My dearest love,

I have longed for your touch for the past fortnight. Your involvement in the war has worried me greatly. I fear that you shall be killed for your social standing with President Davis. Darling, I need you here with me. Our wedding was postponed due to your irrational thinking. Taking part in the war will only bring more strain on our being together. Please, my darling, come home to me so that we may finally be husband and wife. Think of your mother. She and I are the talk of every garden party. "The fiancee and mother of a wealthy Confederate soldier tossed aside without a second glance all for the soldier's disgusting lust for war." That is what they say about your mother and myself. Do you wish the two most important women in your life to be abused in such a way? My darling, I do not say this to anger you, but to help you see the light. President Davis will continue the war until every last Confederate man is dead, surely you see this? President Davis will never stop this war, so it is up to us. Surely you understand that you have so much influence that if you left the fighting, others would follow suit? Please my love, it is what is best for the Confederacy. You must make the first move to end this pointless war. I know your father would agree with me were he still alive. Don't you want to do your father's memory honor? Didn't he always say that keeping slaves was worthless if it caused violence? Why do you blatantly refuse to acknowledge your father's wisdom, my love? He spoke nothing but the truth for his entire life, your mother proclaims. Surely you are man enough to admit that President Davis is a fool if not to the public than at least to yourself? I am sorry for my being outspoken, my love, but this is something that cannot continue to go ignored. Not only for our sake, darling, not just for the Confederacy either; but for America as a whole. My love, I know that you may not agree with me, but please consider my words. President Davis is a madman. He does not care for his troops' safety, darling. And you, my dear, are one of his troops. You are not safe in that army, nor is any other man who chooses to fight for this ridiculous country. Come home to me, my darling, so that we may finally be husband and wife. I know you have yearned for me as I have yearned for you. Please ease both of our pain and return to me. Please, my darling, consider my words.

I am truly forever yours,


My beautiful Marisol,

It is true: I have longed for your touch more than you could ever possibly know. I dream of the softness of your skin and the smell of your beautiful black hair. During my waking hours, my thoughts are only on your bright green eyes. Oh how I long for those eyes! But, most of all, I long for the day that we may finally stand before God as husband and wife. Alas, President Davis intends on keeping me here much longer. Also, I was greatly disappointed in the lack of faith you have in your country. Dearest, I understand your bitterness at our wedding being delayed, but have patience. This war shall be over soon enough. President Lincoln shall order his troops to surrender in less than a year's time if we're lucky. Then I shall return to the home my father built, and we shall be together. But, in the meantime, have faith. Do not dwell on the ramblings of those lunatics you and my mother call women. They do not understand, as I am sure you do not as well. So please, my darling, allow me to explain. The Confederacy does not intend to remain a part of this war for long. When it is over and we emerge as the victors, the entire world shall know what the Confederate States of America is not a country to be trifled with. I am a part of one the greatest armies on earth, under the command of the most brilliant generals in American (both United and Confederate) history, Robert E. Lee. I promise you that upon my return home, we shall be married within a week. Would you like that dearest Marisol? I know you would. Be strong, for both me and my mother, for I knew before your much appreciated letter that she was an emotional wreck. Know that I love you with every fibre of my being, and neither the outcome of the war, nor the very end of humanity could ever change that. You are my sun, my moon, and my stars above, just as I told you when we were young.

With every ounce of love I could ever possess,