided with another body.

"Oh… shit, I'm sorry," He apologized softly, keeping his eyes to the ground. He moved to walk away, but was held back. Shit… they're mad… that's not good…


His heart immediately jumped to his throat at a voice he hadn't heard in so long. That can't be him…

"Coen… it's Mikkel," the other loosened his grip, "Don't you remember me?"

Coen finally gathered the courage to look up, his heart beating painfully in its spot in his throat, "Mikkel… how could I ever forget you?"

The older boy looked very different, but he could still recognize him easily. He was still tall and thin with his hair cropped short, but still dark brown in color, new highlights throughout. His eyes were still the same piercing blue shade, and his eyebrow now had a small black bar through it, along with a ring replaced in the lip, opposite the thin scar that continued to warp his smile. He's… gorgeous.

Mikkel smiled, holding Coen's face as he pressed a soft kiss to the younger's lips, the lip ring burying into Coen's soft lips.

Coen gasped, feeling the familiar lips against his own, bringing back all the memories of when they were together though it was over two years ago.

wait… this is now… we're not together anymore… Coen pushed Mikkel away, "I…I can't. I have a boyfriend."

"Oh? How long?" The other asked, crossing his arms over his chest, his voice cold. The whole atmosphere changing between them in a matter of seconds.

"A little over a year, Mikkel… us… that… it's the past," Coen said, his heart feeling as though it was being removed.

"Do you love him like you love me?" Mikkel asked, seemingly unaffected by what Coen had said, his expression hard.

No… I don't love him nearly as much… "No. I love him like I loved you… more," Coen corrected, his voice stern, despite the lie.

"You don't love me anymore?" he asked in a harsh tone.

Yes. "No, it's been two years."

"I've thought about you every day," Mikkel said with his bright blue eyes boring into Coen's.

Me too. "Mikkel… listen. I have to get back to Michael…"

"Michael? Is that his name?"

"Yeah… just… please. I can't do this to him," Coen pleaded, trying to step away. Mikkel held his arm tight.

"Do what? You're not interested."

"Mikkel… fuck. Come on, just… just let me go, please," He felt a sense of déjà vu engulf him. Did I say that before…? Or was it him?

"Coen, I still love you. We said we'd stay together… remember? I told you… I… what happened to that?" Mikkel asked, his eyes looking more desperate.

Coen looked away, blushing at the people staring, "Mikkel… that was the past… you stopped talking to me… things changed. He was there and you weren't and I just…"

"It's not my fault I couldn't be there!! You know that, Coen. I couldn't do anything…," he ended softly.

"I-I know, but you stopped talking to me… I would've stopped him from kissing me that first time if you were still talking to me… but you weren't, Mikkel. What was I supposed to do?" Coen cried, feeling tears fill his eyes.

Mikkel shoved him away, "It's always fucking about you!! I couldn't do anything. They took my phone, everything! I couldn't talk to anyone. What the fuck was I supposed to do?!! Don't you ever stop to think about how I felt being torn away from you?! Isn't that supposed to hurt me too? Or is it always you?! You fucked me over, Coen. I waited for you. I thought you would do the same. But I fucked up on that one, didn't I? You're such a self-centered little brat!!"

Mikkel turned and stormed out of the store, wide-eyed customers' gazes following him. They all turned to Coen and he rushed after the older boy, "Mikkel, wait!!"

Author's Notes:

Yes, I know it's short. It's just a beginning for you haha. Calm down. The chapters will be longer than this.

Welcome to Chapter One of Rewound. There will be much drama, Salem will be back, and you may possibly hate Coen by the end of this.
I have a lot of plans for this, and I hope all of my readers will continue to be amazing as they were with The Turn.

New chapter soon!! (I promise!)
Much love